Welcome to the HIS PTA webpage!


The main objective of the HIS PTA is to support the mission, vision and objectives of HIS. Membership in the HIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is automatic for HIS teachers and for all parents who have a child enrolled in the school. There are no membership fees.
2016-17 PTA Committee:

  • Tomoko Watanabe (Chair) (G10 Shinra)
  • Sumiyo Noda (Treasurer) (G9 Kent)
  • Hiromi Yukiyasu (G9 Rion & G6 Mian)
  • Yasuko Yamashiro (KG Daiwa)
  • Reiko Mikyu (G7 Amili)
  • Jenny Yamamoto (G9 Leela)

To contact the HIS PTA Committee, please email us at pta@hiroshima-is.ac.jp. We also have a closed group Facebook page (search for “Hiroshima International School PTA”).

Any member of the PTA may make a proposal to organize an activity at any time, either by email or during PTA meetings. PTA meetings are held once a month. The time, place and agenda will be communicated in the Crane newsletter.

Please check the School Calendar for upcoming Events.

We look forward to working with all parents and teachers this school year.

Minutes of past PTA Meetings / 過去のミーティングのレポート



  • 渡辺智子(役員長)(G10しんら)
  • 野地純代(会計係)(G10賢人)
  • 行保裕美(G9綾恩とG6美杏)
  • 山城康子(KG大和)
  • 三久麗子(G7あみり)
  • 山本ジェニー(G9りら))

PTAに連絡したい方はメールを送って下さい(pta@hiroshima-is.ac.jp)。Facebookにもページがあります(“Hiroshima International School PTA” でご検索ください)。