The Crane, 22 February 2019


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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

When someone asks me what is special about HIS, the answer always comes back to our students. We have a uniquely supportive and caring school culture and an exceptional educational program and I think that there is no doubt that this helps our students to shine in all of the different ways they do. That was a great image presented on the flyer for the Photography Club Exhibition. It was a photo by Nanako (Gr11) with a single sunflower standing apart from the rest – unique, proud and strong.

 You can hear a short explanation of the reasoning for this image’s selection in the series of interviews with the photographers in this week’s Crane Video. This idea of being independent and courageous enough to be your own, unique self is at the heart of what our HIS school culture is about and Nanako’s image captures it beautifully.

As this idea is about our developing identity, I thought that this TED Talk would fit in well this week. Writer Taiye Selasi speaks on behalf of “multi-local” people and this talk really resonated with me having two daughters who grew up in a number of different cultures and who have felt at home in multiple countries but in different ways. The question, ‘Where are you from?’ was always difficult for them to answer because of the assumptions underlying the question. Taiye Selasi has a great way of considering our identity and may help us, like Nanako’s sunflower, to be true to our unique selves across boundaries, not just within them.

I hope you enjoyed the ideas in the video and it is a good conversation to have with your children. We all have complex, continually emerging identities that are not as fixed as we sometimes assume. Have a great weekend and get lots of sleep!
Kind regards
Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

Personal Project

Get ready for the Personal Project Exhibition. This is the culminating project for the Middle Years Program which all of our Grade 10 students undertake. They use the inquiry skills that they have developed during the program to pursue an independent inquiry of their choice and the projects are presented on this day. Come along and support our Grade 10s. Thank you.

Secondary Camp dates

Just a reminder that the Secondary Camp will be held at The National Sanbe Youth Friendship Centre on June 12-14 (Wed-Fri).

PTA News

Please find the PTA news linked below with lots of important information for families.

PTA News 22nd of February 2019