Admissions – Introduction

Dear Parents and Students,

A family’s choice of school is one of the major life-decisions, a decision with far-reaching effects. We thank you for considering Hiroshima International School.

There are a variety of choices available when choosing a school for your family and it is extremely important to select a school that is a good fit for your family’s beliefs and values about quality education. Some of these questions may be on your mind, as parents:

What do we really want from an education for our child?
What type of learner/person do we want our child to become through their educational experience?
How do we want our child to feel when they go to school each day?

These questions are a great start for a conversation with your child about the type of educational experience that they are seeking. We hope that you enjoy browsing through the pages of this website and find some of the answers to these questions. Please consider the information on this website to be just the beginning of a journey of discovery into the wonderful educational experience that HIS offers.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have and come and visit our campus. Just a few minutes within our school, watching our students interact in class and in the playground, will give you an idea of the wonderfully inclusive, supportive environment that the HIS community enjoys.

We look forward to meeting you.

James Steward