The Crane 24 March 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

I hope you are enjoying some wonderful spring weather. Preparations are well underway for the HIS Festival, so I would like to thank all of the PTA for the hard work that is going into this event. We are all looking forward to it. Congratulations to our Cooking Club who were stars in a cooking show on TV, Thank you very much to both Jenny and Yumiko for your work with the Cooking Club. The show was great. Enjoy your week.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. The Crane Video

3. Actor Mr. Rob Houchen Workshop @ HIS

  • Tuesday, March 28 
  • Mr. Rob Houchen starred as Marius, Les Miserables in London, West End. 
  • Parents are invited to attend the Finale scene from 2:45pm in the Gym.

I would like to thank Robert Scott, Hiroshima resident, for making this event possible.

4. See Rob Houchen in Hiroshima – subsidizing his visit to HIS

Fresh from the West End stage, having appeared from 2013-2016 in the role of “Marius” nearly 1000 times in Les Miserables, here is your chance to attend a live event here in Hiroshima from a true London West End Star. Rob will be performing 2 live events on 25th and 26th Marchat Baker Street/Oasis Bar from 18:00. Tickets are 4,000 yen per person. With a maximum capacity of 50 people you will be able to hear Rob perform 2 sets of 40 minutes each night with songs from Les Miserables and other shows in a unique setting which is normally impossible to see here in Hiroshima. Rob’s visit to HIS is subsidized by Baker Street/ Oasis bar and any support from parents attending would be appreciated as these opportunities are very rare for students and parents alike.

You can see more information about the event here: (event information is mostly in Japanese) Here’s a sample of Rob’s original work also:

To reserve tickets simply send a message to the organizers on the Facebook page above.

5. Comenius College visit from the Netherlands

From March 31-6 April, we will be hosting six students from Comenius College (Netherlands) and their teachers. The students and teachers speak English and they are coming to Hiroshima to carry out independent research. Students are ages 16-17 years old. They will be spending time at HIS and out and about doing fieldwork. Five HIS families have volunteered to host them while they are here, and we would like to express our deep appreciation to you for hosting a student. We hope that this becomes a partnership between the two schools so that HIS students can have a similar experience in the Netherlands in the future!

6. PTA News

PTA NEWS (日本語は以下)
The Festival is fast approaching!  
The performance schedule for the HIS International Festival is now available!  It will feature a great mix of HIS musical talent and outside performers, so be sure to invite your friends and family!

Thank you very much for putting your name down to the sign-up sheet!  We are still looking for someone who can help Deli Team.  If you haven’t put your name down yet, there is a chance for you.  
     Each team leader will contact you shortly.
2) We need more donation goods for the 100 yen shop!!   If you have unused items lying around in your household, please help us by bringing them in.  You can clean up your house and at the same time you can help the HIS community!  Not all items will be 100 yen.  We will price them differently depending on the condition of the items.  
3) Request from G9 – Does anyone have an electric ice shaver so that they can borrow?  We have a manual one at hand.  We need an ELECTRIC one.  If there is anyone who has one, please contact PTA team at
4) Does anyone have a child size golf club so that we can borrow for the day?
 G6 is preparing a mini golf for their activity and they need 2 small golf club!

Plastic would be preferable. If you have one, please contact us.
5) We need volunteers  who can help us on a PREVIOUS DAY of the Festival.  

*Many volunteers for a preparation/setting up (setting up tents/carrying tables & chairs, etc etc )
Basically the preparation starts after the school.  However, we can start setting up on the field before the school finishes.  Please send us an email and say you can help for the preparation as we want to know how many of you can help beforehand.
6)Hiroshima Peace Soccer Festival

There is very limited space, but anyone interested should be prepared to be present for the match.
Email –
Fax – 082 521 3350
Deadline March 27 5 pm
Age : 4-8 years old
Mr. Morisaki, star soccer player who just retired from San Frecce will interact with 30 kids  for about 30 mins and play soccer.
This info is written on the poster
< Plan up to June> 
7) Unfortunately, we couldn’t get Hiroshima Carp tickets.
    Thank you for your application!
8) Kagura Tour
   Date : 21 May (Sunday)
   Venue : Matsubara, Ak Oota city   
   We will give detailed information about this event including time and price later.


PTA ニュース
③G9のアクティビティより、電動のカキ氷機をお持ちの方、貸していただけないでしょうか? 手動はあります。探しているのは電動です!
プラスチック製希望です。 もしお借りできる方がいればご連絡ください!


Email –
Fax – 082 521 3350
締め切り : 3月27日  17時
対象年齢  : 4~-8 才
日程 : 5月21日(日曜日)
場所 : 安芸高田市松原町


7. Japanese Outline