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1. Principal Message

Dear HIS Community

We have the Bonfire tonight, which we are all looking forward to seeing. Thank you to all of the parents who have been busy cooking for the last few days. We look forward to seeing you all here. Related to seeing you all here, we do need to be careful regarding parking. I would like to briefly mention some parking etiquette that we need to remember, particularly related to the corner of the road above HIS that you can see in the pictures below. You may notice the rather unambiguous sign.


The sign was painted carefully and placed here on purpose for the following very practical reason. In front of HIS, we have a safe walking path. Parking in front of the sign that says, ‘Do not park on the corner’ blocks this safe walking path. If someone parks here, anyone walking past HIS, including our neighbours, are forced to walk on the road instead of the nice, safe footpath. This annoys people greatly. This morning, there were cars completely blocking this corner, which also makes the turn difficult and dangerous for drivers.

A local resident called the police this morning to complain about the parking and a police officer came to HIS and asked that we remove all cars from the roads around the school. As the purpose of the roads around HIS is not parking and it is possible to get a ticket from the police for parking on the road, we have to be respectful of our local community when we do use the road for this purpose. I am certainly hoping that we do not get any more complaints as the police may start issuing tickets. I believe that this corner is the sensitive place for our local residents. Please help us out when you are making your decisions on where to park your car.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Model United Nations in Seoul

Welcome back to Ms Annie and Mrs K. and all the students who participated in the Model United Nations in Seoul. The students did very well and really enjoyed the experience it seems. I will try and get some of the video footage that was taken so you can see what was involved. Keep an eye on the Crane for that.

4. Gum

Please do not chew gum at school or on buses due to the problems gum causes for cleanliness (stuck in hair, on shoes, under desks etc). Thank you.

5. Children to stay with parents after school (not on the field)

(Japanese below)

The following section will be added to the HIS Student/Parent Handbook. From Monday, due to issues related to noise levels and supervision, students will not be able to use the field after school. Thank you for your cooperation.

The school day for students not participating in a school-organized activity ends at 3:20 pm. It is an expectation that all students will return directly to their homes at the end of the school day.

If parents are at school with their children after school hours, children must remain inside with their parents at all times. Students are not permitted on the field after school for the following reasons:

  • After school, teachers are involved in club activities, staff meetings and after-school lessons so there is no supervision of the field/swings which presents behavioural and safety concerns.

  • During the day, all students have break times at the same time because noise from the field disturbs classroom learning. Noise from students playing on the field/swings disturbs the after-school activities, lessons and staff meetings.

  • The HIS English Language Program operates after school and noise from the field/swings disturbs learning in these classrooms.

We encourage students to be active after school and there are many wonderful public areas around Hiroshima that are perfect for running around and playing. We thank you for your cooperation in helping us to maintain a safe and productive learning environment at HIS. 


6. Student Crane

Dear Secondary students and teachers,
You may have seen the HIS Newsletter October edition posted on some notice boards. We have officially announced the Student Crane 2.0, AKA the HIS Newsletter. Every month we will post recent and relevant articles. Our main website is at
Our goal is to bring you guys updates, reminders, attention and comic relief. Any suggestions, criticisms, contributions and comments are welcome! If you ever want to write something or draw attention to some student work, we are the people to tell.
Thank you!
Leela, on behalf of the Newsletter Team (Joe, Mairi, Lisa, Elin, Monet, Tess, Yusuke & Rion)

7. A few images from the week

Reading Sakura books, building a bonfire and recognition awards. A busy week.

8. PTA News

PTA News 16th November 2018

Japanese Outline


The Crane, 16 November 2018