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If you are new to Japan, or have been here a while and finally decided to get serious about studying Japanese, consider lessons with HIS.

In addition to our day-school program, HIS also offers a separate programme in Japanese-language instruction.

This programme is open to the general public and consists of both individual and group lessons. Our teachers are located throughout the city of Hiroshima and travel to your home or place of business to give lessons, a great convenience and time-saver for our students.


Hiroshima International School has been providing highly successful Japanese language training to residents of the Hiroshima area for more than twenty years. The School’s well-trained and dedicated teachers offer proven programs and specialized courses to meet the needs and interests of our students. In addition, HIS has extensive experience in developing customized programs to meet the requirements of individuals and corporations. HIS is unique in that we come to you. Our instructors travel the city, giving lessons at students’ homes and offices. This allows for both a comfortable setting in which to study and does away with the hassles and time constraints of having to travel to a classroom. Where classes are required to take place beyond the city limits, we can usually arrange teachers, but travel time will be charged additionally.

Program Information

Private, Group, and Intensive/Orientation Japanese Language classes are offered. All lessons can be scheduled at times and locations to suit your needs.

Private lessons allow students the individualized attention that is often necessary for first-time learners of the Japanese language. They also allow you to progress at a pace that is comfortable for you and in line with your needs and goals in learning the language. Private lessons require a minimum of one one-hour class per week. Supplemental classes may be arranged by mutual agreement of the instructor and student.

Group lessons are limited to a maximum of four students per one instructor. If time schedules permit, group lessons can be ideal for couples wishing to learn together and at the same pace. They are also ideal for a group of friends or associates who are all learning Japanese for the first time.

Intensive Japanese Language classes are normally scheduled for 30 classroom hours per week, using several instructors. The School also offers an Intensive Orientation Course for new residents of Hiroshima. This course combines introductory “survival” Japanese with practical experience in “living skills,” such as using local public transportation, banking, shopping, post offices, local cultural and recreational facilities, etc. The Intensive Orientation Class can be modified as necessary to meet the needs and interests of participating students. This class normally is scheduled for 30 hours per week for two weeks.

All students are requested to complete an application form when registering for one of our courses. The application form is available at the bottom of the page

Classes with flexible class times can be arranged for students with irregular business schedules, by mutual agreement of the instructor and student.

Program Terms and Conditions

Initial Registration Fee: ¥8,000 per student


  • Private Lessons: ¥4,000 per hour. (early/late; weekend/holiday: ¥4,500 per hour)
  • Group Lessons: ¥2,500 per hour per student. (early/late; weekend/holiday: 15% surcharge applies)
  • Intensive Language Course: ¥4,500 per hour
  • Orientation Course: ¥4,500 per hour. (¥2,500 per hour per student for groups)

(* The current rate of consumption tax will be applied to all tuition and registration fees.)


The Registration Fee is a non-refundable administrative fee charged to new students. Students pay this only once.

Tuition: In addition to tuition, students will be billed for the cost of textbooks and other class materials, plus transportation (¥500 per lesson) costs for the instructor. In the case of classes beginning at 7:00 a.m. or earlier or ending after 8:00 p.m., the cost of one-way taxi fare between the classroom and instructor’s residence may be charged. Travel beyond the city limits will be charged on an agreed time basis.

Reasonable expenses incurred for field trips included in the Orientation Course (such as admission fees and local transportation costs for students and the instructor) will be charged at cost.

Early/Late Class Definition:
-Early: Class starts before 8:00 a.m.
-Late: Class starts on or after 6:00 p.m.

Weekend/Holiday Definition:
-Classes held on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

Cancellation Policy: Classes are charged at 100% for same-day cancellations and 75% for day-before cancellations.

Billing will be made centrally through HIS directly to the student or the student’s sponsoring company.

For more information, please contact Yoko Hiraki by telephone (082-840-0260) or email jlp@hiroshima-is.ac.jp to begin your Japanese lessons today.

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