HIS is on a hillside in Koyo, Asakita-ku, which is a quiet northern suburb of Hiroshima. The school has a wooded mountain on one side, and  views over the neighbourhood on the other.


Hiroshima International School,
3-49-1 Kurakake,
Asakita- ku,
Hiroshima 739-1743,


Getting to HIS

To get here from central Hiroshima takes about 30-45 minutes.

By Bus (45 mins)

Take the Koyo C bus from Hiroshima Station or Sogo Bus Centre. HIS is announced on the bus, but much too early! After the announcement, let the bus drive up the hill, and get off at the “Bosai Centre 防災センター” bus stop. by the small shops indicated on the local map. At the bus stop the road is already descending again, and there is a local school coming up on the left.

By Train (30 mins)

Take the Geibi line from platform 9 of Hiroshima station (but don’t take the Miyoshi Express). Get off at Kumura if you will take a taxi, or at Shimo Fukawa if someone from school will meet you.

By Taxi (30 mins)

Just give the school address, but add that it is in Koyo.

By Car (30 mins)

Take route 54 and then 37 North from the city. Click the Google map below to get directions.

There is limited parking at the school and no on-road parking: please contact the school office if you need a parking space in order to check availability. For more details please see the policy below.

Google Maps

School Bus Routes and Pick-up Points