The Crane, 17 May 2019


  • Coffee Afternoon with Gr12
  • ISA Testing Results
  • CIS Community Survey for Parents
  • HIS Shoe Drive
  • ISMA Mathematics Contest Results
  • Arts Gala Information

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Our Grade 12 students have now finished the bulk of heir Diploma Program exams. It is a really important time for them in their journey and I would like to congratulate them on being such dedicated students, but also for being such wonderful people. They have been excellent role models for our younger students and are certainly ready to make a contribution to a more peaceful and sustainable world as they embark on the next step of their lives. Before they move off on their new adventures, they have been kind enough to agree to speak with us about their experience. They will gather on Friday, 7th June at HIS from 2:00 pm. If you are wondering what type of experiences are coming up for your child, this is a perfect time to hear from our experts.

As the exams are now nearly done, I thought it may be good timing for this TED Talk on the importance of play. Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing you all at the Arts Gala with the Spring Concert, the Visual Arts Exhibition and Primary Student Led Conferences.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

 Crane Video

Coffee Afternoon with G12

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet our Grade 12 students. In June, the Gr12 exams will be over and they have been kind enough to agree to talk to our parents about their journey.
Date & Time : Friday, 7th June / From 2:00pm
Place: Secondary Rm #1 (upstairs – Main Building)
* G11 will also join.

Council of International Schools (CIS) Community Survey

Dear Parents

Please find below an explanation regarding the CIS Community survey. This is the one for parents and it will be part of our whole school self-study next year as part of our CIS re-accreditation.

The leadership team, teachers, and staff of Hiroshima International School are interested in what you think about our school. Please take a moment to complete the CIS Community Survey, which will help identify the strengths of the school and areas for improvement.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You should complete one survey per child enrolled in the school. We hope you can spare some time to help the school in its desire to improve. The survey will be available until Friday, 7 Jun 2019.

To access the survey, please click on this link:

If you have any questions or need support, please contact Thank you very much for completing the survey.

(Letter as PDF: HIS – CIS Community Survey – Parents)

The final results for ASMA (American Scholastic Mathematics Association) Contest 2018-2019

Our school is on the second place in both junior and senior divisions, sharing it with the other 59 schools. The total number of schools participated this year was over 200. Our final scores for the junior division is 136, the senior division got 166. There were 6 contests throughout the year and each time the 8 students with the highest scores were chosen to represent our teams. Our junior team representatives were:

  • G6- Hinato, Hyomin and Sayako
  • G7- Alina, Gilsang, Juliette, Kotaro, Mei, Taishi,  and Yushi
  • G8- Himawari and Sean
  • G9- Amily, Kayne, Lucija, Molly, Soya and Yuna

Our senior team representatives were:

  • G11- Alexander, Amane, Leela, Li, Lisa, Monet, Nanako, Rumi, Seiya, Stella and Xinyu
  • G12- Daichi, Kyle, Ryo, Shinra, Tsukasa, Yuya

The top-scoring students:

  • Soya (31) and Kyle (28)

Congratulations to our teams and the top-scoring students!

Top-scoring students

Final Placement

Shoe Drive

Our KG/Gr1 Class are organizing a shoe drive for an organization helping children in Cambodia access school. Shoes must be worn to attend school and this affects a number of students in high poverty areas. You can find our how you could help a child attend school by donating new or lightly-used shoes at HIS.

HIS shoe drive information in English

HIS Shoe drive information in Japanese

International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) Testing Results

We will be sending the results of the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) to you, for Primary, at the Student Led Conferences tomorrow and for Secondary, early next week. Please click this link to see a short explanation of the individual report you will be receiving: Understanding Individual Results.pptx

Arts Gala Information

This was sent to everyone mid-week by email. Just in case you missed it: Spring Arts Gala 2019 newsletter info.docx-2