The Crane, 23 May 2018


  • Congratulations to our Grade 12
  • Guardian Elections to the Board of Trustees
  • PTA News

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

This week, we call for nominations for our Guardian positions on the Board of Trustees (BOT). You can find an explanation in Japanese and English here. Four members are coming to the end of their 2-year terms and I would like to thank them for their generous service.  We are at the Sports Day at the moment and it is beautiful weather and everyone is having lots of fun. You will see some images in next week’s Crane. I will send this and then get back to the action. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

Guardian Elections to the Board of Trustees

(Japanese below)
Please find the link below to the nomination form for the upcoming openings for Guardians on the Board of Trustees. A number of the 2-year terms are coming to an end. If you are interested in placing your name on the ballot, you can do so at the following link. Nominations will be collected this week and voting will take place the following week through an electronic poll.
There are 6-7 places for Guardians on the Board of Trustees. We hold an election when a position opens due to a member’s 2-year term expiring, or if they leave the school. If a member’s term expires, the member continues in that role until the election is finalized. Currently, we are looking for nominations for 2 Guardian positions on the Board of Trustees.
It is a voluntary position and we are very grateful to all of our Board of Trustee members for their generous support of the school.
If you are interested in nominating yourself for this 2-year voluntary position, please enter your name in the following nomination form. We will contact you to request a short written introduction.
The process is as follows:
Step 1: Principal announces the availability of positions in Crane and calls for nominations.
Step 2: A one week period is provided for collecting nominations.
If the number of nominated candidates is equal to or less than the available positions, no election will be held. The Principal will inform the Chair of the Board of Trustees once the two week nomination period is complete. If more nominations than available positions are received, the election will proceed.
Step 3: An electronic ballot is circulated to each HIS family, containing:
– The number of open positions.
– The list of nominated candidates.
– A checkbox for support of each candidate.
– Instructions to mark the checkbox of the candidates you support, up to the number of open positions. (e.g. If three positions are open, you can check up to 3 candidates.)
Step 4: A one week period is provided for the collection of ballots through the electronic form.
Step 5: Checks on ballots are counted. Candidates are ranked in order of total checks received. The highest ranked candidates fill the nominated positions.
Step 6: The Principal supervises the process and informs the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the outcome. The Chair informs the successful candidates.
Guardian Elections to the Board of Trustees (評議員-保護者枠の選任について)評議員会には、6~7名の保護者枠が設けられています。評議員には2年の任期が定められているため、任期が満了した場合や、お引越しなどで空席ができた時に選挙を行います。
ステップ 2:候補者の募集期間は、1週間です。
候補者の人数が、募集人数以下の場合は、選挙は行われません。校長は、1週間の募集期間が終了し次第、評議会議長にその旨を報告します。もし立候補者が募集人数を超えた場合は、選挙 が行われます。
・投票欄 (支持する方にチェックをする欄)
・投票方法 - 空席数の人数まで投票が可能

Congratulations to our Grade 12 students

Congratulations to our Grade 12 class who have completed their DP exams and now, finally have some time to relax and get ready for the next exciting stage of thier lives. The graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday, 2nd June. So far our students have been accepted by the following universities so there are big decisions to be made as life continues into another adventure.
  • International Christian University (国際基督教大学)
  • Keio University (慶應義塾)
  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (立命館アジア太平洋大学)
  • The University of Tokyo (東京大学)
  • University of Tsukuba (筑波大学)
  • Waseda University (早稲田大学)
United States of America
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Clark University
  • The George Washington University
  • Northeastern University
  • University of Rochester

PTA News


1) Please email to PTA if you are interested in being on the PTA Committee or leading one of the events next year.

PTA Committee- meets once a month as an overview to all things happening at the school.  Currently volunteering for next year are- Brooke, Kumi, Masae ,Marina and Ming.  If there are more than seven candidates, we will have the final election at the last meeting on June 13.

Please apply for PTA committee by the end of May.

2)<Family interview>

Welcome to HIS!

Obara family

Hinano : G4

We came from USA and has been living in Hiroshima 1 and a half months. We are living in Asakita-ku. We enjoy hiking and cooking. Our family speak both English and Japanese

Ishii Family

Yuna : G8

Ayaka : G3

Shinya : Dad

Kayoko : Mom

Sayane : Sister(13 years old)

We came from USA and has been living in Hiroshima for 2 months. We have lived in Tokyo for 7 years.

We are living in Minami-ku. We enjoy listening music, watching movie, and playing games. We use Japanese in my family.

 Ishii family .jpg

3) Next PTA meeting will be June 13th.

PTA has received the request from the Secondary School Student Representative Council (SRC) for new volleyball uniforms




PTA役員は学校で行われるあらゆることに関して毎月一度役員ミーティングを行います。現時点でありがたいことに立候補の申し出をされている方は Brooke, Kumi, Masae, Marina,Ming さんです。






* 小原ファミリー

Hinano G:3



* 石井ファミリー

Yuna : G8

Ayaka : G3

Shinya : Dad

Kayoko : Mom

Sayane : Sister(13 years old)





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