The Crane, 17 November 2017


  • Jessy Bosman’s last week at HIS
  • Contributing to HIS web-page
  • DP Open Day
  • MYP consultation visit – parents panel
  • Japanese Workshop follow-up letter

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

I hope you all receive the Crane email this week. We have been having difficulties with Crane email and embedded link bouncing back with a ‘This message has been blocked’ notification. This started about a month ago. We seem to have solved the problem by creating a new email address and last week the emails seem to have gone through. We are all very excited as Festive Eve Fever grips HIS. The students are rehearsing scenes, singing songs, creating props, planning for sound and lighting, sorting and sourcing costumes, stressing and laughing to name just a few of the actions required in preparation for an event like this. Takako sensei is at the centre of all of this, assisted by a team of teachers, parents and students. Best of luck over the next few weeks and I can’t wait to see Into the Woods on stage. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. The Crane Video

3. Jessy Bosman’s last week at HIS

Inline image 1
Over the last nine weeks, Jessy, our resident student teacher from the Netherlands, has been working with students in KG/1, G2/3. G4/5 and G6 classes. As she enters her final week, we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her enthusiasm for supporting all the students across the school.  Jessy joined us for our G4/5 camp to Hamada in September and participated in several PYP events such as the reading carousel, Halloween, Bonfire night and assemblies, having immersed herself within our school community and made trusting relationships with the students she has worked with, she will be missed when she returns to the Netherlands to complete her studies. We wish her the best of luck in her pursuit to become an international school teacher and hope she can come visit us in the future. In Semester 2, we will have three more student teachers arriving from the Netherlands to work with our PYP classes.
Clare Barnfather (PYP Coordinator/Primary Vice Principal)
From Jessy:

I would like to thank everyone from the HIS community for welcoming me with open arms and making me feel at home during my teaching practice. I had an amazing time working with KG/1, G2/3, G4/5 and G6, getting to know the students, teachers and parents, and participating in all the great activities organised throughout my stay here. HIS is a fantastic community and I’m honored to have been a part of that for the past nine weeks. I’m sad to leave HIS, but I have loads of lovely memories of my time here! Take care, everyone, and maybe our paths will cross again in the future!

Best wishes to all,

4. Contributing to HIS web-page


We have set up a Contributions page on our website. On this page, you can make a donation. If you like, the donation can be used for the purchase of a Wish List item, two of which can be seen above. Thank you for your kind support of our educational program.

Recognition: We would like to warmly thank the Li Family (EC) for their generous contribution of 100,000 yen to start our Annual Giving Campaign this year. Your kind donation is much appreciated by us all here at HIS.

5. DP Open Day

Parent Information Sessions 2017: Secondary parents are encouraged to attend HIS’s DP Open Day on Thursday 23 November from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm. G10 & G11 parents are strongly encouraged to attend the sessions recommended in the letter attached. There will be 5 workshops taking place. We hope that you will consider joining us to learn more about the DP program, College Counseling and SAT & ACT. If you have questions in advance of the Open Day sessions, please contact Ms Pechhold or any of the teachers hosting sessions. Click here for more information: Open Day 2017.docx

6. MYP consultation visit – parents panel (Looking for more parents)

On December 5th and 6th 2017, HIS will host its consultation visit before officially applying for MYP authorization. Ms. Sylvia Saragih, our consultant from the IB, will spend two days at school during which she will meet with individual teachers, groups of students and members of the administration. She will also be observing some classes to see how the MYP has been implemented so far at HIS. As part of this visit, she would also like to meet with a panel of parents of MYP students to discuss their views on the implementation of the programme and its impact on their child’s learning. The meeting will be conducted in English, but translation will be available if needed.
The meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 5th between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.
If you would be interested in being a part of this panel, please sign up on the sheet below. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.
You can contact Ms. Annie (MYP coordinator) if you have any questions.

