The Crane, 14 September 2018


  • Illness and school attendance
  • PE T-shirts
  • Hiroshima Prefecture Social Justice Poster
  • PTA Message

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We have started the year well and we were really happy to see that our enrolment numbers have continued to remain strong (168 students), with our primary school nearly full and good size classes across the secondary school, including a record number of Diploma Program students. We have waiting lists on some of our primary school classes already, so that is a relatively new problem for us, but a good one to have. We have a wonderful team of educators assembled to support the learning of your children and a great PTA to foster a community spirit so we are all looking forward to a great year.

Good luck to the Boys Volleyball team who are playing in Kobe today. Enjoy your long weekend.


Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Hiroshima Prefecture Social Justice Poster

Thank you to our primary students who volunteered to help out for the Hiroshima Prefecture social justice poster photo shoot. You all did a great job. We look forward to seeing this year’s poster.

4. Illness and school attendance

Just like you, we still love your children when they are sick. However, what we don’t like so much is contagious diseases. A higher than usual temperature is a good indication (‘sign‘ – see below) that your child is sick. If your child is sick, please keep them at home. If you are working, this can be inconvenient, however, this is part of a parent’s responsibility to a child and to a school community. A virus is a gift that keeps on giving, so please, help us out with this. Thank you.

This information is from the Student/Parent Handbook:

D 2. Illness and Contagious Diseases

Because illnesses spread quickly, we advise you to keep your child at home until all signs are clear and your child is able to participate in all school activities.  Showing this consideration for classmates and teachers will help to maintain a healthy environment. If your child is on medication or has had a difficult night please inform the teacher as this may influence his/her behaviour at school.

If you suspect your child has contracted a contagious disease, such as influenza, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, mumps or impetigo, please do the following:

  • Visit the doctor to confirm the diagnosis;
  • If confirmed please contact the school immediately and keep your child(ren) at home for at least five school days from the onset of the symptoms, unless otherwise advised by the doctor.
  • A certificate from the doctor with permission to return to school is required before joining classes again. Please give the medical certificate to the office upon return to school. (Students can still be contagious after their initial temperature drops, even if they are feeling  better.)

In the case of an outbreak in school of contagious or nuisance diseases, such as head lice, the school will use its best judgment about when, whether, or how to notify parents. (Page 20)

5. PE T-Shirts

We have had some students borrow PE T-shirts from the office and not return them. So they do not have enough stock now and cannot lend it to the students or lend the T-shirt of the right size to the students when they come to the office to borrow it. We would like to ask parents/guardians to check the HIS blue T-shirt and if you find “HIS” on the tag at the back of the neck and if they find it, please return it to the school office. If your child borrows a HIS T-shirt from the office, they need to wash and return it as soon as possible (in a couple of days).

6. PTA News

Email update to be sent on Monday.

7. Japanese Outline