Snowball Fight – 22nd of January, 2017

On the 22nd of January 2017, there will be a snowball fight event held in Geihoku, Kita-hiroshima. To promote this event, on Wednesday, the 16th of November, some staff members and coordinators of the event came to let the students of HIS engage in a simulation, first explaining the rules, and then, trying it out. As can be seen in some of the photos, this is not your average snowball fight:

Snowball Fight Event 3 (1) Snowball Fight Event 2 (1) Snowball Fight Event (1)

It includes barriers, helmets, referees, prepared snowballs, and flags, all put together as part of a semi-formal tournament. Each team consists of seven players, and teams from all around the Chugoku region come to play. If any classes from HIS are interested in playing as one of the teams, stay tuned for more information coming soon!

(by Daichi, Grade 10)

Community Event – Snowball Fight, 22nd of January, 2017