Boarding Plans

Live and learn in the City of Peace

Our boarding program for students in Grade 10-12 planned for 2018/2019 will be a new and exciting addition to the HIS educational experience. 

Welcome to HIS Boarding

Welcome to families interested in our future boarding program at HIS.  Our boarding program will aim to make our vibrant educational program more accessible to a greater range of families as we continue our mission of promoting integrity, excellence, cultural sensitivity and a lifelong commitment to peace and a sustainable planet.

HIS is a school where we all know, respect and look after each other. The excellent care that students receive in our day program at HIS will also be evident in our boarding program with residential supervisors providing the support needed for our students to develop independence and a sense of responsibility for both themselves and those around them. Our boarding program will be designed as a learning experience where students will be able to grow as balanced learners in a safe, nurturing environment while pursuing their IB studies.

A Family-style Approach to Boarding

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful city of Hiroshima, HIS is located within a quiet residential area. With our boarding program planned to start in August 2018, we are currently organizing the boarding facility, which will be a based on a flexible ‘family-style’ approach with a residential supervisor supporting small groups of students. 

Our family-style approach is based on the idea that a small, supportive group who know each other well and are committed to each others’ welfare are best able to support each other as they grow and learn.

Planned Boarding Options

  • Full Boarding Students stay seven days a week during the school terms, returning home for holiday periods.
  • Weekly Boarding Monday to Friday – 4 nights.  Students arrive at school on Monday morning and depart for home after school on Friday afternoons. Weekly boarders have the same schedule as full boarders during the week. Weekly boarders usually live in the Chugoku region of Japan.
  • Short Stay Boarding Short term boarding may be available in cases where parents are required to be away from home and if space is available.  
  • Homestay Students may be able to participate in a homestay option with HIS families subject to availability of homestay places.


We are currently waiting on confirmation of the boarding facility and final approval of the HIS Board of Directors before taking applications for August 2018. We will update this page when final confirmation has been made. Inquiries are welcome. Please contact Sayaka Hirata (Marketing and Admissions Coordinator) for more information.