The Crane, 9 February 2018


  • Visual Arts Exhibition
  • Secondary Masquerade Ball
  • Spring Holiday Care
  • Student Teachers from The Netherlands
  • PTA News
  • HIS Idol
  • Hiroshima Peace Art Program

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Two weeks ago, I asked if you could remember any terms used in our HIS Mission Statement. I wonder how many terms you can recall? One of the ways that we pursue our Mission is to promote the Learner Profile within our units of inquiry, as well as in the other aspects of our day-to-day life at school such as the way we treat each other on the playground. My question for you this week is how many of the Learner Attributes can you recall. If you can’t think of the ten, please ask your child. Enjoy your long weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Visual Arts Exhibition

Sara (Gr11) has designed a great poster for the Gr 9-12 Visual Arts Exhibition. We are looking forward to some wonderful artwork.



4. Secondary Masquerade Ball

All secondary students are invited to the Secondary Masquerade Ball next Saturday 17 February. The dance is hosted by the Student Representative Council Dance Committee. The dance will be at International House. The attire is semi-formal; therefore, students are discouraged from wearing jeans. Dresses, button-down shirts and slacks are encouraged. The theme is a masquerade, so if you have a mask, would like to make a mask or purchase one at the Diaso, please do!
Students must register and pay the 500 yen fee ahead of time. Students have been sent the link for registration via email. No money can be collected at International House and payment is required in advance. The 500 yen fee will be used to provide snacks and refreshments. Students may bring a guest and that person must be registered as well. The students from Think Global School are invited. This is a great opportunity to dress up and socialize with classmates and new friends!

5. Spring Holiday Care

We would like to welcome you to the Spring Holiday Care once again during the upcoming school holiday. Sign-up links and timetable are below.


Spring Timetable

6. Introducing our Student Teachers from The Netherlands

Hannah Graham, Vlad Coraci and Jessie Kraan

At the beginning of April, three students from Stenden University will be joining the PYP Team for their nine-week international teaching placement at HIS.  This will be our third semester where we have student teachers join our school to work with our students and a wonderful experience for all.  They are all very excited to join us and they would like to introduce themselves prior to their arrival.

Photos and short bios of Hannah, Vlad and Jessie

7. PTA (日本語は以下に)

14 Feb Val-O-Gram – all grades 

There will be a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale in the Genkan on the 14th February at 10.30 during recess and again at lunchtime.

All money raised will go to improving the playground for the children.

There will be cookies, brownies, cupcakes to name but a few of the delicious treats on sale plus we’ll be accepting more Val-O-Gram orders. So we would like to suggest that your child brings in 400¥ to spend on something for themselves or for their family… The treats will be between 100¥ and 150¥ and the Val-O-Gram is 200¥.

Students received their order forms on Friday 2nd February and they can still order right up until the end of lunchtime on the 14th February.

Parents, you are also more than welcome to print off this form and send it in with the money to have Val-O-Grams delivered to your child/ children.

Please see the attached form for more information on the Valentine fundraising.pdf

 Valentine fundraising..pdf

21 Feb HIS BOOK SWAP – All grades 

More details are here

 Book Swap.pdf

14 Apr Festival  – Flyer

We are planning to print out a flyer for the Festival on both sides of an A4 sheet x2000. We are going to collect advertisements for the flyer, the size will be half a business card.

The cost of the advertisement will be 1000 yen /space. Data can be submitted in either PDF or Word. The due date is 22th Feb. Please send to PTA e-mail address.

*Please email us any businesses who are interested in food and product sales at the Festival by February 16th. 10% of their product sales and 15% of their food sales will be paid to PTA.

Thank you!

Those attached document has already been sent or distributed.


 PTA Bazaar .pdf

 2018volunteer signup sheet .xlsx

Read It, Review It, Recommend It

In an effort to showcase our student’s love of reading with suggestions of books their friends might enjoy, we are starting a new section, Read It, Review It, Recommend It,  in our weekly Crane Newsletter where kids themselves can review books that they have read.  We are hopeful many ages will participate from EC all the way up to grade 12.  Please submit your short review in the format below to the PTA email at any time so we can include your review soon.  Happy reading!

HIS Student Book Review:

  • Student’s Name and Grade
  • Title of the book
  • Author
  • 1-5 Stars
  • A Short Description
  • Who Would You Recommend Read This Book
  • A link to the book on Amazon Japan or other websites
  • If you want you can include something else like a drawing of the book or characters

Upcoming events and deadlines

*14 Feb Val-O-Gram    – Deadline: 14 Feb lunchtime

*21  Feb Book swap – Details are in the attached PDF

*24  Feb  Ski trip  – Deadline: in a few days

*14  Apr  Festival   – Deadline for volunteers and advertisement for the flyer: 22 Feb

***Please feel free to ask any questions to PTA committee by email

PTA ニュース

Val-O-Gram(2月14日) – 全ての学年





 Val-o-Gram 注文書.pdf

HIS本の交換会 (2月21日)- 全ての学年


 Book Swap.pdf

Festival(4月14日) チラシ









 2018 HIS FESTIVALのご案内.docx


 2018volunteer signup sheet .xlsx


みんなどんな本を読んでいるのか、またどれが良かったのか知りたいですよね?ここで本の情報をシェアしませんか? みんなが助かる情報ですよね!




HIS Student Book Review:










*14 Feb Val-O-Gram    –  2月14日ランチタイム終了時まで受付

*21  Feb Book swap 詳細は添付PDFにて

*24  Feb  Ski trip  –  まもなく締切

*14  Apr  Festival   – ボランティアとチラシの広告受付締切 2月22日

***どんな小さな質問でも構いませんのでご不明な点等ございましたらどうぞお気軽にPTAへメールをください (日本語は渡辺か山城がお答えします)

8. HIS Idol

A reminder about HIS Idol – HIS IDOL 2018.

9. Hiroshima Peace Art Program 2018 – Feb 17 Saturday

From Ryoko Jordan:
I would like to visit Hiroshima Peace Art Program 2/17(Sat) to support the artists with autism. If anybody is interested please join me. We can meet at the Hito – Machi Plaza (next to Fukuromachi Elementary School) at 11am.

Place: Gojinsha Wendy Hito-Machi Plaza North Building(Kita-to) / 4F
6-36 Fukuro- machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

Time: 11am – 12pm
Please note that PYP students should be supervised by the parents.

10. Japanese Outline