The Crane, 25 August 2017

This Week’s Topics

  • Hiroshima Junior International Forum,
  • Textbook List,
  • Technology in the Secondary Program,
  • Class of 2017 IB DP Exam Results and College Acceptances,
  • Primary and Secondary Camp,
  • Student/Parent Handbook 2017/2018,
  • Buses,
  • Madama Butterfly Audition from HIS Music Teacher,
  • Human Rights Poster,
  • Shimane Prefecture Camp Opportunity.

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Welcome back to another school year. We are very glad to see that everyone made it back safely after the summer vacation. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to our four parents who are generously taking on roles in the PTA committee this year: Tomoko, Yasuko, Brooke and Matt. The PTA is a really important part of our school and we really appreciate the dedication of our PTA, including all the volunteers that support us. I am looking forward to a great year with you all.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video


Hello, everyone! 
The new semester has started and the PTA Committee has also become a new member. We are so excited!! There is still space available. The first PTA Meeting will be held on 13th Sep. It will be conducted in both English and Japanese at the meeting. The meeting is open to all parents and guardians. We look forward your active participation! Each event is mainly discussed at the meeting, but if you have any other items you would like to mention on the agenda, we will receive it in advance.
Venue: HIS
Time : 9:00 – 11:00
Agenda: *Approximately annual event schedule
*Upcoming events 
                    Bon fire night
For questions etc. please email to:
議題: *年間スケジュール
Here are our profiles in alphabetical order.
Brooke Amidei:

I moved with my family from Utah, USA to Hiroshima in August.  My husband, Thomas, works at Micron and I have two boys joining us at HIS, Vaughn in G3 and Vincent in Kindergarten.  Originally from Iowa, USA, I have lived in several states including Texas, Idaho, Virginia, Nebraska, Colorado as well as a short time in Sydney, Australia.  I  built a career in festivals and events and left my job in sponsorship sales with the Major League Soccer Team, Real Salt Lake, to become a full-time stay at home mom eight years ago.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, meeting new people, attending and hosting events, exercising, cooking, wine and a good happy hour!  
私の家族は8月にアメリカユタ州から引っ越してきました。主人はマイクロンに勤めています。二人の息子(G3 Vaughn, KG Vincent) がHISに入ります。出身はアメリカのアイオワ州ですが、テキサス、アイダホ、バージニア、ネブラスカ、コロラド州に住んだことがあり、短期間ですがオーストラリアのシドニーにも住んだことがあります。私は主婦になる8年前まで、メジャーリーグサッカーチーム、Real Salt Lake(レアルソルトレイク)のスポンサー広報でイベント等に従事していました。現在は友達や家族との旅行、新しい友達との出会い、食事会、エクササイズ、クッキング、ワインを飲んだりが楽しみです!
Matt Jungbult:

My name is Matt Jungblut, please call me Matt. I am the father of Hotaru (EC3/4) and married to Mihoko. Although I am originally from New York, I have lived in several countries and several places in Japan. I was a junior high and elementary school teacher in both the US and Japan. I have a Masters in Education. Currently, I write (about food and education) and DJ weekly. I speak a bit of English and a bit of Japanese. I’m looking forward to being more involved with the HIS community this year and can be found at school almost daily.
こんにちは。ヤングブラット マットです。マットと呼んでください。EC3/4 に通うほたるの父で、妻の名前は隈元美穂子です。ニューヨーク出身ですが、今迄に数カ国に住んできました。日本の中でも、複数の都道府県に住んだ経験があります。教育の分野で修士号を取得し、米国と日本の両国で、小学校と中学校で教員として仕事をしてきました。現在は、食べ物と教育の関連で執筆活動をすると同時に、週一回はDJとしても活動しています。英語と日本語の両方を齧ってます。今年は今迄以上にHISコミュニティに携わって行きたいと思っていますので、是非宜しくお願いします。ほぼ毎日送迎で学校にいっています。マット
Tomoko Watanabe:

I am Tomoko Watanabe. I was one of the committee members of the PTA during 2016/2017.  This year I will be an accountant.  My son is Shinra Watanabe, and he is in G11.  I work full time for a company where my husband runs a business of renovation.  I studied in America for a year when I was a high school student.  I stayed with my home stay family when I was there.  I didn’t use English at all since then.  So my English skills are not as good as they were. Although I was on the PTA committee last year,  I am not a good public speaker. I am looking forward to working with you this year.  Thank you. 
Yasuko Yamashiro:

Hi, everyone, I am Yasuko Yamashiro, and my son is Daiwa in Grade1. I have two sons who graduated from PYP.  I used to be a nurse before getting married, after that, I am busy being a mother of three sons. I have enjoyed playing volley ball since I was at primary school and now belonging to the team which represents Hiroshima prefecture. I am also helping out the volley ball club occasionally. It s very nice to meet everyone! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu. 

