The Crane, 26 January 2018


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1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Schedules at home and balance: Thank you to the parents who came along to the coffee this morning. We had a chance to briefly look at the ISA testing at HIS and also share some ideas regarding helpful routines at home. Every family is different in terms of a schedule that works but our schedules can not only help us to get work done, they can also ensure that our lives maintain balance (one of our 10 Learner Profile attributes), incorporating time for homework, reading, relaxing, being active as well as social time with friends and family. As a reflection, we can all ask ourselves if our current schedules allowing us to maintain balance? It is a great conversation to have with your child.

HIS Vision and Mission: HIS has a Vision Statement (where we want to be) and a Mission Statement (how we intend to get there). These two statements drive all action in our school. This week I wanted to offer you all a challenge. Before scrolling down, how many terms from the HIS Vision and Mission statements can you recall? Take a pen and give yourself a couple of minutes to write down any words you recall. How many can you get? When you are done, scroll down and see how you did. The big question for you is, which words are the most important?

Grade 9/10 Visual Arts: Below you can see our Grade 9/10 Visual Art students enjoying the Ukiyoe exhibition at Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum and also viewing some of Andy Warhol’s work at the Museum of Contemporary Art.


Enjoy your weekend and perhaps visit the museums?

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. HIS Vision & Mission

How many words could you recall?

Our Vision

HIS will provide an international education that promotes integrity, excellence, cultural sensitivity and a lifelong commitment to peace and a sustainable planet.


Our Mission

HIS will cultivate young people who are prepared for lifelong learning, meeting challenges and outstanding citizenship anywhere in the world.


4. Language Camps (Spring)

This is a “Challenge Camp” which is for beginner English speakers, as well as a “Bilingual Camp” for native English speakers. Students living in Hiroshima can participate in an intercultural exchange and some details are provided below. I thought that this may be of interest to some of our families. The flyer is in Japanese. Junior Spring camp

5. HIS Idol

Please find information related to  HIS IDOL 2018 here.


  • SIGN UP DEADLINE: FRIDAY, February 16th. Students should sign up with Mr. B.
  • HEATS:  will run between March 5th  and March 16th  during lunchtimes (details TBC).

Time limit: 5 minutes per act (If an act will take more than 5 minutes, advance agreement from Mr. B is required)

6. PTA News


This year’s HIS Festival is April 14th.

Preparations for the HIS Festival have begun!   Further information will be sent to all parents and guardians by email or paper.  We will be calling on you to help out in some way at the Festival, so please put your names down as volunteers.

Last year it was very helpful to have many volunteers.

*Please email us any businesses who are interested in food and product sales at the Festival by February 9th. 10%of their sales will be paid to PTA.

PYP Cleaning Day

 At the first PTA meeting of 2018, scheduled on Wednesday, January 31th, we will be holding a short ‘school clean up’ time for students and parents from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.

We are hoping this experience will enable students to become responsible members of our community who take care and appreciate the school property.
To support children with dusting shelves and sweeping the floor etc, we are looking for volunteers on the day. If you are able to join, please let us know by emailing to
Also, if you have any used hand towels or dustcloths that you no longer need at home and wish to donate, please send them into school. There is a box located by the office. Thank you!

Playground Improvements

We begin this project on Wednesday. At first, we begin with the painting for foursquare.

Ice-skating on Feb 3  Saturday

The parking lot will be crowded very much on Saturday.

Come with plenty of time or use public transport.

Venue:  Big Wave (Higashi-ku Ushita Shinmachi 1choume 8-3 ,  Tel 082-222-1860

Time: 1:30-

Access: Astram line – 3 minutes’ walk from Ushita station,  Bus – 3 minutes’ walk from Higashi ku Sport center Iriguchi stop,  Car – parking is available

Note: Please note that skating can be dangerous. Individuals are responsible for their own conduct.  No reservations for this event.

Ski trip on 24 Feb Saturday

The procedure of the application is included here, too.

28th is the deadline.

 Ski Trip Letter 2018

Read It, Review It, Recommend It

In an effort to showcase our student’s love of reading with suggestions of books their friends might enjoy, we are starting a new section, Read It, Review It, Recommend It,  in our weekly Crane Newsletter where kids themselves can review books that they have read.  We are hopeful many ages will participate from EC all the way up to grade 12.  Please submit your short review in the format below to the PTA email at any time so we can include your review soon.  Happy reading!

HIS Student Book Review:

  • Title
  • Author
  • 1-5 Stars
  • A Short Description
  • Who Would You Recommend Read This Book

* Link to the book on Amazon Japan or otherwise

* If you want to include something else like a drawing of the book or characters

*Let’s also have them put their name and grade

Here are book reviews :

1)Vaughn Amidei, Grade 3

How To Survive Anything by Rachel Buchholz


The book basically tells you about how to survive anything.  For example, embarrassing parents (which I don’t have) or a shark attack. I would recommend everybody in my school read this book because it’s so cool and it can help them stay alive.


2)  Shadow by Michael Morpurgo Book Review by Tess …


Next PTA meeting: 31 Jan Wednesday

9:30- 11:00

Conference room


今年のHIS Festivalは4月14日(土)です。





大掃除 1月31日 水曜日

来週1月31日(水) 9:00amから30分間、子供達と保護者が一緒に身の回りをきれいにする掃除の時間があります。つきましては当日子供たちと一緒に棚を拭いたり掃き掃除をしたりしながら、子供達のサポートをしていただける方を募集しています。ご参加いただける方は、yorokobiwarau618@gmail.comまでご連絡ください。



アイススケートデー 2月3日 土曜日


場所:ビッグウェーブ(東区牛田新町1丁目8-3) TEL082-222-1860

駐車場 : あり(有料)





スキートリップ 2月24日 土曜日


 Ski Trip Letter Japanese 2018


みんなどんな本を読んでいるのか、またどれが良かったのか知りたいですよね?ここで本の情報をシェアしませんか? みんなが助かる情報ですよね!




HIS Student Book Review:

  • タイトル
  • 作者
  • 1-5までの星付け
  • あらすじを短く
  • 誰に読んでもらいたいか(対象学年など)





1)Vaughn Amidei, Grade 3

How To Survive Anything by Rachel Buchholz


The book basically tells you about how to survive anything.  For example, embarrassing parents (which I don’t have) or a shark attack. I would recommend everybody in my school read this book because its so cool and it can help them stay alive.


2)  Shadow by Michael Morpurgo Book Review by Tess …



1月31日水曜日 9時30分から11時


7. Japanese Outline