The Crane, 6 April 2018


  • PYP Reading Carousel
  • CAS Activity – Pet Video/Tote Bag
  • PTA News
  • International Deli

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We welcomed twelve new students into HIS this April and I am always very impressed with how welcoming our school community is to incoming families. We will have the opportunity to meet everyone at next weekend’s International Festival which is a great event and I would like to thank all of our parents who have been working so hard on preparations. We really appreciate your generosity.

We have also welcomed our six visiting students from Comenius College and their three supervising teachers who spent the day in school today. Many thanks to our hosting families. Have a great weekend together. Keep an eye out for next week’s Crane where you may even see some images of activities during the week. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Our Last PYP Reading Carousel for 2017-18!

We cordially invite parent volunteers to join us for our last PYP Reading Carousel of this academic year to share a love of reading with the primary students!

On the morning of Monday 23rd April, we will be enjoying stories which celebrate `Creativity` and `Earth Appreciation` in the hope to enable students to connect these to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The stories can be in any language as long as they connect to these concepts and we would be delighted if you could come participate in our reading event.  We also have a range of books you can borrow from the library to read aloud as well.

If you would be interested in participating as a parent volunteer or group leader (to lead the students to each room) please contact Ms B at Tuesday 17th April at the latest. Thank you for your consideration in advance!  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

4. CAS Activity 

Pet video

This is the Grade 11 CAS team.  As most of you people know, we are planning to make a short video to raise the awareness of pet overpopulation.  For the props, we want to use towels, bed sheets, cloth items, blankets and toys.  If you people have any unused towels, bed sheets, blanket and toys, could you donate them to us?  If so, please bring the items to Grade 11 & 12 homeroom, aka Annex 2.

 Tote Bag Fund Raising

Greetings HIS community,(日本語は下へ)

Tote bag samples have been delivered to the school. If anyone would like to have a look at the samples, please go to the office. The tote bags in the images do not exactly look like the real ones so it may be a good idea to have a look. (The Burgundy color is a little lighter than the one in the image.)
* People who have already ordered the tote bags can still make changes. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at
Thank you,
Grade 11
その際にはこちらへご連絡ください。  よろしくお願いします。
Grade 11

5. PTA News

PTA News 6th Apr(日本語以下に)

Only one week until HIS Festival!!

If you are volunteering on the day your children should have already brought home your parking permit.  If you would still like to volunteer and haven’t signed up, please let us know.  Below is more information.

Tickets selling 

To avoid the congestion  in the festival, we sell a game ticket in advance.

It is  piece of 100 yen, but only a prior receptionist makes 11 pieces for 1,000 yen.

The person who wants to buy, put your name and your child’s grade on  an envelope include money by 11th Apr( it postponed from 28th Mar) and please bring it in the office.

It will be  used at Bouncy castle, a cotton candy, a game corner and more!

From Bazaar team

Thank you for your kind Bazaar contribution!!

While we have managed to collect a reasonable number of Bazaar items we would like to have more.

If you manage to find any extra items to contribute, it would be a great help and wonderful.

For your reference, we are including a list of items received to date.

If you are unsure about whether any items you might have appropriate as Bazaar items, please don’t

hesitate to contact us.

  • Kitchen items
  • book
  • teddy’s
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • bookshelf
  • basket
  • accessories
  • outdoor staff
  • baby related goods
  • small massage machine

Thank you!!

*** Please Share the Following Information with your children***

<About Food and Drinks served at the Festival>

  1. PTA has obtained a food permit (Sanitary Health and Hygiene) from the local government office.  In principle, the food and drinks served at the Festival are for consumption at the Festival (not to take home).  If you decide to take food home, it will be your responsibility and not the responsibility of the PTA or HIS.
  1. Some foods will be served on wooden sticks.  Wooden chopsticks will also be used.  Please exercise caution when feeding young children.
  1. If you have leftovers which you cannot eat, please throw them in the appropriate garbage cans.

<Other Points to be Aware of>

  1. There will be many people from outside the school at the Festival. Please keep an eye on your children. We suggest that younger students wear their HIS T-shirts to the Festival.
  1. The 2ndFloor and Annex Building of HIS will be closed to the public, except for performing groups who will be using some classrooms as changing rooms.
  1. All students are asked NOT to keep valuable items in their classrooms.  Please be aware that the PTA and HIS cannot be responsible for the theft of students’ belongings which have been left in the classrooms or around the school.
  1. We will have limited change on the day, so kindly refrain from paying with Y5,000 or Y10,000 notes.
  1. Please purchase the tickets for games at the Reception (you will see the Ticket Booths on the pamphlet which will be distributed at the Festival
  1. We are aware that people would like to see the stage performance, so we are going to make a video record of it, so could we ask people to stay at their work station during the performance.