7. Japanese Workshop follow-up letter


Dear Parents,

We thank you for your attendance at the workshops explaining our new approach to Japanese kanji instruction and learning. We understand that our approach is a departure from methods used in the past; however, this new direction will align our Japanese language programs with the teaching and learning philosophy of the International Baccalaureate programmes.

We were able to address many questions and concerns at our most recent workshop in October. As a follow-up, we would like to expand on a few points that stood out in the parent questions and feedback:

  • We will continue to develop our integration of kanji instruction into unit plans as shared by Yanagi-sensei. Periodic drills and tests may be a part of formative and summative assessments, but they will not be the only forms of assessment. When appropriate, paper and pencil kanji tests may be used. We feel that assessing kanji in a variety of context is not only an effective method of gaging students’ language development and usage skills, it is aligned with IB MYP assessment criteria.
  • The kanji studied in each unit will be relevant to our units of study in our Japanese Language and Literature and Japanese Language Acquisition courses. Therefore, our students’ kanji learning will not mirror the units in local schools that follow the national curriculum. Our students will be learning kanji related to the texts and skills taught  in our program.
  • We will continue to differentiate instruction so that all students are supported in their kanji learning. The new structure for our units outlines the basic kanji students need to master as well as the kanji that will prepare them for the IB Diploma Programme. Instruction will support students who may not be as proficient in kanji and are challenged by the basic kanji list for the unit.
  • As with any language learning, home support is required outside of the classroom in order for the language to fully develop. Outside reading in all languages, mother tongue and acquired languages, is critical for all students.
  • For parents who would like to support kanji learning at home, unit overviews and the homework calendar provide information about the learning in each unit. Engaging students in discussions about what they are learning, monitoring homework and reviewing unit overviews with students are a few ways parents can support and extend kanji learning.
  • HIS will order kanji grade-level workbooks, Akaneko kanji skills, for students to work from over the summer if families would like to pursue additional studies.

If parents and students would like to assess their kanji development compared to MEXT grade level guidelines, they may use Monka syo kanji grade level workbooks over the summer.

As in the past, our goal is to prepare students to be successful in Japanese language courses in the IB Diploma Programme. As implementation of our new approach to kanji learning progresses, we hope to share more with you related to instruction, assessment, and student outcomes.

HIS Pedagogical Learning Team & Japanese Language Department




  • 日本語科教員、柳より説明があったように、漢字の指導と学習は引き続きユニットの学習計画の中に取り入れていきます。必要に応じ、漢字の書き取り練習や筆記テストもフォーマティブ・サマティブアセスメントとして行われる場合もありますが、それが唯一の評価方法ではありません。様々な方法で漢字学習を評価することは、生徒の語学の上達および使用スキルを評価する効果的な方法であるだけでなく、IB MYPの評価基準に沿っています。
  • 各ユニットで学習する漢字はMYPの日本語:言語と文学クラス、そしてJapanese Language Acquisitionクラスの授業内容に関連する漢字となります。そのため、生徒が学習している漢字は、文部科学省のカリキュラムに沿っている学校に通っている生徒がその学年で学習している漢字と同じではないかもしれません。私たちの生徒は私たちのプログラムが使用しているテキストや学習しているスキルに関連する漢字を学んでいきます。
  • 生徒にあった支援をする事により、全ての生徒が漢字学習の成果を出せるよう努めております。ユニットレッスンの中では、授業内容に関連する基本的な漢字からIBディプロマプログラムに必要な漢字を提示しています。漢字を苦手とする生徒はユニットの中の基本的な漢字から取り組むことで成果を上げていく事ができます。
  • どの言語学習においても、言語を十分に発達させる為には家庭でのサポートが不可欠です。母語、学習言語、その他のいかなる言語にかかわらず、学校外で読書をする事は、語学を習得する上でたいへん重要な役割を担っています。
  • ご家庭で漢字学習のサポートをしていただく時には、ユニットの学習内容を記載しておりますユニットサマリーとホームワークカレンダーを参考にしていただければと思います。また、学校で学習している事について話し合っていただいたり、宿題の進捗状況を確認していただく、あるいはユニットサマリーをお子様と一緒に見ていただく事も漢字学習の支援に繋がっていくと思います。
  • 学年末には夏休みの家庭学習用として使用していただけるように、一条校で使用されている学年別の漢字ドリル『あかねこ漢字スキル』の注文用紙を配る予定にしております。これは夏休みの間に漢字をしっかりと復習していただくと共に、ご家庭でお子様の漢字学力を文科省のガイドラインと照らし合わて進めたいとお考えの方へのサポートになればと計画しているものです。この機会をご活用下さり、ご家庭における漢字学習にお役立て下さい。


