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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

It is hard to believe that the 2017/2-18 school year has drawn to a close. Firstly, I would like to thank all of our departing faculty, Bryan Mejia (EC Teaching Assistant), Ritchelle Valdez (Grade 5 Teacher), Wayne Bartelink (Science Teacher), Jay Valdez (MYP Science Support and Volleyball Coaching Volunteer), Edward Hardisty (MYP/DP Science), Mary Ferris (KG/Gr1 Teacher),  Jessica Pechhold (DP TOK Teacher, DP Coordinator, Secondary Vice Principal) and Clare Barnfather (PYP teacher, PYP Coordinator, Primary Vice Principal) who have all supported your children’s’ learning. I would like to wish all the best to our families who are leaving us this year. We will miss you all.

Now that we are into summer, I would like to remind you all of the importance of reading at home. Regular reading impacts academic success. It works. It’s necessary. If your child does not like to read, it is probably a sign that they need to read more. It is a parent decision. You pay the rent and buy the food. Your rules. Make the time. Please. If you want to be a better runner, you need to run regularly. If you want to be a better chess player, then it seems that playing chess regularly would be necessary. Reading is no different. As the skills sets built by regular reading are so vital for academic success, for accessing increasingly complex content, you can not afford to go through summer without a regular reading routine at home.  Include both English and Japanese, as well as any other language you use at home. Find books that your children are interested in and make the time to read regularly. This is my request for summer. Thank you.

Enjoy your summer. I look forward to seeing you next year.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

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PTA News


A parent has submitted a proposal for having a PTA Fee in the future.  The proposal needed to be translated, and because of this, there was not enough time to hold proper discussions among the HIS community, and then have a vote this school year.  The PTA will add discussion on this to the agenda for the first PTA meeting in the fall, and then two weeks afterwards there will be a vote on the proposal.

Message from retiring committee.

Reiko Mikyu:

Although I only supported the PTA for a short period of time, it was nice to see the cross-cultural great teamwork. It was fun to work with the team. Thank you very much and thank you for everyone who supported the PTA throughout the year.

With all wishes Reiko.

Yasuko Yamashiro: 

I have been a PTA Committee member for two years. There are a lot of things I have learned over the last two years. I really appreciate everyone ’s cooperation. Mr Rentoule has supported our ideas and made them happen and the office staff are always supportive. We have lots of PTA volunteers. Thanks for everyone’s support, I really have enjoyed this role. I truly feel teachers, guardians and students cooperate and support one another to make such a welcoming atmosphere in the school. Thank you so much.

Tomoko Watanabe:

Thank you very much for these two years while I had been taking a role of PTA Committee. Needless to say without your support we couldn’t have done anything. I really appreciate your warm and kind cooperation.

I have been in HIS as a guardian for a long time (14 years), but there were a lot of things to learn  once becoming a Committee member, I would like to tell everyone  that I really felt the principal, teachers, and the office staff are always very cooperative and think first of the students . The principal responded to requests such as lunch delivery which has not been treated so far, the establishment of student council for secondary, and field renovations this year. Summer school has also been resurrected which was discontinued for many years. Whether there might be pros and cons, I feel the efforts of the school.

I think I learned lots of benefits in my life at this age and full of gratitude.

The last message:

The PTA board supports the teachers, staff, and the principal, if we haven’t made it clear enough to each of you this year, we truly thank you!

The PTA also wishes you and your family a safe enjoyable summer, and for those families who are leaving, we will miss you.  Please feel free to keep in touch with the HIS community through us, we really hope you’ll keep in touch.


















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