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1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Congratulations to the Grade 5 students who are graduating today after the successful completion of their Primary Years Program. During the PYP Exhibition is was amazing to see the diversity of the students’ interests as they identified areas of life that they were passionate about. They were very creative presentations and a fitting end to the PYP journey for the Grade 5 class. Congratulations to our Grade 5 students who are graduating from the PYP today.

Speaking of the end of a journey, I would like to thank our PTA Executive members who are stepping down this year after their dedicated volunteer service (Yasuko Yamashiro, Reiko Mikyu, and Tomoko Watanabe) and for the other parents who are taking on the role (Kumi Kim, Marina Clark, Masae Asai, Ming Ng).  Brooke Amidei and Matt Jungblut will now be our veteran members and help with the transition next year. Thank you for your selfless contributions to HIS.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Community Events

Sailing Event

Later in the year, there is a sailing event being held in Hiroshima. If you know about sailing, you will know what Hansa class means, referring to a specific type of boat. This event is for disabled sailors and it is the first time it has been held in Japan. They would be interested in volunteers from the community to assist with translations as sailors will travel from a range of different countries. Information is mostly in Japanese, however, the link to the website is if you are interested in more information. The event will be held between 12 -18 October 2018.

Iwakuni Cultural Exchange Day

A cultural exchange day will be held near Iwakuni on July 25. The flyer linked here (Iwakuni Day Camp NEW) has more information and the cost is 1000 yen, even though it is listed as $10. It is an opportunity for children to teach each other about each other’s cultures.

4. PTA News


1)At the end of the school year, the PTA has planned for a gathering at a Beer Garden.

Children and family are all welcome and we are inviting the HIS staff as well.

Location: Eki-mae Fukuya rooftop Beer Garden – located directly across from Hiroshima Station (Not Fukuya in Hacchobori)

There is plenty of public transportation as well as nearby parking (for non-drinkers).  Fukuya was chosen because of location, price, and because it has a large tented area in case of rain.

Date and Time: It will be held the evening of the last day of school, Friday June 22 from 5:00PM until 10:00PM (last orders at 9:30).

Reservation:  The reservation is under the name “HIS” . They also gave us a reservation number ” No.25 “.

When you arrive, please let the attendant know that you are part of the HIS group. They will guide you to our area.

The deadline is 15th June. Please mail to PTA 

Price: Men ¥3100 Women ¥2900 Junior High and High School Students ¥ 1500 Elementary Students ¥1000 Kindergarten and EC ¥500 (younger than three years old are free). Payment is made directly to the store on arrival, the PTA is not collecting any funds.

Please contact the PTA if you are planning to attend, so that we can get an idea for our group size (include all who will attend from your family), but we will also welcome folks that decide on the day of the event.

 Beer garden Ekimae Fukuya.jpg

2)Below are the results of the questionnaire regarding purchases for  Secondary and PYP

*  SRC Volleyball Uniform

  • Agree: 33
  • Oppose: 4

*  Tricycles and other playground equipment for PYP

  • Agree: 29
  • Oppose: 6

Both of them were decided by agreement.  Thank you!

 Result of the questionnaire .jpg

3) We are looking for volunteers to help organize the balcony of the school on the morning of Wednesday, the 20th at 9am.  

We hope to finish it in 2 hours.  If you are available, we would appreciate your help!

4)Thank you to those who signed up to help with the appreciation and farewell lunch event on the 22nd. 

Those who will donate food and those who can help with the preparation, please arrive at the school by 11:30.

Those who can help watching classes,recess,clean-up ,etc.please come by around 12 o’clock. Thank you again!

5) Room Parents for the 2018-2019 school year

Being a Room Parent is a fun opportunity that allows you to get involved with HIS and get to know your children’s teachers, classmates and other class parents better.  It does not take a large time commitment, in fact, most everything can be done from home.

Room Parent Responsibilities:

  • Send a small introduction email to new families with students in your assigned classroom.
  • Provide classroom support for annual school events including:
    • Halloween party
    • Bonfire Night (if needed)
    • Festival (if needed)
      • Help organize class parent volunteers
      • When needed, provide an age-appropriate game/activity for the class
  • Support Field Day Activities (if needed)
  • Support Teacher Appreciation
    • Recruit class parent help to coordinate small activities or tokens to provide to the teachers at the end of the year as a show of appreciation.
  • Communicate to other class parents your role and see if they need help with carpool, etc. to get to school events.  Communicate to the PTA so we can help if needed.
  • Other miscellaneous duties my arise depending on the needs of the teacher.

Please, sign-up by clicking on this link.

Ideally, we will have at least 2 parents for each classroom.

6) Two parents have stepped forward to join the parents and guardians on the Board of Trustees.

They are Kelly Rose and Gerardo Gambirazzio. This is Kelly Rose’s introduction.

