Peter Goldsbury

Board of Directors / Chair, Board of Trustees

Peter Goldsbury, born in the UK, came to Japan in 1980 and has been living in Hiroshima ever since. He has a Ph.D. in Ancient Greek from University College London, but until retiring has taught mainly comparative culture and cross-cultural rhetoric at Hiroshima University. Peter began his association with Hiroshima International School around 1990 (as far as he can remember, without checking school records). At this time he was editor of a local magazine, Hiroshima Signpost, which was published by the school, and was eventually elected to membership of both boards. He has done several stints as Chair of the Board of Trustees and also as Director General and in fact has worked with six different Principals of HIS. Now retired from full-time university teaching, he has resumed his association with the school after a five-year break. He looks forward to working for the continued development of HIS as a major educational institution in Hiroshima.

Eric Grant

Board of Directors / Board of Trustees

Eric Grant was born in the USA and has been a resident of Hiroshima since 1998. His eldest daughter graduated from HIS in 2015 and his son is currently a 9th grader at HIS. Eric served on the BOT from 2012 to 2016 and was elected to the BOD in June 2016. Eric has a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Washington and is the Associate Chief of Research at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation.


Takao Kamibeppu

Board of Directors / Board of Trustees

Takao Kamibeppu is a bureaucrat-turned researcher in comparative and international education. Originally from Miyazaki, he is currently a professor of international cooperation at Fukuyama City University. Previously, he worked at the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT) in Tokyo and UNESCO in Bangkok, and taught at Tokyo Jogakkan College among other schools. His current area of research is the internationalization and harmonization of higher education in Asia and Europe. He is an advisor to the Hiroshima Innovative School Project and to the Kumon Kokusai Gakuen Super Global High School Project. He earned an MA (intercultural management) from the School for International Training (Vermont, USA) and a Ph.D. (education policy) from the University of Maryland, College Park. He joined the Board of Trustees in February 2016 and the Board of Directors in June 2016.

Susan Meiki

Board of Directors- Director General

Susan Meiki, a native of Long Island, New York came to Japan in 1988 and has been living in Hiroshima since then with her husband and three children. Susan has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University, Masters of Arts in TESOL from New York University and PhD from Hiroshima University . Susan began her career working at Nippon Electric Company training and writing technical manuals which lead to teaching in and around Hiroshima at all levels. Currently she is a lecturer at Okayama National University. She has held several positions on the HIS Board since 2010: Trustee, Chair of the BoT and Deputy DG. Currently she is Director General. She looks forward to working with the HIS staff, parents and students to sustain the high quality of education and opportunities for HIS students explore new horizons.

Masato Otsu

Board of Directors

Masato Otsu completed graduate school of Hiroshima University, and earned a master’s degree of Electronic Materials Engineering in 1990. He started a career as a researcher of Thin Film technology in R&D Division of Kobe Steel Ltd. In 1999, he got transferred to KMT Semiconductor Ltd, which became Micron Japan Ltd in 2001. He held positions in Engineering, Production, and Business Development departments during 12 years of services at Micron Japan, Ltd. including positions in Micron US sites in Virginia, Utah and Idaho for three and half years. He moved to TowerJazz Japan Ltd in 2011 as a part of acquisition, and played a role of Customer Support Director. He rejoined Micron Japan, Ltd in 2012 to help integration of Elpida Memory with Micron Technology, and moved to Hiroshima site as Site Integration Director, who leads a team of expatriates. He became a member of BoD in February 2014.

Roger Reinoos

Board of Directors / Board of Trustees

Roger L. Reinoos has studied and worked in Hiroshima since arriving in Japan in 1987. He has been a lecturer at Hiroshima University of Economics for 23 years teaching international relations, social science, and English. In a previous life in the United States he was a kindergarten and elementary school teacher, and a software engineer. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2006 and looks forward to working with other board members, staff, and community as HIS continues to grow and develop.

Damian Rentoule


Damian Rentoule, Principal at Hiroshima International School (HIS), has been involved in education as a teacher and administrator in Australia, Japan, Brunei Darussalam and the United States. Damian received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in curriculum and pedagogy from the University of Queensland, Australia and a Masters in Education degree from the University of England, Australia during his educational journey and long ago realized that learning is a life-long pursuit. Damian has taught in PYP, MYP and DP classes during his educational career and is a workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate (IB) continuing to be involved in various aspects of IB teacher training. Damian is passionate about education and is enjoying working with the wonderful team at HIS.


Fuyuko Takita Ruetenik

Board of Directors / Board of Trustees

Fuyuko Takita Ruetenik was born and raised in Hiroshima. She holds a Master of Science in Japanese Business Studies, a MBA in International Management, and a PhD in International Studies (Sociolinguistics). She is a full-time associate professor at Hiroshima University, teaching students and undertaking research on intercultural communication. Fuyuko has been involved in international conferences relating to peace in Hiroshima Prefecture. She helped in the organization of the Hiroshima International Peace Summit 2006, where she worked as a professional interpreter and coordinator for three Nobel Peace Laureates: The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Betty Williams. She was also involved in workshops on intercultural understanding and communication for international students from 17 different countries at the APEC Junior Conference in 2009, organized by Hiroshima Prefectural Government. Fuyuko has a strong desire to work closely with other board members to make Hiroshima International School the best in the prefecture for the promotion of global peace and intercultural understanding through its international curriculum.


Guy Hird

Board of Directors – Treasurer

Guy Hird was born, and lived his formative years, in Birmingham, UK. After obtaining a BSc in Electronics Engineering from the University of Durham, he joined Ford Motor Company. First serving in several engineering positions in Essex, near London he came to Japan in 1998 for a foreign service assignment, returning to the UK in 2001 with his Japanese wife. They returned to Hiroshima in 2007 living here since with their three children. Guy is currently an Engineering Manager for electronic products at Visteon Japan (a car parts supplier), and enjoys the surprises, and challenges of living in Japan. Before moving to the Board of Directors as Secretary in 2017, Guy was a member of the Board of Trustees and Secretary from 2012.