Holiday Programme

The HIS Summer Holiday Program is a fun and enriching recreational program conducted within an English language environment. Students participate in a wide variety of collaborative activities designed to enhance communication skills, build confidence and keep students active and engaged. They are great opportunities for your child to have some fun and make some new friends over the summer holiday period.

The HIS Holiday Programs are available for primary students. Non-HIS students are also welcome to join us.

Summer Program 2022

This summer, HIS will hold an intensive language program for students grades EC to G6 who require, or could benefit from, additional English language support. 


The summer program will use an inquiry-based approach that explores various subject areas including art and social studies. We will cover speaking, listening, writing, reading and UOI technical vocabulary skills. Finally, the summer program will combine formal academic teaching activities and creative activities to enhance English language enjoyment and skills. 

楽しみながら英語のスキルを高めるために、アカデミックな活動と、創造力を使った楽しい活動を共同して行います。 スピーキング、リスニング、ライティング、リーディングに力を入れながら、ソーシャルスタディでよく使われる単語なども学習していきます。

To participate in this program, please fill the HIS Summer ProgramApplication Form and hand it to Ms. Hirata at HIS office or email to her ( by Friday, June 17th  2022. 

このプログラムに参加するには、HIS Summer ProgramApplication Formに記入し、6月17日(金)までにHISオフィスの平田に手渡して頂くが、または(までメールで送信してください。

Thank you!

Ryoko Jordan