The Crane 27 January 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Student reports are going home today, so it is a great time to sit down with your child and discuss their learning journey. Please see the messages below about some parent workshops we are holding at HIS on February 11.  Also thanks to the PTA who are working hard to prepare for the HIS Festival. Enjoy your weekend.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. The Crane Video

3. February 11 – Open House Student Tour-Guides (10:00am-12:00pm)

On February 11, we have an Open House event from 10:00am-12-pm for families considering joining us here at HIS. On this day, we need some help from our students as tour guides. Our visitors were really impressed by our students last time we did this in November. If your child would be able to help out on this day, please let me know at

4. February 11 – Parent workshops

   a. Supporting English Language Learning for Secondary students

  • 10:00am-11:00am

Explore some ways that we support English language learning in the secondary school as well as some ways to support your child at home. All parents are welcome.

   b. MYP Personal Project Workshop

  • 11:00am-12:00pm

At the end of the MYP, in Grade 10, students undertake a significant independent project called the Personal Project. Find out what this is all about and how you can support your child on their journey. All parents are welcome.

   c. Strategic Planning ‘Where do we want to be in 10-15 years?’

  • 1:00pm-3:00pm

By strategic planning, we mean defining where we want HIS to be in the future and making a plan to get us there.  Over the next six months, we are going to continue to review our priorities for where we, as a school, want to be in the future, 10-15 years from now.

On Saturday, February 11 (1:00pm – 3:00pm) we will hold a Strategic Planning Workshop where you will have an opportunity to help in this process. We will brainstorm ideas and work in groups to discuss potential future directions for HIS. Hope to see you there. All members of the school community are welcome to come along and add your voice.

 5. Spring Holiday Child Care

During the spring holiday we will be offering a child care program for our PYP students (EC1-Grade 5). Places are limited, so please sign up as early as possible.

  • Dates: Monday February 27 to Friday March 3
  • Time: Regular HIS hours 9:00am – 3:20pm
  • Cost: ¥20,000 for the week
  • Transport: A bus will be provided. Cost of bus to be determined. 
  • Program: Creativity & Movement: The program for the week will focus on creativity and movement with a variety of activities each day keeping students physically active and engaged in the creative arts while maintaining an English language environment.
  • Application: Please email Ms Hirata at

6. Setsubun Celebration

7. Interns joining us in Spring (Student Teachers)

Celeste Staal

We are fortunate to have three interns joining us after the spring break. They will be focusing on the PYP, but will also work with Grades 6 and 7 as their future teaching careers will be in primary.

Laura Menting

They will be mentored by HIS teachers as they continue to develop their expertise. Celeste Staal comes from University College of Southeast, Norway and Laura Menting comes from Stenden University, The Netherlands. They are part of the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools, a joint program between these two universities.

Chris Suppa

Chris is coming from Queens University, Canada and will be here for three weeks. We are really excited to have these three teachers join us her at HIS.

8. The Yarn Art Show


Congratulations to the Knitting Club who displayed some wonderful pieces in the Yarn Show last weekend. Keep on knitting.

9. PTA News

News from the PTA (27 January 2017) (日本語は以下にあります)

Cooking Club (Mondays, after school)

The Cooking Club is back this term!  We have been asked to scout for volunteers.  It can be very simple dishes (like fruit salad or fun sandwiches).  If you can spend a few hours each Monday from 3:30 to 5:00, please sign up using the Sign-up Sheet link below. If you have any questions, please send an email to

 2nd Semester cooking club

HIS Ski Trip (February 18) 

Sign-up for the HIS Ski trip closes on January 31!  Further information can be found in the Information Sheet.

 Ski Trip Letter English.pdf

Summary of PTA Meeting held at HIS on January 25 

  1. Results of the Survey on PTA Meetings

Thank you to everyone who answered the survey.  Based on the 17 responses and comments, we compiled a summary.  The results can be found in the PDF.  Clearly, different parents are available at different times, so we will try to vary the meeting locations and days.

 Result for PTA meeting survey.pdf

  1. Discussion about HIS Idol

The meeting also discussed the format for this year’s HIS Idol.  Everyone enjoys this event, but there were some opinions that the format of prizes should be changed for PYP students.  These opinions have been passed on to Mr. B, who will organize the event, and Mr. Rentoule.

  1. HIS International Festival (April 15)

Preparations for the HIS Festival have begun!  The plan is to invite outside people to join the Festival.  Further information will be sent to all parents and guardians by email and paper.  We will be calling on you to help out in some way at the Festival, so please put your names down as volunteers!

  1. PTA Meeting tomorrow (28 January)

Based on the Survey results, we will be organizing a second PTA Meeting TOMORROW (Saturday 28 January) at Tully’s Coffee Shop from 10-12.  The agenda is the same as the meeting on Wednesday 25, but the main item is the HIS Festival.  The minutes of the two PTA Meetings will be posted on the HIS Website (under Community à PTA) as soon as they are translated.

Upcoming Events

2/11 (Saturday / Public Holiday):  Strategic Planning Workshop with Parents

2/18 (Saturday):  HIS Ski Trip

2/22 (Wednesday):  PTA Meeting from 10:00 at the Peace Café

3/24 (Friday):  HIS Idol Final Stage!

3/29 (Wednesday):  PTA Meeting from 9:00 at HIS

4/15 (Saturday):  HIS International Festival

If you have any questions or comments, please send to

PTAからのお知らせ (1月27日)






 2nd Semester cooking club




 Ski Trip Letter Japanese.pdf





またコメントもいただきありがとうございました。 参考にしながら活動をしていきたいと思います。

 Result for PTA meeting survey.pdf

②HIS アイドルについて










2月18日(土曜日) スキートリップ

2月22日(水曜日) PTA定期ミーティング 10時より 八丁堀のピースfカフェにて

3月24日(金曜日) HISアイドル ファイナルステージ

3月29日(水曜日) PTA定期ミーティング 9時より  学校にて

4月15日(土曜日) HIS フェスティバル


10. Japanese Outline