Admissions Procedure

Thank you for considering Hiroshima International School for your child’s education. Everything you need to complete the application process can be downloaded on this page. Alternatively, they may be collected from the School Office or, upon request, mailed or sent to you electronically. Applications must be in English.

Application forms can either be completed by hand or electronically, and if you require assistance in completing any parts then just e-mail the school office or pop in sometime and someone will be very happy to help you.

Indeed, we will also be happy to answer any enquiries you may have about admission, our curriculum or any other aspect of the school. Please contact us by telephone, by e-mail or in person.

Admissions procedures are explained in the document: ‘Enrolment Procedures’. Specific questions regarding the completion of these forms should be directed to the school’s Marketing & Admissions Coordinator, Sayaka Hirata at

School fees are outlined in the document ‘Financial Regulations’.

If you wish, you can submit the ‘Application for Admission’ form electronically in the first instance, but a signed hard copy of this form (with the attached photograph) must also be sent to school along with the other forms.

Thank you for your interest in Hiroshima International School – we look forward to hearing from you!




入学手続きに関しましては Enrolment Procedures 「入学申込方法」の欄にて詳しくご覧頂けます。 書類記入の際のご質問は 宛にお送り下さい。

学費に関しましては ‘Financial Regulations’ 「授業料支払規定同意書」をご覧下さい。



2024-2025 School Year