The Crane, 8 December 2017


  • Festive Eve;
  • Kanji Club update;
  • Japanese Culture Day;
  • Soccer Opportunity;
  • PYP Cleaning Day;
  • Otafuku Visit;
  • Hirosho Department Store;
  • Soccer Coaching in English

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Thank you to the HIS families who are organizing the Kanji Club, an opportunity to create some time for children to practice kanji. The kanji club has sent home an order form for a kanji book that will be used for this practice.  The book can only be ordered through a school, so we will place one order for anyone who would like a copy. This does not follow the units of inquiry in our program but has a range of kanji that parents may find useful to practice. Your child’s Japanese teacher will be able to let you know which kanji are being addressed in each unit. It is really important that students have consistent routines where they read English and Japanese at home and also, in the case of kanji, practice as much as possible at home. I have written a few notes about this in the Principal’s Blog, which you may like to read or listen to as I have included a brief outline in Japanese. Enjoy the weekend and I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow for Festive Eve.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Festive Eve

See you tomorrow at Festive Eve. Congratulations to all of the students, teachers and parents who have been involved in the preparations. I would like to especially thank Jackie and Marina who have spent an enormous amount of time at school supporting the costuming part of the performance. Also thank you to Takako sensei, of course, who is at the centre of it all. Our students have the opportunity to get up on the stage, which is a scary place to put yourself and I would like to thank you all for your courage, determination and commitment. Good luck! (I am pretty sure that it would be inadvisable on many levels for me to ask anyone to ‘break a leg’ so I will refrain from that.)

We will have parking attendants and please be very careful driving onto the school grounds. During the day, students will not be permitted to be outside on the grounds so please help us out with this.

UNICEF will also be at HIS during Festive Eve with some dedicated volunteers and will be accepting donations. The good news is that UNICEF also accepts foreign currency (notes) so you can get rid of some of those foreign notes that you have been carrying around.

Schedule (Translated)

Alternative school day schedule    There will be NO SCHOOL BUSES on this day. (当日はスクールバスはありません)

  • 10:00        Casts & Crew arrival (キャスト:役付きの生徒、裏方スタッフ集合)
  • 12:00        Lunch (昼食)
  • 13:00        Secondary students arrival (キャスト、裏方スタッフ以外のG6-G12 集合)
  • 13:30        G6-11 Orchestra sound check rehearsal (G6-G11 オーケストラ音出しリハーサル)
  • 13:45        Primary students arrival (キャスト以外のEC-G5 教室に集合)
  • 14:00        DOORS OPEN Welcome Music in the gym (開場)
  • 14:30        Curtain Opens (開演)
  • 16:30        Curtain Closes (終演予定)

Parking:  School ground will be opened for PARKING from 9:40 a.m.  We have arranged for it to be supervised by experienced parking attendants: please follow the instructions of the attendants. Thank you.


Indoor Slippers:  Please prepare indoor slippers to protect the gym floor. 上履き:体育館の床を保護するため、上履きをご用意下さい。

Gym Doors Open @ 14:00 for audience. Ushers will be welcoming you. 14:00に体育館を開場します。ドア係がご案内させて頂きます。

Food & Drinks:  Please use the entrance area for eating. Food will not be allowed in the GYM. 体育館は飲食禁止です。飲食は玄関エリアでお願い致します。

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.


4. Japanese Culture Day, 2018


Volunteer Needed: The Japanese department is planning to hold Japan Culture Day 2018 for PYP students on the first day back from winter holidays. Please contact Yumi sensei by Wednesday 13th December if you can participate and support at one of our carousel stations:

  • crafts

  • karuta and hyakunin ishu card game

  • or support groups of students to move to the next carousel.

In order to minimize any confusion on the day, we would like to organise volunteers at specific stations prior to the event. We will confirm your attendance and carousel within a week.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your support and understanding.

  • Date: Wednesday, January 10th 2018
  • Time: from 1:00 to 3:30 pm
  • Place: Gym
  • PYP保護者の皆さま


  • 簡単なクラフト製作

  • カルタや百人一首

  • ステーション移動時の生徒の引率


  • 日時:1月10日水曜日
  • 時間:1時から3時30分までの間
  • 場所:ジム

5. Update on Japanese study and Kanji Club

Some parents are thinking about starting a Kanji Club in the new year. It will probably be meeting once a month (for kanji test practice) and/or possibly once a week as an After School club activity.  If any parents are interested, please come to one of the following meetings.
1.  Saturday December 9 (1-2 pm, Pink Room, HIS)
2. Sunday December 10 (10-12,  I-House 留学生会館, tel 082-568-5931, 1-1 Nishikojinmachi, Minami-ku.
You can also send any comments or questions to Jenny at  Thank you!

6. Winter Holiday Care (PYP students)

Please find below some information regarding our Winter Holiday Program, which we are looking forward to. We also have two special guests coming in. David Sira is from West Africa and has been living in Hiroshima for three years. He is a musician who has a huge passion for spreading an awareness of African music and cultures in Japan.  David and his wife Yoko Sira are holding a workshop during the Winter Holiday Care.


It looks like it will be a great week of fun activities where students will have the opportunity to be creative and develop their language skills. You can sign up for the Winter Holiday Care Program at this link.


Winter Timetable

7. Otafuku Visit @ HIS on Friday 26th January 2018

Inline image 1
We are very pleased to share that we have an exciting visit scheduled at the end of January with the Otafuku company.  They visit schools around Hiroshima to demonstrate and talk about the origins and how to make Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. Please see their website at for further information. On Friday 26th January, the okonomiyaki van will come to school and PYP classes will be invited to come out to have a chat and take their lunch to eat in their classrooms.  It will no doubt be a welcome, hot lunch for the PYP students!
What do we need from you as parents?
(1) Permission for photos
The Otafuku company would like to take photos of the event and may use these for promotional literature.  Please let us know if you do not want your child/ren to have their photos taken in advance so we can share this with our visitors.
(2) Allergies
Please let us know if your child has any allergies so we can avoid any unwanted reactions to consumed foods.  The website should list all ingredients but please ask me if you are unsure. 
(3)Reduce waste
Please remember to send your child to school with an empty lunch box or `My plate` AND chopsticks or cutlery to reduce rubbish.  Both Otafuku and the school are keen to promote environmentally friendly approaches to using plates, cups and cutlery.  Thank you in advance!
(4) Packing lunch
EC and KG/1 students will be given a quarter size whilst G2/3 and G4/5 students will receive half of a normal okonomiyaki.  Some students may need an extra piece or fruit or snack to accompany their provided hot lunch.  Unfortunately, we cannot request a whole okonomiyaki for students due to time restraints so please ensure snacks or extra lunch is sent in on this day as well.

We hope this gives you some indication of what we have planned for this day.  Any further details will be shared when we return in January.

Ms. B

8. PTA News


Please look for the PTA table at Festive Eve on Saturday as a place to ask questions, voice concerns and of course, sign-up to volunteer at upcoming school events.  We will also have places to drop off old towels and cloth for school clean-up day, the idea box for small playground renovations, and if you have been cleaning out your closets, donations can be dropped off for both the Syrian refugees on behalf of the secondary students and also for the Festival Store for April.  We look forward to seeing and speaking with many of you!
1) Ideas for making the playground more fun 
       This is not a field renovation project
Some of the suggestions we’ve had so far from students on what they’d like to have in the playground:
– hopscotch 
– lines for soccer 
– four square 
– blackboards to draw on
– painting murals on certain parts of the outside walls 
– monkey bars
Parents have also suggested:
– improving the flower bed, adding colourful planters with perhaps vegetables
– making compost 
– painting a checker board or a chess board on the tables/ benches
– artwork for the fences 
– games that can be attached to the fences
Next week the PTA will provide another update on which suggestions we can implement. There will be a sign up sheet at Festive Eve asking for volunteers and the activity they’d like to be involved with.
Thank you for all your support as we’ve said from the beginning, this project is about doing little things to improve the playground on a small budget that won’t cause any disruption to the children’s access to the playground. 
2) Heiwa Dori/Peace Boulevard Illumination Walk
On Thursday Evening, December 14, everyone, teachers, students, principals, office staff, and parents are all invited to take a walk together to see the Heiwa Dori (Peace Boulevard) Holiday Illuminations.  This will be very casual and informal, if you can’t join until later, that’s okay, come when you can.  We just want to let the children have an opportunity to enjoy the lights and each other and for adults to see each other one last time before the holidays.
The plan is to start around 5:30 PM at the illuminations nearest to the ANA Hotel (we are not meeting at the hotel, but at the park on Heiwa Dori in front of the hotel).  We will start walking around 5:30, if you are late, that’s okay, find us along the way.
No reservations, no cost, just dress warm!
3) PYP Cleaning Day -The schedule on 13th was cancelled because it overlapped the field trip of G4&5
At the first PTA meeting of 2018, scheduled on Wednesday, January 24 or 31st, we will be holding a short ‘school clean up’ time for students and parents from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.
We are hoping this experience will enable students to become responsible members of our community who take care and appreciate the school property.
To support children with dusting shelves and sweeping the floor etc, we are looking for volunteers on the day. If you are able to join, please let us know by emailing to
Also, if you have any used hand towels or dustcloths that you no longer need at home and wish to donate, please send them to school. There is a box located by the office. Thank you!
From  Rie Oride and Kumi Morimoto

PTA Meetings

The PTA committee wants to thank the many parents who have been joining the PTA meetings this year.  We really appreciate your time, efforts, and input, we are so glad that so many of you are joining us each month.  We also appreciate the presence of the school principal, Damien, at each of these meetings. We hope to see even more of you, please contact PTA members by Monday 12/11 if you need a ride to school.

Next meeting is next Wednesday, December 13 at 9:00 at HIS
Topics to be covered include:Clean Up Day Information
Playground Improvements
HIS Logo Merchandise (T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts)

New Family Welcome Committee 
New Business (please email ideas to PTA committee before Tuesday 12/12)
Board of Trustees Report
Upcoming Events:
Ice Skating
Winter Family Ski Day

International Festival in April
Illumination Walk
Teacher Appreciation Week
    If you have any questions please e-mail to :
土曜日のフェスティブイブでPTAのテーブルを設置します。ご質問やなどあればお気軽にお尋ねください。また今後のイベントのボランティアも募集しています! また、大掃除に使用のための古いタオルや布などもお持ちいただければ助かります。(大掃除についての案内は学校から出ます)。校庭のリノベーションアイデアの募集箱もまだ設置しています。