Teresa Suehiro

2015: Grade 12

SL: Psychology, Math Studies, Music HL:English A, Japanese B, Biology

What have you been doing since leaving HIS?

Graduated with a BA in performing arts. Happily married for a year. Proud mother to a cat.

What are your fondest memories of your time at HIS?

Having a tight community. Your close friends become practical siblings and their parents become your parents. My close teachers were giving me parental advice when my own parents couldn’t provide any. I miss being in the HIS family.

What impact has your time at HIS had on your life?

I’ve learned to adapt with my surroundings because we had so many different kinds of people from different countries. 

Any other comments that you would like to share?

Because HIS was a small school you had to dip your toes in everything. That meant playing different kinds of sports with all ages including teachers. Also having the time of your musical life on stage with the help of the incredible Takako Sensei and your peers. With so many events and activities at HIS you learn to slowly make your way up leading all kinds of events. I’ve practically become the jack of all trades and it helped a lot during college. 

As an IB student, how did you shape your Diploma Programme studies to your interests?

When I applied for IB I knew that my options were very limited. I did not have a lot of choices in courses I wanted. However, the option to do psychology through pamoja gave me the opportunity to give history up. It really saved my grade and I loved studying it.