The Crane, 19 April 2019


  • Sakura medal book trailer contest winners

Principal’s Report

Good Morning

Thank you very much for everyone involved in the organization of the very successful HIS Fun Day last weekend. It was a great day of fun activities and lots of delicious food and it all came together after much work for the school community which we all appreciate very much. Congratulations and thanks to the PTA for the organization of a wonderful day for us all.

We have had a very enjoyable Sports Day at Coca-Cola Stadium today. Lots of sunshine and races so thanks to everyone involved. You will see some images on this week’s Crane Video.

Regarding this week’s TED Talk, in the Diploma Program (DP), students take a course called Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and look at various ways of knowing the world.  This TED talk reminded me of conversations that I have heard in TOK classes regarding the curious nature of memory and how experience influences perception.  If you have a child in Grade 11 or 12, you may like to ask them their thoughts on experience Vs memory.

Enjoy your weekend.


Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

Sakura medal book trailer contest winner

The Sakura medal book trailer contest is for the students who study at international schools in Japan. Students read Sakura medal books which are selected by librarians and Japanese teachers at international schools in Japan and create a book trailer to promote these books using images and sound, just like a movie trailer. Grade 6 to Grade 10 students at HIS participated book trailer contest in Japanese this year as well, and got a lot of awards. Here is the student’s list who won the contest this year. You can enjoy the winner’s book trailer on their website.
Second place- Grade 8 Yuta
Third place- Grade 6 Sora
Second place – Grade 8 SuA
Third place- Grade 8 Itsuki, Grade 7 Juliette, Grade 7 Mei, Grade 6 Tess
First place- Grade 9 Lino
Second place- Grade 9 Soya
Sakura medal book trailer contest winners
優秀賞ー8年生 悠太
準優秀賞ー6年生 蒼来
優秀賞ー8年生 スア
準優秀賞ー8年生 樹 7年生 ジュリエット 7年生 愛依 6年生 テス
最優秀賞ー9年生 理乃
優秀賞ー9年生 風矢