The Crane, 23 June 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

We hope you all have a great summer holiday. We have certainly had a great year and wish you all a safe and relaxing break. KEEP READING!

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. The Crane Video

You can look forward to more Crane videos next year. This is the Playlist for 2016/2017. You can watch them all again.

3. Thank you to Jun Sasaki and Joerg Sandmann

We would like to thank Jun Sasaki (Board of Directors and Board of Trustees member) and Joerg Sandmann (School Treasurer, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees member) for all of the selfless dedication to HIS on the Boards. A book on global politics and a series on vanishing cultures were dedicated to Mr Sasaki and Mr Sandmann at last week’s Board of Directors retreat (photos below) and these will be donated to the HIS library. We appreciate your commitment to the students at HIS.


4. Textbook List

Linked here is the secondary textbook list for the 2017-18 school year. While students are not required to purchase texts, we have had an increasing number of students and parents requesting to purchase their own texts. Students who own their own text can mark them as needed for their studies. Students who do not purchase their own texts will be issued texts by HIS to use for the year. All school issued-texts are expected to be protected in a zipper file. If you have questions about the text list, please contact Ms. Pechhold or subject teachers at the start of the year.

Textbook List 2017_18

5. School start and finish times next year

Next year we will need a sightly longer school day with 20 minutes added at the end to finish at 3:40pm.

  • Primary 9:00am – 3:40pm
  • Secondary 8:50am-3:40pm

This will affect afternoon bus times, including the club bus and we will contact you during summer regarding buses.

6. PYP Newsletter – End of Year

Here is the PYP Newsletter for the end of the year.

7. Summer Opportunities

a. HIS Summer Program –

b. UNITAR Student Ambassador

  • UNITAR is launching the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme Cycle 2017, which targets at high school students in Hiroshima. See the attached flyer – UNITAR Youth Ambassador. It is a great opportunity.

c. Hiroshima Student Forum

d. International Peace Art Event

  • In Hiroshima (Aug 5-13), organized by NPO Heart of Peace Hiroshima.
  • They are looking for the bilingual/internationally minded HS (mature MS) volunteers.

  • There will be free art/peace workshops offered by international artists that students including younger ones can go and experience .

    If you are interested, please contact Ms Aya Nozawa (one of our HIS parents), who is kindly organizing this event. 

e. Summer Theatre – ‘On the Way to School’ by Japan UNICEF

  • Saturday, 22 July, 2017
  • Hiroshima City Cinematographic and Audio-visual Library
  • An exploration of a series of challenging journeys to school from around the world.
  • See link for more information – UNICEF Journey to School

8. Japanese Outline