The Crane, 9 June 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

The Secondary Camps went well with the Peace Ride team cycling back from Hamada today. We also have the PYP Exhibition coming up this week, so there is a lot of activity at school as we head toward the final days of school. The students’ last day is the Wednesday 21 June, so there is not long to go now. Looking toward next year, the Board of Directors is having a full-day retreat on Sunday and one of the major tasks is to examine the feedback from the different brainstorming sessions held during the year involving parents, teachers, students and the Board of Directors. Using these ideas we will continue planning for a bright future. Thank you for all of the ideas along the way.

Enjoy your weekend.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Peace Concert 平和発信コンサート

Please see our PYP student in action at the Peace Concert.

That’s part of my left shoulder in the interview scene, by the way. I always knew I’d be on TV.

4. Primary Sakura Medal Award

We already announced the Sakura Medal winners, and here you can see a photos of Conon receiving the Best Effort Award 努力賞(どりょくしょう) from MS B during the EC assembly last week. Congratulations, Conon.

5. Camps in 2017/2018

Secondary Camp

Next year, Secondary Camp (Grades 6-12) will be at Osorakan Ecology Campsite, September 13-15.

  • Earlier – This is earlier than this year, as the end of year tends to be very busy with a range of events and also an earlier camp experience provides students with a chance to get to know each other better at the start of the year.
  • Accommodation – Students will stay in a mix of cabins and tents and participate in a range of outdoor activities.
  • Cost – We expect the cost to be approximately 10,000yen and will confirm early next year.
  • During this time, a group of HIS students from 9-12 will be visiting the Netherlands. As the secondary group will be smaller, we will all go to the same location for camp next year.

Primary Camp

Grade 4/5 will be traveling to Hamada for their camp, September 27-29.

  • This is the same time of year as usual.
  • Accommodation will be in cabins.
  • The Secondary (Gr10-12) have been at this location this week.
  • Cost – We expect the cost to be approximately 10,000yen and will confirm early next year.

6. Secondary Computers

Secondary students are not required to bring their own computers to school, however we would like to encouraged them to do so, as using a personal device tends to save time during the day as  they don’t need to borrow computers. I would also like to confirm that if you are thinking about purchasing a computer, the more affordable computers such as the ChromeBooks that the school uses for class sets would be more than adequate for school usage. We use these for our class sets as they are inexpensive and very hardy. In my experience, students sometimes hint to parents that they ‘need’ high end laptops. This is a family’s choice, however, not a requirement from school. If you have any questions, please ask.

7. Withdrawal Form & Financial Regulations Form

If you are withdrawing at the end of this school year and haven’t yet submitted the Withdrawal Form, could you please contact Sayaka Hirata in the office Returning families, please submit the Financial Regulations form to the HIS office. This will assist us in our planning for next year. Thank you.

8. PTA News


To HIS Parents/Guardians

On Wednesday June 21, the last day of School, an End of Year Picnic Lunch will be held in the gym.  Students will sit with their classmates to eat their lunches. This will be followed by a whole school assembly from 2 pm onwards.

On this day, the PTA proposes to hold an Appreciation Lunch for the teachers and staff.

Would you like to help us by bringing food for the event? We attach sign-up sheet below. Please put your name, what you can bring and amount of the dish on the sheet. You don’t necessarily have to cook by yourself. (If you don’t have time to cook, purchase is as good.) It can be from the amount of 5 people. Packed soft drinks are also OK.

Due date for sign-up: Friday 16 June

 Donation for Teachers Appreciation Lunch

If there are not many sign-ups by the due date, PTA will add by purchasing some goodies at COSTCO to fill the gap. However, it will be ideal if we have plenty of dishes offered by your kind gesture.

We would also appreciate it if you could help us by volunteering the following:

*preparation of the table setting/ bringing dishes to the table

*looking after EC, KG, G1 children and eating together with them ( you have to bring your own lunch)

*looking after children on the ground after lunch and until assembly which starts at 14:00

*help to clear the table after lunch and clean up

We appreciate your help!!

Please e-mail us if you have questions:



同時に先生とスタッフの方々へのAppreciation Lunch も行います!

新しくHISに入ってこられた日本人の方は 「Appreciation Lunch とはなんですか?」 と分らない方もいらっしゃると思いますがPTA(保護者)が先生方へ一年間の感謝のためにランチを用意するイベントです。日本では先生方を食事でもてなすことはしませんが、欧米ではスタンダードのようです。


サインナップシートを添付していますので、名前、持参されるもの、何人分くらいかを記入してください。ハンドメイドの必要はありませんが、5人分以上からでお願いします。 飲みものでも大歓迎です。

サインナップの締め切りは 6月16日(金曜日)です。

 Donation for Teachers Appreciation Lunch







などです。 みなさんのご協力をお待ちしております。


9. Japanese Outline