The Crane, 15 November 2019


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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I spent Thursday-Saturday in New Delhi with a group of teachers from IB schools in India, working on the Approaches to Learning skills. These are the set of skills developed across all grade levels and all subjects in the IB programs; social skills, thinking skills, communication skills, research skills and self-management skills. These are a very important part of our curriculum model, helping students to become independent learners so it was a great opportunity to work with some colleagues from India to improve our teaching practice. We have a number of teachers at HIS who run workshops as part of the ongoing teacher training and collaboration among IB schools around the world.

Thank you to everyone who is working so hard to support the Festive Eve, including the practice at school on Saturday. We are all looking forward to the production.

This week’s TED Talk is about some environmental issues affecting the health of bees around the world. I had a chance to consider the impact of humans on our environment while in New Delhi. As the Air Quality Index (AQI) readings rose to 500 which is considered hazardous, schools across the city were all cancelled for two days. During the workshops, it continued to rise to a high of 900 which I guess is ‘more hazardous’ and this was quite a remarkable experience. It dropped right back to 150 on the last day, which was a relief but I think my lungs may take a little while to recover. I do think the experience has helped me to empathise with the bees.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Damian Rentoule

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Bento Order Form

Here is the bento order form.

Part 2 Bento service will be starting from Dec 2(Mon).
* Order Part 2 will commence from Dec 2 to Mar 31, a total of 62days.
* You sign up for the specified days and bentos are delivered every school day.(No Bent on National holiday.)
* Orders need to be made online by Nov 20th and you will be invoiced for the specified period.
* There are no refunds if your child is away from school and no cancellations are possible during this period.
This will help us with the organization. Thanks for your cooperation.
* Small, medium and large bento are available. The company will vary contents of the bentos day-to-day.

Please find the order form above and we hope you enjoy the bentos.

* 第2期のオーダーは12月2日から3月31日までの合計62日です。
* 学校がある日は、毎日お弁当が配られます。(祝日の弁当はお休みです。)
* オーダーは、オンラインにて,11月20日まで受け付けます。期間中のお弁当代はまとめて請求されます。
* 払い戻しの制度はなく、期間途中でのキャンセルや、欠席日のキャンセルもできません。皆様のご理解とご協力をお願いいたします。
* お弁当は S・M・Lのサイズがあり、内容は毎日違います。