fold01 Fold the paper in half lengthwise along the dotted line.
fold02 Make a crease down the middle to mark the center, then diagonally fold down the right side of the paper toward the front.
fold03 Diagonally fold the left side toward the back.
fold04 Open the bottom by inserting your finger and fold left and right points together spreading the front and back crease.
fold05 Crease front left and right edges to the center, then back out and pull up bottom point to produce shape shown in next panel.
fold06 Turn over to the back and repeat for the back.
fold09 Fold left and right edges along dotted line into center for both front and back sides.
fold10 Open both sides along the vertical center axis and crease, producing the split top as shown in the next panel.
fold11 Fold bottom front point upward along the dotted line.
fold12 Fold the same point forward and down along the dotted line.
fold13 Fold bottom point to the back along the dotted line to make a tail.
fold14 Open left and right sides and crease.
fold15 Fold down the wings and gently pull on head and tail to expand the body.
fold16 To complete your paper crane, blow gently into the bottom to help expand the body.
Cranes should be threaded by passing a needle and thread through the hole under the body and piercing another hole in the upper side of the body.