The Crane 24 February 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

It has been another busy week at HIS as you can see in the notes below. Congratulations to our secondary students who attended the Model United Nations (MUN) event. MUN is a challenging event and our students did a wonderful job with lots of support from Ms Levasseur. I hope you all enjoy your Spring Break.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Model United Nations (MUN)

Here are some pictures MUN. All delegates participated actively in the creation of resolutions in their committee and some even took the floor during the General Assembly in the afternoon. I was very proud of them. On day 2 of the conference our delegates were very busy. Everybody got up to speak at least once during the General Assembly and there was clear improvement in the quality of their speeches and in the confidence with which they were delivered. Before dinner we visited the Ikuta shrine, one of the oldest Shinto sites in Japan. Our hotel was located right next to one of the entrances so we took this opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing. We treated ourselves to a nice Indian dinner at the end of the day and prepared for the last day of the conference.
Annie Levasseur
 DSCN6040 DSCN6012 DSCN6002 DSCN5998_v1 20170223_163323_v1  DSCN6062_v1

4. Fun Using Japanese (FUJ) Club

Fun Using Japanese (FUJ) Club members had a great time yesterday at Johoku Gakuen. Fourteen G10 students at Johoku Gakuen who are going to England in March and a couple of calligraphy club members helped and taught how to use a brush and how to write words. They changed papers and dried them for our students and our students were just sitting and enjoyed writing words. They were really spoiled. They had their best work set in a beautiful little hanging scroll which was a nice gift from Johoku Gakuen. Our students had such a wonderful time. It was good to see Johoku Gakuen students were trying to explain in English and HIS students were trying to respond in both English and Japanese. Hope that our students were inspired by communicating with Japanese students and got motivated more to learn and use Japanese language to enjoy the life in Japan. Thank you Nigel for driving us to Johoku Gakuen in the van.

Mika Kiriake

IMG_1807-1 IMG_1826-1 IMG_1849-1 IMG_1851-1 IMG_1855-1

5. IB Diploma Program Music Recital

Parents, Students, Friends of HIS Community, you are cordially invited to….
  • G11 IB Diploma Program Music Recital
  • March 10th 16:30-17:00 in the Music Room
G11 Nanami will perform selections from her portfolio pieces on the guitar. She will be joined by some of the G9-10 music students showcasing their musical works.

Takako Tokunaga

6. PTA News for the Crane (日本語は以下にあります)


1. HIS Festival

  1. We need more volunteers!!  If you have lost the sign-up sheet, please email us at    Even if  you are busy, the volunteer work can be done in a short time (only one or two hours is all you need).  Thank you very much for people who have already signed up.  Please make sure that the people who volunteer have a priority for a parking space.2) We will close advertisement for the pamphlet .  If you are considering, please email to PTA by 3 Mar.
    3) We will produce HIS Festival poster (A3size).  If you can think of a space to put up the poster, please email us.
    The poster was designed by Sunni at G11.   Thank you very much Sunni!

2.  Plans for May and June 
*A Kagura bus tour to Kenhoku (The northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture) in May.
*Watching a Hiroshima Carp Baseball Game at Mazda Stadium.

Let’s go watch Hiroshima Carp baseball game!
Date: Friday June 30th. From 6pm
Hiroshima Carp vs Dragons
Cost: should be around ¥3.000 per person ((Children under 3 years old free!)
Deadline: Wednesday March 1st (to ensure we can get tickets)
Please signup with Google form.
We will do our best to get tickets for everyone!

3. Report of PTA meeting on 23 February
We discussed about the progress of HIS Festival.  Details will be on the minutes.  The minutes will appear on HIS PTA home page.

 ** Sat 11 Mar  10:00  PTA extra meeting for HIS Festival at Hacchobori Pease Cafe
 **Wed 29 Mar  9:00   PTA Monthly meeting at HIS 
If you have any question, please email us at:
PTAからのお知らせ (2月24日)
1)ボランティアがまだまだ足りません!サインナップシートをなくされた方、PTA  にメールをくださいませ。
ご検討中の方は3日までにPTA  へメールをお願いします。
ポスターはG11のSunniがデザインしました! Sunniありがとう!
日時: 6月30日(金) 6PM~ 対中日戦
チケット代: ¥3.000 のシートを考えています。(3歳未満無料)
参加希望の方はGoogle formでサインアップをお願いします。
** 3月11日 土曜日 フェスティバルに関するミーティングを行います
               10時より 八丁堀のピースカフェにて
**  3月29日 水曜日 定期ミーティング


7. Greetings from our incoming student teachers

Hello Students, Staff and Parents at H.I.S,

CelesteStaalMy name is Celeste Staal and I am delighted to be a student teacher at your school for the next ten weeks. A little bit about me, I am a student at Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Meppel, the Netherlands. I enjoy reading, traveling, animals, board games and spending time with my family and friends. I am very much looking forward to meet everybody and  when you see me please don’t hesitate to say hello. I hope to see you soon!


Laura MentingMy name is Laura Menting and I am looking forward to being a student teacher at HIS for the next ten weeks. I am a student at Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Meppel, The Netherlands where I am enrolled in an International Teaching program. I was born in a small town in The Netherlands which sparked my interest to see more of the world. I enjoy all things creative and adventurous such as photography, travelling, painting, reading, cooking and meeting new people. I am excited to start my internship and to meet you all soon! We hope these introductions are to your liking and we are looking forward to meet you all soon!


My name is Christopher Suppa and I am a Teacher Candidate from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. A little about me: I was born in Canada and lived most of my life in Toronto. I am passionate about education and working with students of all ages. My favourite subjects are Science and Phys Ed. I enjoy all sports, but especially soccer, volleyball and hockey.  My hobbies include travel, cooking, cycling, running, and weightlifting. I love try new foods and meet new people. I have been looking forward to my time at HIS and I am very excited to be part of your school and community for 3 weeks. See you soon!

8. Sports Day is Friday, 21 April

We have been able to book the venue – Coca Cola Stadium. We will send more information next week.

(Translated) (Reminder)

9. HIS G12 DP Visual Arts Exhibition

IMG_2532  g12_exhibition

Hitomachi Plaza:

Exhibition poster designed by Vivica Daniel and Youki Kotani is attached. We look forward to seeing you at the opening reception!
G12 VA students and Ms K
今年もG12の美術作品展の時期がやって参りました。今年は現在G12でDP Visual Artsを履修している5名の生徒たち( Reiko Ishiyama, Vivica Daniel, Ray Katsumi, Youki Kotani and Erika Kodama)の作品を展示致します。作品展が近づくにつれ、緊張感も増しています。彼らを校内で見かけられたら、是非激励の言葉をかけてあげて下さい。
HIS G12 DP 美術作品展
  • 日時: 3月3日(金)〜3月5日(日) 午前10時から午後5時
  • オープニングレセプション:3月3日(金)午後1時〜3時 作品を制作した生徒達は全員参加します
  • 場所:合人社ウェンディ ひと・まちプラザ 4階 ギャラリーA  (
  • 入場無料



G12美術選択生・黒川 礼子

10. Japanese Outline