1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

As we near the Winter Break, I wanted to remind our HIS community of the importance of the students’ commitment to using the language of instruction in class (i.e. using English when studying a subject in English and using Japanese in Japanese class). We need our families to support us by reinforcing this at home. Using English in class, if that is not your strongest language, will be the more difficult choice. It is even harder if your friends are not helping you by using English. Teachers are not able to hear every conversation happening in the classroom. We need to support each other in this. Sadly, if English is not being used in class, English language skills are not going to develop magically.

This is the topic of this week’s Principal’s Blog post. Also, read. Be a family of readers. Your child will not want to read in a more difficult language because it is hard, so you may need to make them read. Carve out a time each day and stick to it. These are the two critical shifts that we need to make as a school community, and it will benefit us all.

See you at Festive Eve, which promises to be another wonderful performance.


Damian Rentoule

The Crane Video

2. Thank you 

teacher present

Thank you to the guardians who have kindly donated these winter gifts to be distributed to the HIS teachers. Much appreciated.





3. Please don’t send sick children to school

We have had students who are sick at school telling us that they had a high temperature and vomited in the morning before coming to school. That is a clear sign that school is not a very good idea. To ensure we don’t spread illness, we have a responsibility to keep our children out of school when they are sick. By the time they come to school and the teacher discovers that they are really sick, they have already come into contact with many other children. Please help your school community out. If they have a high temperature in the morning, please don’t send them. We thank you for helping your community to reduce airborne illness. Being sick is not much fun.

4. Next Year’s Start Date

We are just working on the calendar for next year at the moment and wanted to let you all know that the first day for students next year will be Wednesday 23 August 2017. 

5. After School – students need to go straight home after school

When school finishes, all students need to return home. If your child is not on a school bus and you are not able to collect your child directly after school, please inform the office so that we can arrange a place for them to wait until collection. This includes younger siblings waiting for older siblings in club activities. Apart from club activities, students are not permitted to play on the field after school as it is not supervised. We do not have after school supervision for students and this creates a real problem for us. We thank you for your cooperation.

6. Child Care during Spring Break 

We are planning to run a child-care program for PYP students over the spring break (9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday, 27 February – Friday, 3 March 2017). We are still in the planning stage and will be able to send out some details regarding program, cost, transport and sign-up arrangements. There seems to be a strong interest in this within the HIS community. We are going to run this as a trial with the intention of potentially expanding the program to include the summer and autumn breaks, as well as an extended day program after school. We will be able to run a bus if numbers are sufficient. The focus will be on creativity, having lots of fun and remaining as active as possible. More detailed information will be sent out before the winter break.

7. Festive Eve: Friday, Dec. 16th, 17:00-19:30 p.m.


Program:  This year, we will be presenting Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, featuring HIS original Chitty Model 2016 designed and crafted by G12 Youki Kotani, a future industrial designer. The choir (all G2-5) will be singing as ensemble choir throughout the musical. The production is a culmination of TEAMWORK, as is the theme of the musical. HIS students from Grades 2 to 12* are taking responsibilities as casts, production managers, crew, prop and set design, staff, and orchestra members.  We are pleased to have the Dance Club make another appearance.

Families and friends are encouraged to join us at school on Friday, December 16th at 16:30 for a 17:00 start. Click here for FestiveEve2016NewsletterInfo.docx.

8. Peace Art Exhibition (December 6-14, Free admission) (日本語は英語の下にあります)
Peace Art Exhibition opened this Tuesday at Old Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch. Paintings by our Grade 4 and 5 students and a large installation artwork which our Grade 12 students (Ray, Vivica and Erika) contributed are on display among many other artworks by students of Jogakuin, Sakuragaoka and Korean school. Our Grade 12 students, Ray, Vivica and Erika have joined this project as a CAS activity. After having two on-line meetings with students from other schools, they gathered at Jogakuin Senior High School to make the artwork together. Working collaboratively and creating a large scale artwork was a challenge for all of them but they have proved that they can complete such a big mission. There will be a mini-concert on Sunday, December 11, at 1pm, followed by art discussion by students. Please join.
へいわこども展 (12月6日〜14日、入場無料)
今週火曜日から、旧日本銀行 広島支店にて「へいわこども展」が始まりました。昨年に引き続き、今年も本校生徒の作品を展示しています。今年は4年生、5年生のペインティング作品、そして12年生の生徒達(Ray君、Vivicaさん、Erikaさん)が参加した他校の生徒との大型共同作品が展示されています。Ray君、Vivicaさん、Erikaさんの3名は、今回の作品制作をCAS活動として行いました。最初にオンラインで他校の生徒達と2回、ミーティングを行い、その後、女学院高等学校へ集まり、共同作品を制作しました。他人と共同で作品を制作する難しさ、大型の作品を制作する難しさを感じつつ、3人は見事に最後までやり遂げることが出来ました。こちらの展覧会では、12月11日(日)午後1時からミニコンサートが行われ、その後、共同作品を制作した生徒達によるディスカッションが予定されています。是非足を運ばれて下さい。


9. News from the PTA (9 December 2016) (日本語は以下にあります)

1.    Lunch Box (Obento) Orders 来年度のデリバリー弁当の申し込み)

The deadline for ordering Obento for next year is December 14.  The order form was sent home with students but can also be downloaded from the link below.

Please print and return to school, and transfer the required amount.



 Obento Delivery Order Form from Jan.

We are still looking for 1 or 2 more volunteers to distribute and collect lunch boxes for Primary school children on Fridays.  Volunteers are kindly invited to sign up directly on the link below.

同時にボランティアも募集します。できるだけ保護者の方の負担にならないように工夫はしていきますが今のところ、1名から2名は必要です。 短時間のボランティアです。どうぞご協力お願いいたします。

 デリバリー弁当の配布ボランティア / Volunteers for delivering lu…

  1. Donations ドーネーション)

A big Thank You to all parents and guardians who donated products for the school kitchen and teachers.


.     Pizza and Drinks on Festive Eve フェスティブイブでのピザと飲み物)

The PTA will be distributing the pre-ordered pizza to students after school on December 16 (before Festive Eve).  Some secondary students will also be fund-raising for CAS by selling drinks and there may be some  cookies on sale for the Crane Club, so please bring some extra money to support them!


そしてCASの募金活動で11年生が飲み物やスナック、Crane Club はクッキーを販売するそうです。ぜひこちらで生徒の活動のご協力をお願いします。

  1. Minutes of the PTA Meeting (30 November, 2016)

The minutes from the November 30 meeting will be posted shortly on the PTA webpage (in English and Japanese).



10. Japanese Summary Video


The Crane 9 December 2016