The Crane, 26 October 2018


  • Parent meeting with the accreditation team
  • PTA News
  • Contagious illness
  • Futsal
  • Athletics
  • BrainPOP
  • Peace Ride T-Shirts

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Fortunately, the number of cases of the flu has been steadily declining and thank you for following our procedures regarding contagious illness at school. We included the below information in the 15 September Crane and are doing so once again so that this particular policy is familiar with you all.

Congratulations to the HIS Futsal team who won a tournament last weekend. This is a great combination of students, parents, and teachers representing a real cross-section of our school. Well done and a short blurb appears below. Also, congratulations to our four students who participated in the athletics meet last weekend. Learning is about challenging yourself in a variety of ways and athletics is a great avenue for this.

We had a fun time at the various Halloween Parties at school today and I wish you a spooky weekend.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Parent Meeting with the visiting accreditation team

Dear Parents
From  Wed 7 – Fri 9 November, we have an accrediting team coming to visit HIS. You may have seen this mentioned in the Crane. The team would like to meet with HIS parents to talk about your experiences at HIS.
  • Wednesday 7 November 2018, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm (Pink Room)
If you would be able to come along, please let me know. We would really appreciate your participation.
Kind regards
Damian Rentoule
Note: Council of International Schools (CIS) & New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) are the two accrediting agencies for HIS.

4. PTA News

Here is the PTA news for this week. PTA NEWS OCT 26 Thank you to the PTA team for preparing the translated PTA news each week. It is not an easy job and we appreciate your generosity with your time and energy.

5. Illness and Contagious Diseases – returning to school

(Section D2 in Student-Parent Handbook)

Because illnesses spread quickly, we advise you to keep your child at home until all signs are clear and your child is able to participate in all school activities.  Showing this consideration for classmates and teachers will help to maintain a healthy environment. If your child is on medication or has had a difficult night please inform the teacher as this may influence his/her behaviour at school.

If you suspect your child has contracted a contagious disease, such as influenza, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, mumps or impetigo, please do the following:

  • Visit the doctor to confirm the diagnosis;
  • If confirmed please contact the school immediately and keep your child(ren) at home for at least five school days from the onset of the symptoms, unless otherwise advised by the doctor.
  • A certificate from the doctor with permission to return to school is required before joining classes again. Please give the medical certificate to the office upon return to school. (Students can still be contagious after their initial temperature drops, even if they are feeling )

In the case of an outbreak in school of contagious or nuisance diseases, such as head lice, the school will use its best judgment about when, whether, or how to notify parents.

6. HIS Futsal

The HIS futsal team entered a tournament last weekend and brought home the trophy for first place! The team, which is made up of teachers, students, and parents, qualified from a mini-league to go into the knockout stages. In a tense final, Mr Sheehy’s opening goal was canceled out by a late equalizer from the other team, so the tournament was decided on penalty kicks. HIS alumnus Tatsuki Barker held his nerve in goal to make some fine saves, and HIS parent Chris Clark scored one of the penalties which sealed the victory.

7. Athletics

Our grade 5 students, Ren, Alexander, Erika and Maya participated in the Athletic event at Edion Stadium on Saturday, the 20th. Over 1,000 students of grades 5 and 6 from different primary schools of Hiroshima city gathered for recording official times in different athletic events. Our students were in the 100m sprint. It was exciting and inspiring for our students to run in a big stadium which was SANFRECCE HIROSHIMA soccer team’s home ground. They looked a little nervous before the race, but they all smiled at the end after the race. Parents and I were very proud of them and we all had fun on a beautiful day. They have another chance to participate next year as 6th graders to be able to compete with students from other schools and improve their time. Good run and great spirit, HIS team!!

Mika Kiriake (Physical & Health Education)

8. BrainPOP

Thank you very much to the PTA who have voted to fund the BrainPOP program this year. We will let you all know how it goes in the classroom and your generosity is appreciated.

9. Peace Ride T-shirts

The Peace Ride cycling club is a group of 12 high school students who will cycle 450km through the Chugoku region in June. To help fundraise for the trip, we would like to offer the Pedal to Peace T-shirt.
These T-shirts are quick-dry polyester, available in the four HIS colours, and can be worn for PE, Sports Day, etc. They can be ordered until the end of the month, using this form:
Thank you for supporting the Peace Ride.