The Crane, 22 November 2019


  • January Koto Workshop for HIS Parents;
  • Festive Eve;
  • Nominations for Parent-Teacher (PTA) Association Committee.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you all enjoyed your week. It has been getting a bit cooler and we are, as usual at this time of year, experiencing a rise in student absences due to various sicknesses. Please make sure you speak with your children about the importance of washing hands regularly during the day and if they are feeling sick, particularly if they have a temperature, please keep them at home to help prevent the spread of infections. Even if this is may feel inconvenient at the time, it is an important part of parenting all around the world so we appreciate your support.

Today’s TED Talk touches on a very important part of our IB programs, well-being as a balanced learner. Maintaining personal well-being for ourselves and others requires a range of social and emotional skills that we address across the curriculum in our Approaches to Learning skills. I enjoyed this talk by Matthieu Ricard with its focus on learning to change one’s way of being, to transform one’s mind. This, in essence, is what the IB Learner Profile is all about and although this transformation touches many aspects of our lives, our social and emotional well-being certainly have a close relationship to happiness. I think we all want our children to be happy and it could be a matter of habit. This talk is definitely worth twenty minutes of our time. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

 Crane Video

Koto Workshop/日本伝統楽器のワークショップ〜

In January, between Monday 20th and Friday 24th HIS students will be involved in some Koto workshops at school kindly organized by Dr Joseph Amato (13-string koto) and Rei Morikawa, (13-string koto). There will be a performance on Friday (24th) afternoon which you are welcome to attend. More information will come out about this. The event is sponsored by Toshiba, otherwise, the cost of transporting kotos would generally be prohibitive. We are very happy to be able to provide experience for our students with these beautiful instruments.

There will also be two sessions held for parents. This is a unique opportunity to experience the koto. Two sessions will be held. These are the same content but you are welcome to attend both if you like.

  • Session I: Monday, January 20, 2020 (4:30 PM-7:30, PM Pink Room)
  • Session II: Thursday, January 23, 2020 (4:30 PM-7:30, PM Pink Room)

Parent Workshop Details: There will be two opportunities to take 13-string koto workshops at Hiroshima International School. Workshops will focus on the introduction of the instrument, Japanese traditional notation and performance techniques.  The 13-string koto is provided for participants. Participation is free for HIS adult community members (DP students, family members of HIS students, and HIS teachers/staff ) but registration is limited to 15 participants per instrument per day. Both days will contain the same workshop content and babysitting will not be provided. To register, please send an email to Yumi sensei at Deadline for registration is Friday, January 17, 2020. For more information, please see the JCPM website at This program is sponsored in part by a grant received by the Toshiba International Foundation. 

Parent ワークショップについて:広島インターナショナルスクールのコミュニティーメンバー(HISのDP生徒、HIS生徒の保護者の皆様、HIS教師/スタッフ)を対象とした13弦のワークショップを2回開催することとなりました。今回のワークショップでは、楽器の紹介、日本の伝統的な表記法、演奏技術等を中心に英語と日本語で指導致します。ワークショップで使用するは主催者側が準備致します。参加は無料ですが、参加者は両日とも15人までとさせて頂きます。2回とも同じ指導内容となりますこと、ベビーシッターの手配の予定がないことをご了承ください。参加ご希望の方は参加ご希望日を ゆみ先生<>までe-mail にてご連絡ください。締め切りは1月17日金曜日とさせて頂きます。日本芸術振興マネジメント詳細に関しましてはJCPM のウェブサイト<>をご参照ください 。このプログラムの一部は、東芝国際財団の助成金によって賄われています。

Festive Eve

Festive Eve is fast approaching and if anyone wants a reminder of what it is all about, you need to watch this video created by Nanako last year about the Grease production. Can’t wait to see Wicked!

Many thanks to all staff, students and parents involved. It is in full swing. Can’t wait to see Wicked!

Nominations for Parent-Teacher (PTA) Association Committee

Early next week, I will send out a form for nominations to the PTA committee with the minutes from the PTA meeting held this week at HIS.