• International Event (Play Around the World/遊びの世界旅行) for Grades 2-6 Students;
  • Supporting Japanese at Home Workshop (English Version)

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

We had an eventful week with the secondary students traveling either to the Netherlands or to Osorakan for some valuable out-0f-school learning. You can see some photos of the various adventures on Facebook. It won’t be long until the Grades 4/5 are off on their own adventure.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

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PTA News

We had an excellent turnout for this week’s meeting.  Thank you to the many parents who came.  Several parents stopped by briefly and apologized for not being able to participate longer, we also appreciate their support.  

Please note that every parent is welcome at PTA meetings, and you will not be forced into “yakuin” positions.  Much of the PTA volunteer work can be done at home and by working parents. 

PTA Notes from 9-13-17 Meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • No initial questions
  • Halloween
    • Costume party during school hours October 27.  More details to come.
    • Looking for additional parent volunteers to join the Halloween party committee.  If interested please email the PTA or let Brooke Amidei or Matt Jungblut know.  Please email us at and put “Halloween Volunteer and your name” in the subject line.
    • We currently have eight volunteer parents! Thank you!
  • Bonfire
    • Committee Leads- Yumiko Barker & Jackie Ikegami
    • Looking for additional parent volunteers interested in helping with Bonfire night.  Please let the PTA or Yumiko and Jackie know if you are interested.
  • Board of Trustees (BOT) Elections
    • If you are interested in applying for an open position on the BOT, please let us know.  It is a very small time commitment.
  • Room Parents
    • This year we are establishing 2-3 Room Parents for each classroom.  It is a great way to get more involved in your child’s school experience and develop better relationships with their teacher, friends, and other parents.  It is a small time commitment mainly consisting of help organizing small activities for the events during the school year.  To learn more about Room Parent roles or to sign-up to be a Room Parent for your child’s classroom, please let the PTA know.
    • If you are interested or have questions, please email and put “Classroom Parent and your name” in the subject line.
  • New Business
    • We are in need of more volunteers in the library.
    • Bryan-sensei (from EC also heads the library) will be providing us with ways to help. He says that the times are flexible, if you are there and have a few minutes to reshelve books, please feel free, he appreciates it.
    • There is interest in a possible school clean-up day.
    • Parents who are concerned about lunches “bentos” should know that the PTA will no longer be handling them.  Please contact Damian if you would like to help or find out more information.
Next meeting will be held on October 18(Wednesday).
All parents are encouraged to join.
Location: HIS
*会計報告 :
*ハロウィン :

International Event for Grades 2-6 Students (Play Around the World/遊びの世界旅行)

Our Grades 2-6 students have been kindly invited to participate in an international event (Play Around the World) at Nagisa Primary School on 30 September (Saturday) 8:40 am to 11:50 am.

  • Event: The event is based on different games from around the world and our students will have the opportunity to participate with students from other schools. There will be guests from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Spain, Korea, Kenya, Canada, Hungary and the U.S. There will be lots of fun activities.
  • Transport: Parents can either take children to the venue directly or travel in the school van with me. Nine seats in the school van are available.
  • Cost: No cost
  • Location: Nagisa Primary School Gym, 2 Chome-2-30 Kairoyamaminami, Saeki Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 731-5138
To sign-up, please complete this form.
Please contact me if you have further questions. Thanks
Damian Rentoule

Supporting Japanese at Home Workshop

The English version of the handout from the Supporting Japanese at Home workshop from the Parent Information Night is available here: Japanese department workshop handout English version

Japanese Outline

The Crane, 15 September 2017