The Crane, 8 November 2019


  • Alex at the Chugoku Youth Music Competition;
  • Bonfire Night;
  • Uniforms in Cambodia;
  • UNICEF Stamp Raising Project;
  • ‘Go Blue’ Promotion

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Today is the much-anticipated Bonfire Night where HIS joins the UK with a bonfire like those burnt on November 5th, 1605 to celebrate the safety of the English King after a plot to blow up Parliament with barrels of gunpowder was uncovered. One conspirator was caught in the Parliamentary cellars with the gunpowder and his name was Guy Fawkes. It is his effigy that is burnt on the bonfire. It is an unusual spectacle in Japan but we all love a good fire and delicious food, the two ingredients that form the basis of many festivals around the world.

In another example of us doing the same thing around the world, but in different ways, the following TED Talk is about a simple little word that is not nearly as simple as it seems. Shared by us all across cultures but unique in its own way. That word is you!

Enjoy the Bonfire & the weekend.


Damian Rentoule


Alex at the Chugoku Youth Music Competition 中国ユース音楽コンクール

Congratulations to G12 Alex who performed Solo de concour Op.10 by H. Rabaud with a very familiar pianist in the background. Beautiful.

Bonfire Night

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the preparations for Bonfire Night, especially Yumiko (MYP parent) and Jackie (DP parent) who have been working in the background as well as a small army of parental cooks who have been cooking in the HIS kitchen for days.

A related thank you to the Grade 9 class who planted sweet potatoes in the HIS garden during action week last year which we have been able to harvest and look forward to cooking up on our last day of school before winter – a perfect time for some hot sweet potato.

Uniforms in Cambodia

Last year, HIS students raised funds to purchase uniforms for children in Cambodia. The students require a uniform to attend school and this is a challenge for some families. After a delay in customs, the uniforms have finally arrived. Thank you to Ms Villerreal and the KG/1 class last year for organizing the project and to all the community for the support.

UNICEF Stamp Raising Project

Used stamp donations: We are Rumi and Monet from Grade 12, and we are initiating a donation where we collect used post stamps which would be sent to UNICEF to fund vaccinations in developing countries. This simple donation could contribute to supporting those at risk. You could search for stamps in your homes and donate them in the green box in the genkan area. If the stamp is attached to a paper, please leave a 1cm border around it when you cut the stamp out. Thank you.

“Go Blue” promotion

Please wear something blue to support children’s rights on the world children’s day (Wednesday, Nov. 20th).