The Crane, 11 October 2019


  • Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences;
  • American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) Contest 2019-2020.


Dear HIS Community

We are not far away from the October Break and with the parent-student-teacher conferences on Monday, all Secondary students out on camp next week (Tuesday-Thursday) and both Boys and Girls Varsity Volleyball teams playing tournaments in Nagoya and Kobe on Friday and Saturday, it is a busy week to send us into the break.

For this week’s TED Talk, I really liked the ideas presented here by Elif Shafak and with our identity at HIS so closely tied to Diversity, Inclusion and Peace, it is very relevant to us. The speaker askes why we underestimate feelings and perceptions and this reinforced the importance of the Social, Emotional, Ethical (SEE) Learning program that we have been working on across HIS this year. This idea of emotional and cognitive gaps that need to be filled relates to many of the shifts (or attempted shifts) that we have been seeing in education systems across the world. The IB programs are a part of this wider educational change that recognizes the centrality of the social and emotional development of children during their school experience.

I hope you enjoy the weekend and please stay safe if the typhoon swings this way.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule


Parent-teacher-student conferences on Monday (No classes)

We are looking forward to seeing you all here on Monday. You will have received some primary and/or secondary information related to the event as they run slightly differently.

American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) Contest 2019-2020

This year HIS will participate in the Junior Division ASMA contest. The students in Grades 7 to 9 will have 6 contests throughout the school year. The top 8 students’ names and results from each school will be sent to the organizing committee. 
Unique, insightful, and interesting alternate solutions to the problems are welcome. The students will be acknowledged in the newsletter and their solutions will be shared with all the participants. 
This year there are over 340 schools from different countries are participating in the contest. 
Last year HIS placed second, sharing it with the 59 other schools, which is a significant result considering the size of our school. The contest questions and solutions, together with the names of the students representing our team will be on the ASMA board in the main building. The final results will be in the Crane News. Good luck and have fun!