The Crane, 23 February 2018


  • Madame Butterfly;
  • Host Families Needed for April;
  • PTA News.

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Congratulations to our Secondary Model United Nations (MUN) team who visited Kobe this week to collaborate with other schools in the region. The students were very active during debates and collaborated with delegates from other schools to discuss resolutions on issues such as euthanasia and combating terrorism.

(Great photo by either Ms Annie or Mr Hardisty)

Also, following up on last week, I was wondering if you were surprised by anything in our Academic honesty policy 2017. With a whole public domain of information available to students, ensuring that other people’s ideas (including images) are acknowledged takes a broad set of research skills and a commitment to academic honesty. You can talk to your children at any stage of their education, particularly when they are preparing a written task. Where did this idea come from? Which part is yours and which part did you use to build your idea? It is a tricky area when you start asking these questions as we synthesise different ideas and then add our own. Sometimes it is difficult as, in the case of the above photo, it was not taken by me. I am not actually sure whether it was taken by Ms Annie or Mr Hardisty. There was no time to verify before posting the Crane. What should I have done? These and lots of associated questions are good to explore as we prepare students to be respectful of intellectual property.

Enjoy your Spring Break and take care if you are on the snow tomorrow with the PTA Ski Trip.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Madame Butterfly

We have seven HIS secondary students performing in Madame Butterfly (March 10 & 11) at Aster Plaza Hall; Sean (G7), Alina (G6),  Mairi (G9), Lisa (G10), Alex (G10), Lucija (G8) and Yuya (G11). The flyer in Japanese can be found here. Madame Butterfly It will be a great show. If you would like to come along and support our students, you can pre-order order tickets here and Takako sensei will purchase them for you. 4:00 pm, Monday, March 5th. Otherwise, you can purchase on your own at the venue.
  • Performed in original Italian along with carefully inserted narrations in Japanese
  • Full orchestra accompaniment
  • ALL non-reserved seats
  • HIS students are featured on both days
  • Alex will be on throughout, others will appear between Act II and Act III

Best of luck to our seven courageous students.

4. Host Families Needed for April

Once again this year, HIS will have six students from Comenius College in Rotterdam, the Netherlands visit us in early April 2018. We are in need of four more families to host!

We are one year into our partnership with Comenius College. Last school year, six Dutch students visited HIS along with their teachers to conduct independent research, join in classes and learn about life in Hiroshima. In September 2017, HIS sent nine students to the Rotterdam on a similar program. This partnership is based on an agreement that families from each community will host visiting students. Not only does this make the trip cost-effective for both schools, it provides students with an authentic experience while they are abroad.

We are currently looking for host families to host students April 5-12, 2018. Host families are responsible for providing lodging, meals and transportation to and from HIS for the visiting students. Host families are encouraged to engage in cultural exchange activities with the students during non-school hours. Small trips around town, sharing traditional food and customs are welcome! If you are interested in hosting a student or have questions about the possible arrangements please contact Ms Pechhold (

We especially encourage students in Grades 8-12 to host a student, especially if they travelled to the Netherlands this past year. If you are interested in going to the Netherlands next school year, this is an excellent way to make a friend in advance! When we return from spring break, we will have just four weeks before our Dutch students arrive! 

If your child is currently in grade 8-11 and would like to consider visiting the Netherlands in September of 2018, there will be an information session during Parent Teacher Student Conferences on 21 March.

5. PTA News


14 Apr Festival 

 poster-final ー.png

*We need more volunteers!

If you have lost the sign-up sheet, please email us at or you can copy from the attached sheet.

Even if you are busy, volunteer work can be done in a short time (only one or two hours is all you need).Thank you very much for people who have already signed up.

**We have tent’s setting up on the day before the festival, and the cooperation of several men is necessary by all means. The tent’s set up will start at 3 p.m.

Please mail us those who can help!

**This list is the number of people in each class who signed up by this morning include duplication in brothers and sisters and not included the person asked directly from PTA committee.

EC3-2, EC4 -2 KG1-6, G1-5, G2-3

G3 -7, G4-2 ,G5-8, G6-3, G7-3, G8-1,

G9-1,G10-6, G11-2, G12-2

In addition, there was a donation from three people.

 2018volunteer signup sheet .xlsx

*PTA bazaar

Many donation goods have started to come to school. Please don’t forget to send in anything you have at home which you don’t need anymore(in good condition).

And please bring unnecessary paper shopping bags and some buffer materials for wrapping.

Please note that we will take stuff to book off if we can’t sell.

〈New Family〉

Welcome to HIS

Schiewer family

 HIS PTA Family Interview-.pdf

Read It, Review It, Recommend It

<New review>

Benjamin Ngo Grade 4

Geronimo Stilton

(The Pheonix of Destiny)

by Elisabetta Dami


Recommended for amazing and cool people at Grade 1-5

It was about a mouse travelling to a mystical land.

Next meeting

28 Mar 9-11 conference room

Upcoming events and deadlines

*14  Apr  Festival

***Please feel free to ask any questions to PTA committee by email




もしサインナップシートを紛失されてる方、PTAにメールをくださいませ。 または添付書類を印刷してください。





EC3-2, EC4 -2 ,KG1-6, G1-5, G2-3

G3 -7, G4-2 ,G5-8, G6-3, G7-3, G8-1,

G9-1, G10-6, G11-2, G12-2


 2018volunteer signup sheet .xlsx




また、不要な紙袋、緩衝材などご家庭にあれば (当日レジで使用するため)学校にお持ちくださいませ。


New Family


Schiewer ファミリー

 HIS PTA Family Interview-.pdf



Benjamin Ngo Grade 4

Geronimo Stilton

(The Pheonix of Destiny)

by Elisabetta Dami


G1〜5 で冒険の大好きな生徒にオススメ。



3月28日 9時から11時 カンファレンスルームにて


*14  Apr  Festival


***どんな小さな質問でも構いませんのでご不明な点等ございましたらどうぞお気軽にPTAへメールをください (日本語は渡辺か山城がお答えします)

6. Crane Video