The Crane, 15 February 2019


  • Photography Exhibition;
  • Music for Peace Concert;
  • Withdrawal Form Reminder;
  • Host Families Needed;
  • PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community
Thank you very much to the PTA who organized a great bake-sale event for Valentines Day, including some lovely snacks for HIS staff which were much appreciated.
Last week, a Ted Talk was included that discussed some surprising ideas about motivation, which is central to learning. This week, we have a talk about sleep. In many ways, if we are not sleeping enough, there is no task that will motivate us. Russel Foster, a neuroscientist, presents a great argument for shifting our views on sleep. Through the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programs, we lead students through a process of structured inquiry and engagement is extremely important. It doesn’t work if the brain is tired. Particularly in Secondary School, with many competing interests sleep can seem to take second place, particularly if it is competing with social media. Enjoy the talk and it may be a good chance to revisit sleep routines and make sure that all of our brains are functioning properly and our lifestyles are as healthy as possible.

I would encourage everyone, after a good night’s sleep of course, to attend the amazing photography exhibition taking place tomorrow. Details are below.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

Photography Exhibition


The Secondary Photography Club will hold an exhibition at Yo-Haku gallery (see map on photo) on Saturday, February 16th. If you have time please go along and take a look at our efforts!

(Nanako G11 / Ryo G12 / Li G11 / Stella G11 / Leela G11 / Raeed G11 / Suhwan G10 / Lulu G9 / Amily G9 / Urara G8 /Mr Barker)

Music for Peace Concert

Hiroshima Symphony Concert Tickets
Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2019
Open 14:00
Pre-concert @ lobby Koto & Cello performance
Start 15:00
  • Courtesy tickets have been offered to students. G9-12 Music students will be given priority. Students should reply to Takako sensei by Monday. 
  • Adults with a foreign passport are eligible for SPECIAL PRICE TICKETS. Please remember to carry the passport to show at the door.

Music for Peace_Flyer_HSO_English

Music or Peace_フライヤーJapanese

Withdrawal Form

If you are withdrawing before the end of this school year, in March or April and haven’t yet submitted the Withdrawal Form, could you please contact Sayaka Hirata in the office as soon as possible?

Host Families

Three host families still needed for guests from the Netherlands
Dear Parents,
We are still looking for three host families for Comenius College’s upcoming visit between April 4th and 11th. This partnership fits in with our school’s mission of promoting international-mindedness and intercultural understanding in our students. It is a valuable experience, not only for the guests and host families but for the whole school community who is given the chance to interact with people with different backgrounds and cultures.
We would greatly appreciate if you could consider hosting if you are able to make space in your home for a guest for seven nights. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

PTA News

Click here for the PTA News: PTA News 2019 February 15th