The Crane 2 December 2016

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

We were very fortunate this week to receive a visit from our new friends at Concordia College, Adelaide who have crossed the sea to bring their music to an array of audiences in Japan. You will see some images in this week’s video. Thank you very much for a great show, where our students were introduced to a variety of instruments and inspired by the dedication of the performers.

I would also like to thank the Tomita Family who graciously donated a range of items to HIS, including a bank of lockers, which our students will be able to use, as well as a large set of pipe-chairs and fold up tables, so we will no longer need to hire extras for large school events. Thank you. We appreciate your generosity.

Please find the link here to this week’s Principal’s Blog. Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

The Crane Video

2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Poster

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 3.45.10 pm

Art work by Erika (G12). Wonderful.

Get ready for a great evening.

Please  click here FestiveEve2016NewsletterInfo.docx for some more information.


3. Hungry Hideout

Hello, this is the G11 Hungry Hideout Team.
We will open on Friday, December 2nd. We will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at break time. The Hungry Hideout will only be open for grades 4 and upAs part of the G11 CAS project, our goal with the Hungry Hideout is to raise money for the NPO Japan Animal Therapy Association. This organization trains stray dogs to become therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are used to deliver healing therapy to hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Our goal is to raise¥50,000 by the end of the school year to donate and possibly fund a trip to one of their local training facilities. For more information, please see the following link:
Please help and support us raise money for a great cause!
今年度のHungry Hideoutを担当する11年生からお知らせです。
本日、12月2日にHungry Hideoutが開店しました。これから月曜日、水曜日、金曜日のBreak Timeに販売を行う予定です。四年生以上の生徒対象です。11年生のCASのプロジェクトとして商品の利益はNPO法人が支援する日本アニマルセラピー協会に寄付します。これは野良犬をセラピードッグに育成をする協会です。目標は年度末までに5万円を寄付することです。詳しくは でご覧ください。
Here is our menu.
メニューはこちらです。HH Menu


4. PYP Japan Culture Day – Japanese New Year

The Japanese Department are currently planning to deliver another PYP Japan Culture Day after last year’s success and have decided to set the date for Wednesday 11th January after lunch between 2:00 – 3:15pm.

Last year, we had several stations set up where teachers led activities connected to the Japanese New Year.  The activities were as follows:

  • calligraphy
  • dress-up into happi and photos
  • wadaiko drumming
  • fukuwarai
  • karuta
  • games

This year, we would like to organise five stations for students to rotate around in 10 minute sessions.

As the PYP Team, we wondered whether there were any parents who would like to lead, collaborate or just share their ideas on possible activities that we could offer the students this year.

At this point, we are unsure as to how much interest we will get so we cannot promise that all suggestions will be taken up however, we would love some fresh ideas from the parents so we can deliver a great afternoon of practical activities for our students!

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • 福笑い
  • 習字
  • 法被着用と記念撮影
  • 和太鼓
  • 空手と日本の遊び(お手玉、羽子板、こま等)
  • カルタ




5. Visiting students from The Netherlands

HIS is developing a partnership with Comenius College in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands. This spring, Comenius College will be sending six students, ages 16-17 to Hiroshima with their teachers to conduct independent research on Hiroshima’s history and to spend time at HIS learning with our students. Our goal is to send HIS students to the Netherlands in a similar type of exchange program during the 2017-18 school year.

Part of the partnership involves students staying with host families. We are looking for families to host these six students. Ideally, host families would have children of similar ages and of the same gender.

The dates of the visit are 29 March -5 April. Host families would be responsible for providing lodging, meals and transportation to and from HIS for the visiting students. Host families are encouraged to engage in cultural exchange activities with the students during non-school hours. Small trips around town, sharing traditional food and customs would be welcome!

Please find here a letter for host families with this information. Host family letter


8. PTA News

PTA News for the Crane (2 December 2016)

1.  Festive Even Pizza (フェスティブピザ)

You should have received the form for ordering Pizza for the afternoon of Festive Eve (December 16).  Kindly fill in the form and return to the Office with exact change by the deadline.  This year you can select from Plain Cheese or Pepperoni!

フェスティブイブの午後のスナックタイムに提供するピザの申込書が届いていると思います。 期日までにちょうどの金額を封筒などに入れてオフィスに持って行ってください。 今回はチーズまたはペパロニの注文ができます。
2.  Lunch Box (Obento) order form (デリバリー弁当)
You should also have received an order form for next term’s Obento Delivery.  Please return the form to the Office and transfer the money to the bank account indicated on the form.  The Obento period will be from Friday January 13 to June 9 (20 lunches).  Secondary students can also order Boxes B or C.
We still need volunteers for PYP lunch deliveries.  It only takes a few hours (from 11:30 to 14:00).  If we don’t have enough volunteers, we will have to limit the service to secondary students only.   The Sign-up sheet will be circulated soon.
デリバリー弁当の申込書も届いていると思います。前回同様、集金はしません。 申込される方は申込書をオフィスに提出して、支払いは指定の銀行にお振込みください。 今回は1月13日~6月9日までの20回分の申し込みになります。 セカンダリーでもB,C弁当の申込もできます。
ボランティアの方の協力が不可欠です。 時間は11時半くらいから14時すぎまでの短時間です。お手伝いをしていただく方がなかなか確保できない場合は来年度はセカンダリーのみとなります。サインナップシートはまた後日載せます。

3.  PTA Directory 2016-2017 (PTA名簿)
An email with the PTA Directory will be sent out from school shortly.  Please print it out at home if you need to.
It is only for internal use – please be careful not to share with Third Parties. Also, in accordance with Japanese data protection laws, HIS parents are only entitled to this information for the period that your children are enrolled in the school: this contact list should be destroyed as soon as your child is withdrawn from HIS or the school year ends. Thank you.
PTA DIRECTORY 2016-2017 は学校からメールで送られます。必要な方は各自でプリントアウトしてください。
4.  Volunteers for Baker Books (ベーカーブックスのボランティア)
We are looking for some volunteers to help with the Baker Books ordering and distribution.  The next distribution will be in January.  If you can help, please email the PTA at
5.  Survey on PTA Activities (PTAイベントのアンケート)
Please take a minute to send us your comments on past PTA Activities using the link below.  The more feedback we receive, the better the events will be for next year! We are also still accepting donations for the school kitchen.  Please send in the goods to the Office.

先週のcraneに案内しましたアンケートへの回答をお願いします。たくさんの意見があったほうが、よりよいイベント作りになります! そして、またドーネーションも引き続き受け付けています。オフィスまでお願いします。


10. Community Events (Link to page)

  1. “UNICEF Hand in Hand” Fund-Raising Activity – Saturday December 3rd
  2. Hiroshima Shogyo Kouto High School – Commerce Fair 10/11 December, 2016
  3. Snowball Fight – 22nd of January, 2017

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