The Crane, 16 June 2017

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Congratulations to our PYP Graduates who are moving on from a wonderful primary experience into the MYP for more adventures. The PYP Exhibition was a fantastic demonstration of your growth through these years of inquiry.

I would like to express my gratitude to the PTA Committee who have worked so hard this year to bring the school together for a series of great events. We really appreciate your selfless dedication.

We wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing you back here for another exciting year in 2017/2018.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

This week for our last Crane video for the year, we have a student produced video that really captures the essence of HIS. Thank you to all of the students from the Photography Club, including Sara, Nanako and Leela who were involved in the filming, editing and production. It is yet another example of the wondrous degree of creativity found in our HIS students.



1)Correction of the information about The Teacher Appreciation Lunch on the last day:

There are some changes about last week’s information.  The venue of The Teacher Appreciation Lunch is now at Pink Room, not the gym. Students will eat their lunch now at their classes, not at the gym. PTA will provide ice cream as a dessert  for students if they prefer.

Thank you very much for signing up for donation at The Teacher Appreciation Lunch.   If you have forgotten to sign up or want to add something more, please add on the list.  If you have any questions, please email us at the PTA address.

For someone who has already signed up, please bring the food by 12 o’clock.

2)As in the past, the PTA would like to propose that a portion of the funds raised by the PTA this year be given to HIS.  Under the rules outlined in the PTA constitution, for use of more than ¥50,000, the entire community must vote on their approval or disapproval.
Please indicate your approval(or not) using the link below.

The deadline is at midnight  on 19 June.
Last message from the PTA Committee 2016-17
I am grateful to everyone for having given us the chance to serve on the PTA for the past year.  I’m sure there were moments when we made mistakes, but we did our best!  Thanks to the cooperation of all of the parents, teachers and staff,  we were able to see the year’s activities through.
The members for next year’s PTA Committee have yet to be decided, but our term is now coming to an end.  I hope we can all work together with the new Committee to support and enliven HIS!
PTA ニュース

先生方へのアプリシエーションランチ   ジム → ピンクルームにて
生徒のお弁当食べる場所         ジム → 各クラスにて


②PTAは前例通り、今年度PTA活動によって得られた資金の一部をHISに寄付することを提案しま す。
PTA規約に則り、50,000円以上の金額を使う場合、PTAは会員全員に賛否を問い、会員はそれに回答する必要があります。以下の添付書類に必ず目を通し、google form にて賛否の回答をお願いします。

Kagura Performance

Tickets have kindly been made available by Mr Kaz Meiki for Kagura performances on July 29 and July 30.
Performances start at 10:00am and end around 5:00pm in Akitakata at the Kagura Mura.
You can come anytime between 10am & 5pm to see the performances.

If you would like a free ticket, please fill out the following form.