4. Hiroshima Junior International Forum

Lisa, Monet, Ryo and Meg participated in Hiroshima Junior International Forum last week, from Aug. 17th till 20th August and represented HIS very well. This was a great way to take action during the summer break.

5. Secondary Items

Textbook List

Linked here is the secondary textbook list for the 2017-18 school year. While students are not required to purchase texts, we have had an increasing number of students and parents requesting to purchase their own texts. Students who own their own text can mark them as needed for their studies. Students who do not purchase their own texts will be issued texts by HIS to use for the year. All school issued-texts are expected to be protected in a zipper file. If you have questions about the text list, please contact Ms Pechhold or subject teachers at the start of the year.

Textbook List 2017_18

Technology in the Secondary Program

In grades 6-12, many students choose to bring their own laptops or tablets to school. This is not a requirement in our secondary program. Many students prefer to use their own devices when the class is engaging in online collaborative activities or research. For students who do not bring their own device, teachers will sign out Chrome books for use during instructional time. It is useful for students to have access to a computer at home so that they can check the homework calendar, teacher website or class materials.

As in the past, we will be continuing our “tech-free” lunch period. From 12:30-12:50, students are not permitted to use mobile devices, laptops or headphones. Students are encouraged to socialize with their peers. Students may use devices from 12:50-1:20 to complete homework or for personal use. We highly discourage the use of messaging apps to contact peers or social media during school hours.

Class of 2017 IB DP Exam Results and College Acceptances

We are very pleased to report on the results of the May 2017 IB DP exams. While our average score remains at 32 points, we would like to share highlights from this exam session. This year one candidate achieved 40 points out of a possible 45 points, a record for HIS. Four of the nine diploma candidates earned 36 points or greater. The average overall subject grade achieved by candidates who sat exams was 5.09 on the IB DP grade scale of 1-7.

The Class of 2017 was accepted at the following higher education institutions:

  • Japan: Tokyo Christian University
  • USA: New York University, Loyola Marymount University, Santa Clara University, University of Miami, University of California (Santa Barbara, Davis, Merced), University of San Francisco, Boston University, Pepperdine University
  • United Kingdom: The University of Edinburgh, The University of York, Durham University, Coventry University, Imperial College London, University of London (Royal Holloway, Goldsmiths, Queen Mary, University College)
  • Canada: University of British Columbia

6. Primary and Secondary Camps

  • Secondary students are going to Osorokan Ecology Park in Hiroshima Prefecture on Sep 13-15. This is coming up very soon. We are doing a site inspection tomorrow before finalizing the program and will send out details, including cost, early next week.
  • Grade 4/5 students are going to Hamada in Shimane Prefecture on Sep 27-29. Details will be sent out by classroom teachers.

7. Student/Parent Handbook 2017/2018

You can find our updated Student/Parent Handbook here.  StudentParent Handbook 20172018.doc.

8. Buses

Just a reminder that in the morning, buses are not able to wait for you if you are late as we need to arrive at school on time. We really don’t like to leave anyone behind, so please help us out and be at the bus stop on time. Thanks.

9. Madama Butterfly Audition from HIS Music Teacher

Dear Parents,

I hope this message finds you well. I am Takako Tokunaga, the music teacher at Hiroshima International School. I am attaching an information sheet inviting students of all ages to take part in an informal audition at HIS for acting (silent roles) in a professional opera production of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly performed in original Italian. 

The production (March 10, 11, 2018) is presented by the Hiroshima International Opera Studio (HIOS) run by Mr. Yasushi Yamagishi (tenor), a former professor of mine. He has worked with students from HIS in the same Madama Butterfly production 20 years ago.

It is a fantastic opportunity to experience first hand how professional artists work together to create an opera as a total collaboration of drama, music, and art. It is also another opportunity for students to reach out to the wider community of Hiroshima. If you are interested or would like to find out more please reply to this email or return the slip to me by Monday, August 28th.

Madama Butterfly AUDITION form.

いよいよ新学年度がはじまります。今年度もどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。新年度早々ですが、プロのオペラの舞台(March 2018)で演技(無言役)に挑戦してみたいと思われる生徒さんにオーディションのお知らせです。添付の資料をご覧の上、ご検討ください。ご質問などありましたら、このメールでご連絡ください。オーディションの申し込みは8月28日月曜日までですので、よろしくお願いいたします。

Takako Tokunaga 德永隆子, music teacher

10. Human Rights Poster

If any Grade 4/5 students are interested in being a model for the poster for Human Rights week which will be produced by Hiroshima Prefecture’s Board of Education, please let Sayaka Hirata in the HIS know at  The poster will be put out all over Hiroshima Prefecture in places like schools, ward offices, hospitals and stations. Here is a sample of the type of poster they will produce.

11. Shimane Prefecture Camp Opportunity

The Junior Chamber International in Shimane Prefecture has extended an invited to our students to participate in a camp on September 17 (Sunday)-18 (Monday). Please find the Shimane Camp Flyer at this link.

12. Japanese Outline