The Crane, 21 September 2018


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1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you all enjoyed the week. We have all settled into our regular routines now and it has been a great start to the year. I would like to thank the PTA for the generous donation of a set of volleyball uniforms for our Boys and Girls volleyball teams. As you can see in today’s video, our volleyball teams were very happy.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Scholastic Books

Our new HIS Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to to browse the latest books and order online. For every $1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, the HIS library will earn 20¢ in Scholastic Rewards.

Your child will bring home a Book Club Brochure over the next few days.  For students from EC through 8th grade, either your child’s teacher or I will be giving them the brochure, and older students are welcome to stop by the library and pick up brochures themselves.

All payments must be made online with your credit card, please do not send any money to school.  Please direct any questions to Matt Jungblut at .

Please place your order online by October 1st, 2018.

4. Girls Volleyball Team

The Girls Volleyball team is heading to Iwakuni today for a tournament so we will be able to update you over the weekend. Good luck!

5. Boys Volleyball Team

Shinra (11) Captain


Shinra (Gr11)

Hello, I’m the captain of the HIS Boys volleyball team!

The short story fast, we were able to get 3rd place. We brought back the second 3rd place trophy for the school, the other one from last years final tournament. For the first two games, we weren’t able to play at our best as we were nervous and overwhelmed by the unique atmosphere and I personally was pretending to be confident while scared in the inside. We had only 2 bench players, compared to other schools which had their bench filled with subs and managers, so it was necessary for most of the members to stay on the court every set and as a result, we were exhausted mentally and physically by the 2nd match of the second day. However, we were able to get 3rd place because we each knew how we could contribute to the team, such as Alex with the great sets, Daichi with the service aces and Masayo sensei shouting from outside on the block timing and cover. Through this tournament, I believe we were able to find out the tactics of the other teams and our weakness, which is stamina.

For the final tournament, it is our first time going to Canadian Academy and the gym could be hard to get used to, but I hope all the members can be on the court. We will try our best to win 1st place. Thank you!

Alex (Gr11) Co-Captain

The mid-season tournament this year was a place to show what we had worked on for the past years. This year’s team is the best it has been for the past years and will be for a couple more, we all knew this fact and it was a lurking idea in the back of our minds that acted as pressure. We were able to come home with a third-place tournament but I’m confident to say that most of us are not satisfied, years of hard work and late nights as a consequence, we know will push us to a higher place on the podium and that’s what we aim for in our final tournament. I also was able to reconsider what it means to contribute to a team. Of course, playing well in a match always helps, but acting as a catalyst to push those players to their fullest potential is also important. My role is not flashy, and it itself won’t win us the game, even with this role I was chosen as MVP and was highly praised by others. This relates to many things other than just sports, even if you aren’t the main role and just a support unit there is still room to improve and push the main actors further.

6. PTA News

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