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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

We had some fun Halloween celebrations today so that was a fun way to end the week. In today’s Crane, I would like to introduce the HIS Annual Report for 2016/2017 which will be emailed home. This is our first year sending an Annual Report, which provides an overview of the year, including the current financial status of the school. For this reason, it will be sent in October each year as the results of our final audits are not available until late September. We hope you enjoy the overview and learn a bit more about HIS.

Also, thank you to our two Guardians on the Board of Trustees (BOT), Matt Jungblut who joins the BOT for the first time and also Fuyuko Takita who continues her service on the BOT for another term. Thank you for your contribution to our school community.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

PTA News

Did your child/children enjoy Halloween party?
1) Bonfire Night is coming soon! Please sign-up for Bonfire Night if you plan on participating:
10 November: PTA Bonfire Night, 17:00 – 20:30 

Sign-up here

2) Local Hiroshima events (not school related) that may be of interest to families at HIS
1. Tuesday October 31: Halloween Trick or Treating outside Hiroshima castle. Free, other than parents being required to contribute a bag of candy.

2. Saturday and Sunday November 4 and 5: Grand Inoko Matsuri Festival at Fukuromachi Park. Traditional Hiroshima festival, with a giant stone suspended by hundreds of thin bamboo stalks. One of the nicest, homiest festivals in Hiroshima for children (and adults). Starts on Saturday, but the main action starts late afternoon on Sunday.

3)Important Notice
The HIS PTA Constitution and By-Laws require that two weeks notice be given before any votes to amend the Constitution.  At the next PTA meeting, there will be a vote.  The proposed amendment is explained below:
The Hiroshima International School Parent Teacher Association Constitution and Bylaws state in several sections that PTA votes must be conducted in person, at meetings.  There has been some discussion as to whether or not this is fair, and that some votes have already been held through paper and electronic ballots (email votes).  The motion to amend the Constitution and Bylaws to include the option to use either paper ballots or electronic ballots has been brought up and will be voted on at the November PTA meeting.
Next PTA meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 8.
Since we have an assembly of G2 and G3 on that day, we will inform you the start time of the meeting at a later date.
<Family Interview>
Welcome to HIS!
1) Gambirasio family( New family)
Juliano :EC3
Mom : Masae
Dad : Gerardo
Pet: Kuma(??)

Where we live: Minami-ku, near Hiroshima station

Father was born in Mexico and raised in the US (California), lived in Germany.
Mother was born in Japan. She has lived in the UK and US.
We’ve lived together as a family in Guam (where Julio was born), US and Japan.
2) Fukushima family (3rd year in HIS)
Yuta : G7
Nanaka : G5
Mom : Yukina
Dad : Masaharu
Where to live at : Midorii
Our family joined HIS two years ago. Returning from Idaho, USA.
My husband works for Micron.
We enjoy playing tennis, cycling, skiing and golf.
We use Japanese and English at home.
I(Yukina) am from Beppu, Kyushu. The bath in my parents’ house is a hot spring.
So, in the future, we would like to run a small hot spring inn. Please come and visit at that time!
Please e-mail us if you have any questions:
10 November: PTA Bonfire Night, 17:00 – 20:30 Sign-up here
場所: 広島城外 費用: 無料ですがお菓子の入った袋を一袋ご持参ください


HIS PTA会則では、会則を改正する投票の前に2種間の通知をする必要があります。
①Gambirasio family(新しい家族)
Juliano : EC3
Emilio: KG
母 : まさえ
父 : Gerardo
ペット : くま(??)
②Fukushima family(HIS 3年目)
Yuta : G7
Nanaka : G5
母: ゆきな
父 : 雅治
お住まい : 緑井

Bonfire Night

PTA Bonfire Night takes place on Friday 10th November. The event begins at 17:15, so primary students who are staying will attend an after-school activity run by grade 11 students as part of their CAS project. Otherwise, students can go home as normal and return with parents at 17:15. Secondary students can help with setting up. There will be limited parking available, so please consider car-sharing if you can.

Please click here for a sign-up form with further details:

Today’s Coffee Morning – Learning through inquiry in the MYP

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s workshop. We were glad to see such a big group of engaged and inquisitive MYP parents! If you were unable to attend or would like to view the presentation again, we are sharing it in this link: Presentation – learning through inquiry in the MYP
Do not hesitate to contact Ms Annie ( or Mrs Pechhold ( if you have any questions.

Model United Nations (grades 9-12)

A letter has been sent to students in grades 9-12 this week regarding participation in the Model United Nations conference at Marist Brothers school in Kobe next February. The conference will take place over the course of three days (February 21-23), during which participants will represent a country and participate in formal debates about various world issues.
We can take up to 10 students to the conference and five have already signed up. Since there are still five more spaces available, we are encouraging all high school students to consider taking part in this engaging and rewarding experience and hopefully take a full team to the conference.
Ms Annie (Individuals & Societies teacher/MYP coordinator) will be traveling with the group. They will leave in the morning of February 21st and return in the evening of the 23rd. Travel will be by Shinkansen and local trains. Students will stay at a hotel in Kobe. Please see the letter below for more information about cost estimates and other details. Link to the official letter and permission slip
Interested students should return their signed permission slip, along with the conference fee of 2500 yen as soon as possible and before November 10th.
You can contact Ms Annie at if you have any questions

MYP consultation visit – parents panel

On December 5th and 6th 2017, HIS will host its consultation visit before officially applying for MYP authorization. Ms Sylvia Saragih, our consultant from the IB, will spend two days at school during which she will meet with individual teachers, groups of students and members of the administration. She will also be observing some classes to see how the MYP has been implemented so far at HIS.
As part of this visit, she would also like to meet with a panel of parents of MYP students to discuss their views on the implementation of the programme and its impact on their child’s learning. The meeting will be conducted in English, but translation will be available if needed. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 5th between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.
If you would be interested in being a part of this panel, please sign up on the sheet below. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.  Sign up sheet You can contact Ms Annie (MYP coordinator) if you have any questions.

Volleyball Club Season Report

The HIS Volleyball team had another great season this year!
The Varsity teams participated in the WJAA High School Finals tournament on October 6th and 7th in Kyoto and Nagoya.  There were 10 International schools from all over Japan competing, each school’s team then played against each other over the course of the 2 days. Each of the games was close, proving to be tough for all involved. Our Girl’s team came in 9th place, they played fantastic games and earned 3 wins. Our Boy’s team came in 3rd place, they received their first trophy in over 10 years! Alex Grant and Amy Kamibeppu were selected as the MVP for 2017 by their respective teams and received awards as such. Thank you very much to the parents who were willing to come and join us in Kyoto to support our team, as well as Mr & Mrs Valdez and Mrs Kamibeppu as chaperones for the trip.
I received many compliments and praise from the other coaches and game referees that despite being such a small team, the HIS team showed great skill and team spirit. Throughout the season, players worked hard on their drills and improving their skills in many areas. They showed great team effort and commitment towards their goal. It is always wonderful to see student passion, great teamwork, and mentality. Teams are very appreciative of the support from students, parents, and teachers at their home games against other schools such as the games with Fukuoka International School earlier on in the season.
Volleyball season will come to its conclusion by the end of October and our teams look forward to the next season with many new members!  Good Luck to the Basketball team and we hope they have a great season, and once again, thanks to all for supporting the HIS volleyball teams.

Japanese Outline

The Crane, 27 October 2017