  • ・キッチン用品
  • ・雑貨類
  • ・本
  • ・おもちゃ(ぬいぐるみ)
  • ・洋服
  • ・靴
  • ・本棚やかご類
  • ・アクセサリー
  • ・アウトドア用品
  • ・ベビー用品
  • ・小型マッサージ機







②  食べ物によっては串を使用しています。また割りばしも出します。特に小さいお子様には十分お気を付けください。


<その他 重要事項>

 ①  当日は外部の方もたくさん来られます。

中には不審者らしき人も混ざってくる可能性もありますので、みなさんで監視の目を光らせましょう! またお子さんにも注意を促してください。保護者の皆様はHISTシャツ、PYPの生徒はPEシャツを着用です。

②  学校の2階、アネックスは開放していません。ゲストの控室などに使用します。(雨の場合は変更あり)

③  貴重品の管理はご自身でお願いします。貴重品を置く場所は準備しません。盗難などの被害は責任は負えません。




6. From the International Deli Team (Repeat from Last Week)


Kitchen Schedule for  International Deli at HIS International Festival 2018

The International Deli (AKA “Bake Sale” for new folks!) will return at this year’s International Festival. This year Marina Clark (Molly, Tess, Phoebe), Barbara (Emma), Eriko Hird (Lisa, Alina, Marika) and Jackie Ikegami (Mairi) will be working  on the Deli team to deliver the tasty treats of all you bakers out there to the hungry mouths at the festival! We are excited to see what delectable delights everyone is going to donate!

There are 4 ways to help:

  1. Bake some treats at home, wrap them individually and bring them to school on Friday April 13th. Please wrap in portion sizes that can be reasonably sold for at least ¥100. (If they are very small, put 2 or 3 in a package). Please let us know in advance if you are baking something, so we can get an idea of how much we will have to sell.
  2. Come and join us in the school kitchen any day the week before the festival for as short or as long a time as you are able to, and we can have a laugh baking and getting ready together. You can bring your own recipe and ingredients, or come and help us with what we are baking.  Let us know if you plan to come, so we can make sure to let you know if plans change suddenly. People good at cute packaging are also welcome!


MONDAY(9th): 10am to 3pm (Candy, chocolate treat, eggless cookies etc)

TUESDAY(10th):9:30am to 4pm (Cookies, fruit cakes etc)

WEDNESDAY(11th): 1pm to 4pm (Tarts, pies)

THURSDAY (12th): 9:30am to 5pm (Brownies, muffins etc)

FRIDAY (13th): 2pm till ready  (Scones, cakes, cookie/cupcake decoration etc)

*Menu may vary depending on available ingredients and weather conditions.


  1. Those who can’t come to the kitchen to bake may like to donate any useful leftover ingredients or packaging goods they have in their pantry at home for the cooks at school to use. A chance to clear out your cupboards of things you may not use before their sell by dates, and increase the PTA profit margin since we won’t have to buy as many ingredients!

     Please send anything you would like to donate to school with your child on Monday, April 9th.

Items we would gratefully accept include:

Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, nuts, whole or ground, coconut, sprinkles or decorating items, choco pens, vanilla or other flavouring essences, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, raisins, currants, dried fruits, syrup, condensed or evaporated milk, powdered sugar or anything else usually used in baking.

If you have something else you think might be suitable that you would like to get rid of, please contact one of the deli team and ask if we can use it.

No need to go shopping specially, only if you have things on the shelf already! Thanks in advance.

  1. Help out selling the baked goods on the day of the Festival. We would really like to have as many volunteers as possible on the day. Please contact Jackie ( or 09078909464 ) if you would like to volunteer.

You may also contact us via the LINE or FB groups if you have any questions.

What kind of baked goods can you donate?

Anything HOMEMADE that can be individually wrapped. For example….

  • cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, tray bakes, macarons, slices or other sweets
  • caramels, truffles other confectionery
  • homemade bread rolls or loaves
  • whole cakes, tarts, quiches, etc
  • pies, savoury snacks,
  • jams, lemon curds, pate etc

Please DON’T bring any of the following:

  • sandwiches
  • items which cannot be packaged individually (soups, liquids, messy things)
  • Things which must be served with a spoon
  • Store bought goods. Homemade only please.
  • Things which will spoil if not eaten on the day of the Festival (no raw items, eg sushi!).
  • Anything with fresh cream on it.

