IB Diploma exams are marked overseas by qualified examiners who are completely independent of the school. They are therefore an authentic and objective external evaluation not only of individual student performance but also of the school’s success.

The IB Diploma provides a structured and academically demanding two-year programme in Grades 11 and 12. Hiroshima International School is one of over 2,300 schools worldwide and one of 16 in Japan which are authorized to teach the IB Diploma. We gained authorization in 2005 and our first IB students took their exams in 2007.

To date we have entered some fourty-five students for the full IB Diploma. The maximum possible score is 45 points and the worldwide average is 30 points: the HIS average is 32.3.

Our students have so far taken IB examinations in the following subjects:

  • English A1 (SL and HL) (SL = Standard Level, HL = Higher Level)
  • English A2 (SL and HL)
  • English B (HL)
  • Japanese A1 (SL and HL)
  • Japanese A2 (HL)
  • Japanese B (SL and HL)
  • Japanese ab initio (SL)
  • Korean A1 (SL)
  • Business and Management (SL)
  • History (SL and HL)
  • Psychology (SL)
  • Biology (SL and HL)
  • Chemistry (SL and HL)
  • Mathematics (SL and HL)
  • Mathematical Studies (SL)
  • Music (SL)
  • Art (SL and HL)

Over our first eight years of offering the IB Diploma we have maintained a 93% pass rate. The worldwide average is 78%.

Most of our IB teachers have previously taught the IB in at least one other school before coming to HIS and a number of them are examiners for the IB Diploma.

We are an experienced and successful IB Diploma school, now using Pamoja online courses to expand our subject offerings.

Our graduating students have been offered places at universities in the UK, Estonia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada and the USA including the following.

Where offers have been conditional (for example in the UK), all conditions have been met and usually exceeded.

  • University of New South Wales
  • Carleton University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Tallinn University
  • Doshisha University, Kyoto
  • Hiroshima Jogakuin University
  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
  • Sophia University
  • Waseda University
  • Waseda University SILS
  • Inha University
  • Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Yonsei University
  • Birmingham University
  • Brunel University
  • Chelsea College of Art
  • Durham University
  • Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
  • King’s College London
  • Lancaster University
  • Leicester University
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • St. Martin’s College of Art
  • University of Hull
  • University of Kent
  • University of York
  • Warwick University
  • Academy of Art University, California
  • Berklee College of Music, Boston
  • Boston University
  • Chapman University, California
  • Emory University
  • Indiana University
  • Michigan State University
  • New York University
  • Ohio State University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • San Diego State University
  • Santa Monica College
  • Trinity University, Texas
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of California, San Diego
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • University of Redlands, California
  • Washington University St. Louis
  • Whittier College, California
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute