The Crane, 12 January 2018


  • Staffing changes from August 2018
  • Bento orders
  • PTA News
  • Kanji Club

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who helped out to make our Japanese Culture Day such an enjoyable event on Wednesday. You can see some images in this week’s video. Each year, we welcome new teachers into our community and farewell others as they move off on new adventures. As we move into the new year, we look at our staffing for 2018/2019 and in June we get ready to say farewell to some of our teachers who have helped to make HIS such a special place for our students to learn. You will see some notes about this below.

Also, if any of you are interested, there is a great series of public lectures in English run by the Hiroshima Peace Institute. You can find more information at the following link:

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Staffing Changes for 2018/2019

Message from Ms B. (Primary Vice Principal/PYP Coordinator)

Dear HIS Community,
I am writing to inform you all of my departure from HIS after ten wonderful years at the school. I will be relocating to Gifu Prefecture as Primary Vice Principal of Sunnyside International School commencing August 2018 to support and enhance the expansion of the first PYP-accredited, bilingual Article One school in Japan.

Ten years… I could never have foreseen staying here for so long.  However, on reflection, it truly says a lot about the school, the people, the community and the location. I will always view Hiroshima as my second ‘furusato’ and I will sincerely miss it and you all very much.

Since arriving in Hiroshima a decade ago, I have had the good fortune of being provided to nurture strong bonds and trusting relationships with so many students, parents and staff. In my time here, I have taught students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, coordinated the PYP and lead the primary school and seen the development of so many of our students, some of who are now leading up to their DP studies.
It has been a tremendously difficult decision for me to take the leap and move on to the next adventure in my life after such amazing times with you all at HIS.  However, to mark this final chapter, I will continue to lead the PYP with enthusiasm and passion and look forward to making our last semester together, an unforgettable one. We still have a busy and fun-filled six months ahead of us so I hope we can continue to collaborate together to make it memorable and positive!
Warm regards,
Ms. B (Clare Barnfather)

Other Changes

Sadly, it is that time of year when we find out that members of our current staff will be flying the nest and moving on from HIS. This year is no exception with Mrs Ferris (KG/1 Class teacher), Mrs Valdez (G4/5 Class teacher) and Bryan Sensei (EC Teaching Assistant/Librarian) leaving at the end of the year. Ms Pechhold (Secondary Vice Principal/DP Coordinator) will also be moving on to new adventures, as you know. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their contributions and dedication to the school and wish them the best of luck in their future positions.

4. Kanji Club

Message from the Japanese / Kanji Club

Thank you to all of the parents who ordered the Akaneko Kanji textbooks.  We have distributed them to your children today so they should be bringing them home.

For students who want to practice their kanji, there are two options:

  1. A weekly “Japanese Club” will be organized as an after-school club every Monday.  Students can practice kanji, and then enjoy some snacks and games.  Please sign up directly through the school’s sign up form (open from Friday 12 January 7 pm to Sunday 14 January 10 pm).
  1. A monthly meeting will also be held off-campus.  The first meeting is tomorrow (Saturday 13 January) from 10 to 12 at the Bluestone Office, 5th floor (Room 502), above Poplar convenience store, address 3-8 Hatchōbori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi 730-0013.  The building is across from the YMCA.

Bring your own textbooks to study with.  We can also provide a Kanji Test if you want to learn what level you are at.  For any questions, please email Jenny







ご質問がある方は山本ジェニーにメールで連絡してください(。 宜しくお願いします。

5. Bento Orders

Our next bento session will run from 2 February through to April 13, a total of 43 days. You can order your bento here. All orders will need to be in by 23 January. Hope you have enjoyed the bentos.

6. PTA News

PTA News 12 Jan (日本語は以下に)

1)PYP Cleaning Day- At the first PTA meeting of 2018, scheduled on Wednesday, January 31th, we will be holding a short ‘school clean up’ time for students and parents from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.

We are hoping this experience will enable students to become responsible members of our community who take care and appreciate the school property.
To support children with dusting shelves and sweeping the floor etc, we are looking for volunteers on the day. If you are able to join, please let us know by emailing to
Also, if you have any used hand towels or dustcloths that you no longer need at home and wish to donate, please send them to school. There is a box located by the office. Thank you!

From Rie Oride and Kumi Morimoto

2) Ice-skating on Feb 3  Saturday

Venue:  Big Wave (Higashi-ku Ushita Shinmachi 1choume 8-3 ,  Tel 082-222-1860

Time: 1:30-

Access: Astram line – 3 minutes’ walk from Ushita station,  Bus – 3 minutes’ walk from Higashi ku Sport center Iriguchi stop,  Car – parking is available

Fee: Adult 1560 yen, Student(from primly school, junior school, senior high school) 930 yen.

Pre-school age children free. Please also note each child must be accompanied by an adult.

Skate rental :  300 yen

What to bring : Gloves (you can buy there), skates (bring your own if possible)

What to borrow : Skates , protector, helmet.

Ice-skating trainers/coaches: If you would like training for how to skate we can organize ice-skating coaches to train individuals how to ice-skate. Could you email the PTA(at the address below) before 20 Jan.

Coach fee:  500 yen for each person. 2 hours 1:30-3:30. There is only one coach. It will be a group lesson. Any level accepted. Must wear a bib.

Note: Please note that skating can be dangerous. Individuals are responsible for their own conduct.

No reservations for this event.

3) Ski trip on 24 Feb Saturday.

 Ski Trip Letter 2018

If you have any questions about Ski Trip, please mail to :

4) Playground improvements-  looking for cooperation

 Playground Improvements

5)Donation for HIS Festival- We will do  Festival next April. It is the biggest event for HIS. We have set up a box at the entrance of the school. Items we would like to be donated are unnecessary but good conditioned clothes, unbroken toys, books, etc.) Please donate before disposing of! And, those who would like to join the festival positively from the planning, please contact us!

6)class and KG/1 class.  It is a very small responsibility and will mainly be working with the PTA on some small spring events and be welcoming any new families that have students in your child’s classroom.  Please let Brooke Amidei know if you are interested in filling those spots.  2-3 parents/classroom would be ideal.

<Family Interview>

Q1.  Emma Fuller
2. Kevin (Father), Barbara (Mother), younger sister, Kathryn & youngest brother, Michael.
3. We are from the USA and although Kevin and I have travelled, it was before kids…lol…
4. We are in Hiroshima for the next 22 months.
5.  We are in Hiroshima-shi.
6. Our family enjoys bike riding, day trips, ice cream, trying new foods, and laughter.
7. We speak English but are sure trying to get up to speed with Japanese!
8. We are happy to meet new friends at HIS.  We are grateful for the warm reception despite the cold weather! 🙂
We hope to learn a lot from y’all and having some fun in these next two years.  Hajime Mashite!


Next PTA meeting: 31 Jan Wednesday

9:30- 11:00

Conference room



来年1月31日(水)に9:00amから30分間、子供達と保護者が一緒に身の回りをきれいにする掃除の時間を設けることになりました。つきましては当日子供達と一緒に棚を拭いたり掃き掃除をしたりしながら、子供達のサポートをしていただける方を募集しています。ご参加いただける方は、yorokobiwarau618@gmail.comまでご連絡ください。またご家庭で不要になった使用済みのハンドタオルや雑巾など拭き掃除に利用させていただける物がありましたら、学校にお届けいただけると大変助かります。玄関に回収ボックスを設置しています。                                   From Rie Oride and Kumi Morimoto

2)スケートデイ 2月3日土曜日

場所:ビッグウェーブ(東区牛田新町1丁目8-3) TEL082-222-1860

駐車場 : あり(有料)



費用:入場券(大人 1560円、小中学生 930円 幼稚園 無料 、 ただし幼稚園児には必ず一人につき大人が付くこと)






3) スキートリップ 2月24日 土曜日

 Ski Trip Letter Japanese 2018

スキートリップに関するご質問は : (日本語OK)


 Playground Improvements





6)ルームペアレンツの募集をしましたがECクラスとKG/ G1 が決まっていません。大きな役割があるわけではなく、PTAと今後のイベントや新しくHISに入られるご家族の対応(お子さんの学年)をお願いするくらいです。



Q1.  Emma Fuller

  1. Kevin (Father), Barbara (Mother) , younger sister, Kathryn & youngest brother, Michael.
    3. アメリカ出身
  2. 残り22か月広島にいます。
    5.  広島市内に住んでいます。
    6. 家族での楽しみ:自転車に乗る、日帰り旅行、アイスクリーム、新しい食べ物に挑戦、よく笑うこと!
  3. 使用言語:英語 がんばって日本語もがんばりたいです!
    8. HISで新しい友達ができてうれしく思っています。寒い季節の中、暖かく迎えていただきました。
    残り約2年間、みなさんと楽しく過ごしながら、多くのことを学んでいきたいです。 Hajime Mashite!



1月31日水曜日 9時30分から11時


7. Japanese Outline