HIS Pedagogical Learning Team & Japanese Language Department

6. PTA News


Thank you for coming to PTA meeting on Wednesday. And also thanks to Mr.Rentoule for participating this time too.
Minutes of the meeting will be updated to PTA Homepage soon.
1)The amendment to the constitution passed. In the future, PTA voting will be by ballot (either electronic or paper, case by case). This will allow parents who are unable to attend meetings to have an opportunity to vote.
2)The PTA would like to improve the school playground to make it a more welcoming, fun and colourful space for our students.
This includes all of the outdoor recess area from the area by the swing set and sandbox over toward the garden and parking area.  Some ideas brought forth so far have included painting hopscotch and foursquare on the sidewalk, painting the Annex building to give it a bright and updated look, and creating a little race car area, putting piping on the fence to create a unique play space and more to get your creative ideas flowing.
The most important thing at the moment to get this project off the ground is to involve you our parents and students. So, can we ask for your inspirations and improvement ideas. As we have a tight budget, we need to think about what we can create, design or construct for a limited amount of money.
Primary and secondary students are invited to submit their ideas for improving the playground. This could be a drawing, collage or written description. There will be a prize for the top three entries. The closing date for the submissions is Friday 1st December. This means we can award the prizes before the winter break.
Ideas can be emailed to
Placed in a submission box in the Genkan.
We’re asking for student and parent volunteers to work with us to make this project happen. There is a google sign up link below which identifies different areas we need volunteers for.
We have been so pleased with the great turnout of parents who joined us for our productive conversations at the most recent PTA meetings.  Please mark your calendars to join us for our last meeting before the new year on Wednesday, December 13th.
 PTA Meeting: Dec. 13 at 9:30 (Clean-up Morning from 9-9:30)
 The tentative plan for December 13th cleanup day for students and parents from 9-9:30.  Further information will be announced later.
<Family Interview>
Nawa family( New family)
Lisa : EC3
Mom : Shiori Nawa
Dad : An Ran
Where they live: Higashi-ku
Languages: Chinese and  Japanese

Dad(An) is from Beijing and mom(Shiori) is from Chiba.
We lived in Beijing and have been living in Hiroshima for 3 years.
We enjoy travelling. Our 3-year daughter has not yet conversed, but we hope she enjoys HIS.
3)Family Interview

Thank you to those who have already completed their Family interview sheet!  We are still waiting on more responses!
It’s wonderful to get to know each other, don’t you think?
Please write below and send it back with your family photo!
PYP、セカンダリーの生徒の皆さん、校庭の改善のためアイデアを出してくださいね! 絵やコラージュ、または文章にしてもOKです。 トップ3には賞品を用意します。
応募締切は12月1日(金曜日)です。 冬休み前には表彰ができるようにします。アイデアの送り先はこちらへ(メールの場合)
次回PTAミーティング : 12月13日(水曜日)9時半より。(9時から9時半までは掃除時間)
Nawa family (New family)
Lisa : EC 3
母 : Shiori Nawa
父 : An Ran
お住まい : 東区
使用言語 : 中国語、日本語

8. Japanese Outline