Hello PTA members,

I am originally from California and worked as a licensed social studies teacher prior to my time in Japan. During my time at the Carver Academy, I served as the secretary of the School Site Committee, which was a monthly meeting encompassing the school’s parents, students, teachers and administrators. There I worked with all members of the school to locate problems and brainstorm solutions and kept accurate records of all meetings (which were then submitted to California’s Department of Education).

In Japan, I worked as an Assistant Language Teacher in Aomori Prefecture for five years. After two years I was promoted to the Aomori Prefecture School Education Center (the prefecture’s central education office) where in addition to teaching I trained teachers and served in a supervisory capacity for ALTs, among other projects. For example, led seminars, English camps, and worked with a team of teachers developing questions for the prefecture’s Senior High School entrance examination. Now, I am in my seventh year working at Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University teaching English to university students, kindergarten students and training teachers. I hold a California teaching credential, B.A. in history, M.Ed with a TESOL emphasis, and an IB MYP Teaching and Learning certificate.

After the past week’s BOT meeting I have identified two areas I can focus my attention this year: evaluating the day school’s EAL program, and streamlining the technologies used by the BOT. I plan to conduct school site visits to assess the EAL program during my summer vacation this September and will make a report at the next BOT meeting.

I hope this gives you an idea of my experiences and qualifications to serve on the BOT. I look forward to working with the board members and getting to know the HIS community. Please feel free to speak with me or Ron if you see us at school!


Kelly Rose

(KG1 Aria)

7) Retiring

With great admiration, respect, and a bit of sadness, we announce that Yasuko Yamashiro, Reiko Mikyu, and Tomoko Watanabe are stepping down from the PTA Board after several years of guidance and efforts on behalf of your children and all HIS Families.  Without them, so many of the activities at our school would not have been possible. We appreciate the work they’ve done for us.
Brooke Amidei and Matt Jungblut will continue on the PTA Board for the 2018-19 school year.  They truly appreciate the help that they’ve received this year and look forward to working for all HIS students and families in the new year.

New members : Kumi Kim, Marina Clark, Masae Asai, Ming Ng


1)622日(金曜日)の学校最終日 夜の部 

そして、学年最終日の夜、ご家族を連れてビアガーデンに行きませんか!? 先生、スタッフの皆様も招待します。

場所:広島駅前の福屋駅前屋上 --駐車場もあり(飲酒されない方)交通の便がよく、雨除けテント内の席を確保しています。


申し込み締め切りは15とさせていただきます。当日参加も可能ですが席が離れますのでご了承ください。ご参加の方は人数もお知らせください。  日本語でどうぞ




価格:男性¥3100,女性¥2900,中学生・高校生1500円,小学生1000円,幼稚園、EC 500円(3歳未満は無料)


 Beer garden Ekimae Fukuya.jpg









 Result of the questionnaire .jpg



422日最終日のAppreciation&Farewell ランチのフード寄付にサインナップしていただきありがとうございます。

フードを持ってこられる方と準備のお手伝いをしてくださる方は11:30までにお越しください。EC, KG/G1 クラスのランチタイム時の見守り、片付けのお手伝いをしてくださる方は12:00頃までにお越しください。

52018-2019 ルームペアレンツについて

ルームペアレンツになることでクラスの状況、クラスメイト、また他の学年の保護者の方をよく知るきっかけになり、楽しい経験になると思います。 大きな負担はかかりません。自宅でできる範囲のことがほとんどです。




・ハロウィン ・ボンファイア(必要に応じて)



・先生方への感謝の日のサポート : 学年の終わりのころに催す先生方への感謝の日の準備をするため、他の保護者さんへの声かけ

・学校のイベントに参加するために相乗りが必要かどうかほかの保護者さんと連絡を取り合う。 PTA役員と相談する。




Kelly Rose さんと Gerardo Gambirazzio さんです。


PTAのみまさま、こんにちは。私はカリフォルニア州出身で日本に来る前に社会科教師として働いていました。Carver Academyというところで働いていたときはSchool Site Commiteeの秘書を務めました。この委員会は保護者、生徒、教師、管理運営を含む月例の会議が行われました。そこで私は問題を見つけ解決策を探るため学校の全員と協力し、すべての会議(カリフォルニア州教育省に提出)の正確な記録を残しました。



私はカリフォルニア州の教師と歴史のBA、TESOLが重要視されるM.Ed、そしてIB MYPのTeaching and Learningを保有しています。



Kelly Rose

(KG1 Aria)




Brooke Amidei とMatt Jungblutの2名は2018-2019年度も引き続き役員をいたします。


新しく加わる方は、Kumi Kim , Marina Clark, Masae Asai, Ming Ng さんです。

Japanese Outline

The Crane, 15 June 2018