The Crane, 1 February 2019


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  • Photography Exhibition;
  • Global School Play Day Letter (Primary);
  • HIS Idol Information
  • PTA Hoodie Order Form;
  • PTA Festival Question link;
  • International Schools Assessment (ISA);
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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Next Wednesday is the Global School Play Day and our primary school will be dedicating a block of time for some play. Play is spontaneous, unstructured, voluntary and negotiated by those participating. It is a profoundly creative act. For adults, it can be a challenge to redefine what we think of as play and treat it as seriously as we need to, in our adult lives as well. In this sense, soccer, for example, is not ‘play’ because the rules are set, although in English the word play is used, creating some misconceptions. Likewise, video games do not fall under this definition of ‘play’ as the structure is provided by someone else, a distant programmer. In the TED Talk below, it is argued that children now, at least in the context of the speaker and his experiences, have less time for the type of unstructured play that is so important to our development. He raises some important points as we consider how our children spend their days.

We will use the opportunity of the Global School Play Day to discuss with students the nature and benefits of play and emphasize its importance in all of our lives. Enjoy a playful weekend.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

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Student Newsletter

The HIS Student Newsletter has been updated.
Please check our website once in a while:
We are always updating it, and articles are published at the end of every month on the bulletin board. Let us know if there is ever anything you want to see in the newsletter.
Thank you,
The Newsletter Team

Photography Exhibition

2019.2.16(Sat) 13:00 ~ 17:00
I’m hosting another Photography Exhibition with my new photography team. We will be exhibiting photos that represent each of our “chapter” in our life. Please feel free to come and I hope you’ll enjoy it. – Nanako, Grade 11

HIS Idol Information

Please click here for information about HIS Idol.  (Access to anyone with the link now. Just fixed.)

Letter for Global School Play Day (Primary)

This letter will be sent home regarding Global School Play Day: Global Play Day Parents Letter

Link to PTA’s HIS Hoodie Order Form

Click here for the PTA Hoodie order form. Samples of sizes are available at the HIS office. We plan to send in the order on Monday so please make sure you finish your order by Sunday evening. If you need a last minute size check, you can do that on Monday morning. Thank you.

Link to PTA Festival Question

Click here for the PTA Festival Questionnaire. We have received 49 responses so far, which is a good start.

International Schools Assessment (ISA)

The ISA testing is starting soon. We are doing the online version this year and will be running a trial next week to make sure it all goes smoothly with the new format.

PTA News

Click here for the PTA News: PTA News 1st February 2019