The Crane, 29 September 2017


  • Boarding Facility Search;
  • ISA Testing;
  • Japanese survey;
  • Bento reminder;
  • HIS Student/Parent Handbook 2017/2018;
  • IB overview documents;

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

We welcome back our Grade 4/5 students and their teacher-chaperones from Hamada Camp. They all had a great time and made it back safe and sound. These camps are a major adventure for our students and a very important part of their program, developing their social skills and becoming more caring, adventurous learners in the process. I would like to share a video, produced by the IB, which provides an overview of the programs and gives you a sense of the array of schools offering the IB around the world. You can see this video underneath.

I would also like to thank the parents who have been very proactive in supporting Japanese language learning at HIS with some initial discussions last weekend and you will find a quick survey by the group of parent below. We will be following up our initial Japanese workshop with another one at the end of October, so we will send out more details in the Crane. Also, thank you to the PTA for the family interviews. That is a great idea. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Boarding Facility for 2018/2019

 We are making plans to introduce a boarding facility next year to help us build our enrolments in the upper secondary school and increase diversity. We plan to start with a modest program of approximately 12 students. We are searching for a suitable property and would like to ask our HIS community’s help as you know the city better than anyone. Here is a brief outline of what we are looking for so if you come across anything, please let us know. Boarding Facilities at HIS

4. PTA News


Hello, everyone!
1)From Brooke who is the Halloween leader:
We need about 80 empty toilet paper rolls for one of the projects.
We put a box to collect them near the entrance of the school, so save these empty rolls and send them in with your child!  Thanks!

​2)We need more volunteers for Room parents.

This is to benefit your child.  Many of the things that room parents can help with can be done from home!
Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions or interest.
Parents of EC3&4, KG&G1, G7&8, G11&12, there are still vacancies.
= Family Interview =
1) Welcome to HIS!!

Su Hwan, Bae : G9       SuA, Bae :G7

Mon: Young Mi, Lee
Dad: Jae Hong, Bae
Pet: Toto (Cat)
Nationality: South Korea
Where to live at : Asaminami-ku , near Bairin station
Languages: Korean
Our family has been lived Hiroshima for three months now but we lived in Hyogo-ken as well for three years about 10 years ago.
We enjoy playing badminton with together. Our family is very happy to join HIS right now and we expect to make excellent memories living in Hiroshima with HIS’s families.

2) Noji Family  (4th year at HIS)

Kent Noji : G11
Mom: Sumiyo Noji  from Japan
Dad: George Mousourakis  from Greece
Sister: Elina -currently living in Australia
Where to lilve at : Oomachi, Asakita-ku
Laguages: English, Japanese and Greek
Kent: More than half of his life in New  Zealand.
This is our 4th year living in Hiroshima as a family although mom is from Hiroshima. We lived in New Zealand for more than 10 years as a family.
We also lived in Niigta and Australia.We enjoy going to the movies together. We also enjoy eating food from other countries. We are happy to meet new and not so new families at HIS!
Interview sheet:
You will recieve the Interview sheet on Monday from your child.
We sent it to new families on line but please choose an easy way.



EC3&4, KG&G1, G7&8, G11&12, の保護者の方、ぜひ応募お願いいたします!

① ようこそHISへ!

SuHwan, Bae : G9       SuA,Bae : G7

母: YoungMi, Lee
父: JaeHong,Bae
ペット: Toto(猫)
出身国: 韓国
住まい: 安佐南区梅林駅近く
言語: 韓国語
② 野地ファミリー (HIS 4年目ご家族)

Kent Noji : G11

母: Sumiyo Noji 日本人
父: George Mousourakis ギリシャ出身
姉: Elina 現在オーストラリアに居住
住まい: 安佐北区大町
言語: 英語、日本語、ギリシャ語

5. ISA Testing Next Week

HIS will be administering the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) for Grades 3-10 on Monday and Thursday 2 and 5 October, respectively. Testing will take place each morning. Regularly scheduled classes will resume after testing.
Please see the following information outlining the purpose of the ISA and testing schedule. Paper copies of the HIS letter were sent home earlier this week. You may wish to read the privacy information for parents related to the results of the assessment.

6. Japanese Survey from Parents


Follow-up to the Meeting on Kanji

On September 24, about 12 parents and guardians gathered to talk about Kanji review.  There were many opinions about kanji and about Japanese language learning in general.  The group decided to ask the wider HIS community for their views about Japanese and Kanji, so we prepared a short survey.  If you are interested, please fill it in by Friday, October 6.  (We are very sorry but due to limited time, we could not translate it into other languages).

Thank you in advance.

7. Bento Reminder

Deadline for bento orders is October 6. Thanks.

8. HIS Student/Parent Handbook 2017/2018

Just in case you need a copy of the handbook. It is on our website on the About HIS and Admissions pages. 

9. Curriculum documents – IB overview

Please find below an IB overview document in a few different languages:

10. Japanese Outline