The Crane 13 January 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

I hope you enjoyed the winter holidays. We have been hearing lots of stories of your various adventures. It is good to see everyone back safe. We have a busy semester coming up and hope to see you all at our school events. Thanks to everyone who came to our Friday evening MYP workshop at Tully’s. It was great to see you all.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

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2. Snow Days (School closure decisions and notification)

Snow falls may result in the closure of school due to hazardous road conditions and the heavy traffic congestion caused by these conditions. The early morning period when families and the buses are traveling to school is generally the time of greatest concern. In the case of a snow fall in the Hiroshima area, the principal will make a decision regarding school closure based on three indicators:

  • A solid covering of snow in Hiroshima (city area) indicating heavier falls on the hills near school.
  • Road/freeway closures in the Hiroshima area.
  • The bus company expressing concerns regarding potential hazardous road conditions or extreme traffic congestion.

The school community would be notified via the HIS webpage, email and the HIS Facebook page by 6:30am in the event of a school closure.

3. Spring Holiday Child Care

During the spring holiday we will be offering a child care program for our PYP students (EC1-Grade 5).

  • Dates: Monday February 27 to Friday March 3
  • Time: Regular HIS hours 9:00am – 3:20pm
  • Cost: ¥20,000 for the week
  • Transport: A bus may be provided if we have sufficient numbers. Bus cost to be determined. We will confirm bus availability and costing by the end of January.
  • Program: Creativity & Movement: The program for the week will focus on creativity and movement with a variety of activities each day keeping students physically active and engaged in the creative arts while maintaining an English language environment.
  • Application: Please email Ms Hirata at

4. Strategic Planning Meeting for HIS Community

Over the next six months, we are going to continue to review our priorities for where we, as a school, want to be in the future, 10-15 years from now. Strategic planning is about the big ideas. All of the major stakeholders have a role in this process, including teachers & staff, parents, guardians, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, students and alumni. The ultimate purpose of the process is to revise our priorities and make a plan that meets our current needs and provides a clear direction for us all as a school community.

On Saturday, February 11 (1:00pm – 3:00pm) we will hold a Strategic Planning Workshop where you will have an opportunity to help in this process. We will brainstorm ideas and work in groups to discuss potential future directions for HIS. Hope to see you there.

5. News from the PTA (13 January 2017) 日本語は以下にあります

  1.   Timing of PTA meetings, questionnaire:

In order to for more people to participate we would like responses to a questionnaire. Currently PTA meetings are held on the final Wednesday of each month alternately at HIS or in Hiroshima city centre. A questionnaire will be sent to ask about preferred locations and times. The survey deadline 21 Jan.

 Survey on PTA Meetings

  1.   Workshop for Guardianswill be announced by Mr.Rentoule
  1. January schedule
  2. Jan 22th  Snowball fight at Geihoku 
  3. Jan 25th (Wednesday) PTA meeting

*All guardians and teachers can participate in PTA meetings.

*We begin preparation for the festival. We want lots of people to make the festival successful.

Time: 9:00-11:00

Place: HIS school (the ‘pink room’)

Discuss: i. PTA meeting time based on results of questionnaire

ii. Each event and Festival coming up to April.

  1. Jan 27th (Friday) Delivery Bento tasting    

For Students who enrolled after September or who haven’t conducted ‘tasting’. Please email PTA if you  want to conduct a ‘tasting’ trial.

 obento taster session on 27Jan

PTA email:

  1. Jan27th (Friday) Ice-skating night

Where: Higashi-ku Big wave (Higashi ku Ushida Sihnmachi 1chome 8-3,


Telephone: 082-222-1860

Access: Astram line – 3 minutes’ walk from Ushita station

Bus – 3 minutes’ walk from Higashi ku Sport center Iriguchi stop

Car – parking is available

When:  PTA committee members will be there from 17:00

Fee: Adult 1560 yen, Student (from primly school, junior school, senior high  school) 930 yen、   Pre-school age children free. Please also note – Each child   must be accompanied by an adult.

Skates rental – 300 yen

What to bring: Gloves (you can buy there), skates (bring your own if possible)

What to borrow: Skates, protector. Helmet.

Ice-skating trainers/ coaches: If you would like training for how to skate we can organise ice-skating coaches to train individuals how to ice-skate. Could you email the PTA (at the address above) before 20 Jan.

Coach fee: There is only one coach. This coach is only available for group of five or more people. 500 yen for 5-10 people, 300 yen for more than 10 people.etc. Any level accepted. Must wear a bib. Coaches advise on how to skate. Timing is only between 17-19:00.

*Note :Please note that skating can be dangerous. Individuals are responsible for their own conduct.

The larger ice-skating rink is booked for the Ice hockey team from  19:00, so we can only  use the smaller ice-skating rink.

When resting, we have been asked to only use the area where there are vending machines   seating areas for viewing.

News from the PTA (13 January 2017)

1. PTAミーティングの日時についてのアンケート調査を行います。

現在 最終水曜日の午前中に学校と街中と交互でミーティングをしていますがより多くの保護者の方々に参加していただきたいと思っています。お手数ですが

アンケートへの回答のご協力をお願いいたします。 締め切り 1月21日

 Survey on PTA Meetings

2. 保護者懇談会  詳しくは校長から案内があります。


      a .  1月22日(日曜日) 雪合戦 芸北

  1.  1月25日(水曜日) PTAミーティング

** PTAミーティングはすべての保護者、先生が参加できます。

** フェスティバルに向けて準備が始まりますのでぜひご参加お願いします。

時間 : 9時~11時 予定

場所 : 学校 ピンクルーム

議題 : ① ミーティング日時のアンケート結果のお伝えと今後について

② 4月までの各イベント・フェスティバルなどについて

c. 1月27日(金曜日) デリバリー弁当試食日

対象 : 9月以降に入学された生徒と前回試食しなかった生徒

 obento taster session on 27Jan


 d.  1月27日(金曜日) アイススケートナイト

場所 : 東区ビッグウェーブ


TEL 082-222-1860


交通アクセス : アストラムライン「牛田駅」徒歩三分

バス「東区スポーツセンター入口」 徒歩三分

集合時間 : 特になし  PTA役員は17時前頃から入場します。

費用 : 入場券(大人 1560円、 小中高生 930円 幼稚園 無料

ただし幼稚園児には必ず一人につき一人の大    人が付くこと)

持参物 : 手袋 (販売もしています) プロテクターやヘルメットは無料貸し出しあり。 スケート靴(持っている人)

駐車場 : あり(有料)

** 今年はスケートのコーチを呼ぶ予定です。(希望者が5名以上の場合)

・コーチ料金 : 希望者が5人未満の場合は呼びません。




・ 初心者から、アドバイスがほしい経験者までレベルは問いません。

・ 自由滑走しながらコーチがそれぞれに声かけアドバイスをしていくスタイルです。


・ コーチ希望者はビッグウェーブのビブスを着ます。

・ コーチを呼ぶのは17時から19時の2時間です。


** 注意点

・ スケートリンクは常に危険を伴います。万が一のけがや事故にはPTAは


・ 大きなリンクのほうは19時からアイスホッケーの貸し切り予約が入っているそうです。 19時以降は小さいリンクしか使えませんのでご了承ください。

・ 休憩のための部屋は予約をしていません。 休憩は自販機のあるスペースや観 覧席でお願いいたします。

6. Japanese Outline Video