The Crane, 24 August 2018


  • Annual Hiroshima International Peace Marathon
  • Human Rights Poster
  • PTA News
  • Shoes at School

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Welcome back to another year at HIS. It has been a great start as students meet their new teachers and many new classmates. It has been very hot, of course, so we have been encouraging our students to drink lots of water as it is easy to forget when you are excited at seeing your friends.  Please help us out by continuing this conversation at home. It would also help us out for all of our families to have consistent reading routines at home in English, Japanese as well as any other languages you are using at home. This is so important for language development over time and is one of the most powerful ways you can assist your child’s language skills and academic development – and it is simple. The substantive conversations you have with your child at home are the other powerful way to help them develop their language skills. I would say that the amount of reading and the depth of school content related conversations with your child are perfect goals to work on this year to support their learning at school. Enjoy the weekend, hopefully with a good book and a long conversation!

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Annual Hiroshima International Peace Marathon

On Saturday, November 3rd, HIS will once again be participating in the Hiroshima International Peace Marathon. This will be another great opportunity for our school to be represented in an event dedicated to the cause of world peace, a value that HIS keeps in the highest regard. This is not compulsory but really is a great day for families (new and old) and friends of HIS to come together in support of an important cause.

11月3日(土・祝)に行われるひろしま国際平和マラソンへの学校からの団体参加を希望される方は、オフィスよりメールで送らせて頂く Googleフォームから申し込みをして頂き、参加費を封筒に入れて、8月30日(木)まで(締切厳守)にオフィスにご提出下さい。フォームへの書き込みのみでは申し込みは完了ではありません。必ず締め切り日までに参加費をお支払い下さい。平和マラソン事務局は、参加人数が12,000人(チャレンジコースは5,000人)になり次第、参加申し込みを締め切りますので、学校の団体参加申込が間に合わず、参加できないリスクが伴う事をご了承下さい。尚、このイベントへの参加は必須ではありません。希望される方のみ申し込みをお願い致します。

Application Forms

Registration for this year’s Peace Marathon has already started and the organizers will close the application process whenever they get 12,000 runners.  If you really don’t want to miss it and can read Japanese, secondary-age students (G7-G12) and primary-age students (G1-G6) whose parents will run together with them should register through the website ( as soon as possible.  If you would like to register through school (non-Japanese speaking families and primary-age kids whose parents won’t run with them), you will have to submit the Google form (a link will be sent by e-mail) and the fee by end of school on Thursday, 30th August to the school office.  Please aware that an application won’t be completed without submitting the fee.  This is not negotiable and you should understand there’s a risk of missing the registration. The registration fees are set out below.

Adults G12-G10 G9-G7 G6-G1
Kids Course 1 km ¥2,500 ¥1,200 ¥1,200 ¥600
Beginner Course 5 km ¥2,500 ¥1,200 ¥1,200 ¥600
Challenge Course 10 km ¥3,500 ¥1,800

Peace Marathon info for the Crane

4. Human Rights Poster

If any Grade 4/5 students are interested in being a model for the poster for Human Rights week which will be produced by Hiroshima Prefecture’s Board of Education, please let Sayaka Hirata in the HIS know at by Friday, 31st August. The poster will be put out all over Hiroshima Prefecture in places like schools, ward offices, hospitals and stations.

Sample image of the poster.

5. PTA News

Welcome letter from the PTA: HIS Welcome Letter and Information

PTA News link: PTA The Crane 23 August 2018

6. Shoes at School

Just a reminder that students will need gym shoes with non-marking soles. Students will change from their regular indoor shoes to their gym shoes before using the gym. We have resurfaced the gym and need to be very careful with the surface. Thank you.

7. Japanese Outline