The Crane, 23 August 2019


  • Annex replacement update;
  • PTA Committee;
  • Peaceful Moment Cards;
  • Annual Hiroshima International Peace Marathon;
  • Student/Parent Handbook link;
  • HIS Website redesign;
  • Bento Order Form.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Welcome back to another year at HIS. We are really excited to have you back with us again. To start the new year, we can celebrate the very successful experiences of our 2019 graduating class who received very strong IB scores and are now pursuing their post-secondary adventures. All students registered for the full-IB Diploma received their IB Diploma which is a great achievement. Every subject scored higher than world averages, which are very competitive in the DP, and we had two overall scores that matched our all-time high scores for HIS.  Although there is much more to an education than a high DP score and successful college entrance, these are extremely important milestones on the way. They are also part of the evidence we use to evaluate the success of our educational program. We are very happy with the results and very proud of our graduates. Congratulations to our Class of 2019  and the best of luck to our incoming Class of 2020.

An inclusive, peaceful culture supports learning at HIS. This year, HIS will be focusing on three major concepts to guide us as we continue to build a peaceful culture. These concepts are Diversity, Inclusion and Peace. I have included a few explanatory notes here: Peace at HIS. These concepts align with units of inquiry across our three IB programs and we will continue to look at how we are all unique individuals with valuable contributions to make in our community. We recognize our own value and the value of others. This is the basis of the peaceful culture we build and maintain at HIS.

This TED talk today is about the future and the potential power of our imaginations and foresight. The inquiry-based IB programs are designed to build knowledge and understanding to enable us to imagine what others may not. The heirloom metaphor that Bina Venkataraman uses in her talk is powerful. The ideas are very relevant for us as we consider our children’s future and what type of education we need.

Have a great year.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Crane Video

Annex Replacement Update

The Board of Directors (BOD) and the Board of Trustees (BOT) oversee the strategic vision of HIS. Over the past year, the BOD has been investigating possibilities for the replacement of the Annex. This has been a long process and currently, after reviewing a range of possibilities, we are considering a steel/concrete building of similar dimensions to the existing Annex in a similar location. The model below is of the proposed structure which we will continue to investigate. The one on the right, not the left. The model is currently in the Meeting Room at school (next to my office) so if you would like a closer look, please let me know.


One of the questions, of course, relates to finances. We would consider partially covering the cost with existing capital reserves and financing part of the cost. The good news for us is that with interest rates in Japan being extremely low, the cost of a loan looks like it would be less than the current lease payments on the ageing Annex building. Constructing a new building seems like it would actually save us money. The BOD will continue the investigation and as this would be a monumental decision for HIS, the BOT will also be involved in the final decision. I will keep you updated and I would like to thank the two HIS Boards for all of the work that has been going on behind the scenes as we plan for the future of HIS.

Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA)

We are looking for volunteers for the PTA Committee. We have had wonderful teams over the last few years and look forward to continuing the great work supporting our school community. As the larger events tend to be rather daunting, I would suggest that we have a rest from a major festival this year and concentrate on the smaller established activities during the year. If you would be interested in joining the PTA committee for 2019/2020, please let me know. Thank you.

Peaceful Moments Cards

At HIS, we encourage all of our community members to be mindful of our individual contributions to a peaceful school culture. So, if there is someone who has made your day by showing kindness, empathy or compassion (a peaceful moment) we would love to know about it so we can say thank you, too. We have some postcard-sized Peaceful Moments cards that members of the school community can use to recognize these individuals. They look like this, just a little smaller:  Peaceful Moments  On the card, you just need to describe the peaceful moment and I will do the rest. 

These are for the adults, too. There are Peaceful Moments cards in the office and you just need to put a completed on in the letterbox on my office door. Thank you.

Annual Hiroshima International Peace Marathon

On Sunday, November 3rd, HIS will once again be participating in the Hiroshima International Peace Marathon. This will be another great opportunity for our school to be represented in an event dedicated to the cause of world peace, a value that HIS keeps in the highest regard. This is not compulsory but really is a great day for families (new and old) and friends of HIS to come together in support of an important cause.

More information and application details can be found here: Peace Marathon 2019

Here is a link to the application form.

Student/Parent Handbook

Just in case you are looking for a copy of the Student/Parent Handbook, here it is: HIS Student_Parent Handbook

HIS Website

We are in the process of redesigning our website and will let you know when the new version is available. I would like to thank Chris Clark, parent and member of the Board of Trustees, for kindly arranging an audit of our current website by staff at Mazda marketing. The feedback was extremely thorough and has been very useful in the new design. We appreciate the support.

Bento Order Form

Bento service will be starting from Sep 4(Wed).
* Bento Order Part 1 will commence from Sep 4th to Nov 29th, a total of 54days(EC-G3) 51days(G4-G12) .
* You sign up for the specified days and bentos are delivered every school day except national holiday and school camp day(G4-G12).
No bento day — EC-G3:Oct 14,Nov 4 G4&G5:Sep25-27,Oct14,Nov 4 G6-G12:Oct 14-17,Nov 4
* Orders need to be made online by Aug 27th and you will be invoiced for the specified period.
* There are no refunds if your child is away from school and no cancellations are possible during this period.
This will help us with the organization. Thanks for your cooperation.
* Small, medium and large bento are available. The company will vary contents of the bentos day to day.

Please find the order form here and we hope you enjoy the bentos.

* 第1期のオーダーは9月4日から11月29日までの合計54日(EC-G3)51日(G4-G12)です。
* 学校がある日は、祝日とキャンプの日(G4-G12)を除き毎日お弁当が配られます。
EC-G3:10月14日,11月4日 G4&G5:9月25~27日,10月14日,11月4日 G6-G12:10月14日~17日11月4日のお弁当はお休みです。
* オーダーは、オンラインにて8月27日まで受け付けます。期間中のお弁当代はまとめて請求されます。
* 払い戻しの制度はなく、期間途中でのキャンセルや、欠席日のキャンセルもできません。皆様のご理解とご協力をお願いいたします。
* お弁当は S・M・Lのサイズがあり、内容は毎日違います。


Here is a link to the Bento order form.