In the interests of safety for those with allergies, please include a memo with a list of all the ingredients.

This year to spice things up, we will be presenting a selection of the deli’s best treats as a prizes to the biggest contributors! Prizes for donations and time spent! Let the hunger games commence!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Thank you in advance for all your help!

今年ものInternational FestivalでInternational Deli(ベイクセール)を行うことになりました。マリーナ、バーバラ、恵里子とジャッキーが頑張らせていただきます。



  1. ご自宅で作ってから、個包装も済ませた後、13日(金曜日)に学校にお持ちいただく。100円以上のお値段で売れる量で一個一個包んでいただけると助かります。(小さいものなら2個か3個入れるとか…)フェスティバル当日にどれくらいの量が集まるのかを把握するため、何をお作りいただけるのかを事前にお知らせくださると助かります。どのようにラッピングしたらいいのかわからない方も、お気軽にお問い合わせください。
  1. 協力したいけど、お菓子作りは苦手だし・・・、と思われている方、大丈夫です!! クッキングクラスのような楽しい雰囲気で、私たちと一緒にお菓子作りをしませんか? 4月9日(月)から13日(金)までの毎日、学校のキッチンに集まって楽しく作業をします。ご自分のレシピ(と材料!)をお持ちいただいて学校のキッチンで作ってくださるのもいいし、私たちが用意しているレシピを手伝っていただくのもOKです。お手伝いいただく時間は短時間からでも構いませんので、どうぞお気軽にお手伝いください。 皆さまと楽しくお菓子作りができるのを楽しみにしています。可愛くラッピングするのが得意な方も大募集しています!









学校に来られる方は、予定に変更がないことを事前にご確認くださいね。 (ジャッキーに電話をしていただくか、LINE等を通じてデリチームにご確認ください。)

  1. デリチームでは、学校でのベイキングへのご参加していただけない方でも、家にある材料やクッキングアイテムをデリチームのクッキング用として提供していただくことでもご協力いただけます。ラッピングに使用できる包装用紙のご提供も助かります。ご家庭にある余っている食材の提供は、家の中で使っていないものを整理していただけますし、材料を買わずに済むことでPTAの予算を抑えることにもなり、一石二鳥です。わざわざ買っていただく必要はありません。もしご自宅に不要な食料品(賞味期限の近いものなども含め)がありましたら、4月9日(月)にお持ちいただくかお子様に持たせていただけませんでしょうか?例えば、小麦粉、砂糖、バター、卵、ベーキングパウダー、ナッツ類(粒そのまま、又は砕いたもの)、ココナッツ、スプリンクル又はデコレーションアイテム、チョコペン、バニラエッセンス、その他のフレーバーエッセンス、チョコチップ、ココアパウダー、レーズン、カレント、ドライフルーツ、シロップ、コンデンスミルク、エバミルク(無糖練乳)、パウダーシュガー、その他通常ベイキングに使えるものなら何でも助かります。


  1. 当日フェスティバルでデリグッズを一緒に販売していただける方も大募集します。お手伝いいただける時間帯をお知らせください。興味がある方、ジャッキーまでご連絡くださいね。( 090-7890-9464)。



たとえば …

  • クッキー、マフィン、カップケーキ、ブラウニー、マカロン、スライスなどの焼き菓子
  • キャラメル、トリュフ、ヌガーなどのスイーツ類
  • 自家製のパン
  • ホールケーキ、パイ、タルトなどの本格派
  • ジャム、パテなど
  • キッシュ、サモサなどの甘くないもの
  • 「個別ラッピング」ができるものを宜しくお願いしますね。


  • サンドイッチ(生ものが入る)
  • 個別ラッピングできない(スープ、液体、雑なもの)アイテム
  • スプーンを支給しれなければならないもの
  • 市販の商品(どうか手作りにこだわりましょう)
  • 消費期限の短いデリケートなもの  
  • 生クリームがのっているもの


今年は、デリチームに一番貢献していただいた方に、デリで人気のスイーツを詰め合わせたセレクションをプレゼントさせていただくことになりました! 寄付してくださった量や、デリチームのために費やしてくださった時間を考慮して決定させていただきます! 皆さまのご参加をお待ちしています!


7. Japanese Outline